Photo Hunt - Furry

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "Furry." What a perfect theme for the Floof and Fur gang! I thought I would take advantage of today's theme to show all of my floofy (furry) parts.

My floofy face!

My floofy paws!

My floofy belly!

My floofy back!

My floofy chest!

Oops! I forgot! Thanks, Misha
My floofy tail!

I want to take just a moment to tell you what an honor it has been to be one of the candidates representing the Floof and Fur gang. My worthy opponents are a great bunch of kitties and it will be an honor to work with any of them, whether it be as their Purrsident, a cabinet member, or a member of the kitty population. I love the CB!


Campaigning for Cat Purrsident

I've been working really hard on my campaign lately, which has resulted in some magazine covers, posters, parties, and t-shirts.

Campaigning Parties

Athletic Events



T-Shirts on beautiful people

Magazine Covers

Snoopervising my campaign manager has been a tough job, but I guess I will keep her. This has been a great week of campaigning and I have enjoyed meeting the other contestants and look forward to a future connection with each of them.

Be sure to vote by January 31 and may the best kitty win.


T13 #7 - Compulsory Pampering

As many of you know, my platform for Cat President is "Compulsory Pampering." My mom tells me that I am just a spoiled little Southern Belle Diva. I tell her that I am just getting the attention and pampering that I deserve. Today, I want to share through Thursday Thirteen, 13 ways that I am pampered.

1. I have a sofa all to myself.

2. I have my own personal fluffy friend, Cassidy.

3. Playing with fev-vers!

4. My mom gives me lots of special treats.

5. I have warm fires on cold days.

6. Warm sunbeams for my naps.

7. I spend my evenings snuggling with my mom (love those PJs, mom).

8. I get plenty of stinky goodness and treats.

9. Did I mention treats?

10. Great neck scritches from my mom.

11. A nice TV to watch Goma!

12. My own private litter box.

13. And wonderful belly rubs!

Pee ess: Mom is still my campaign manager! I couldn't ask for anyone better.

Mom Paula: Thanks, Praline.


Seeking New Campaign Manager

I just discovered that it was my Mom Paula that started the rumor that I may be too old to run for Cat President. Who's she to talk about being old? I am trying to decide if I should fire her and hire someone else. Anyone interested in the job?

funny pictures
moar funny pictures

Just kidding, Mom! I still love you! Now, can I have some treats???

Mom Paula: I plead temporary insanity.


Campaign Poster

The "rumor" circulating (someone commented on Zoolatry about this, we think her name was Paula?)... was that Praline was a bit elderly perhaps for the position... but those are definitely nothing more than vicious rumors by the media and opponents' supporters... no truth at all to that! The proof in the pudding: see my campaign sticker below!

My dream is that all kitties can receive just a fraction of the pampering and love that I have received from my Mom Bean for the past 13 years.

Pee ess: Paula is my Mom!


Baby Praline

I thought I would jump back in time and share another Baby Praline picture with you. This picture was taken 13 years ago and you can see that I began my pampered lifestyle very early in life.


I got a special award from the Creek Cats last week. I haven't posted it because of Mom's hurt shoulder and neck, but I didn't want too much more time to pass without thanking them for the honor!
Here is the meaning and rules of this award:

"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award."

I would like to give this award to Maggy and Zoey at Zoolatry, Jasper McKitten-Cat, Daisy, Goma, Laila and Minchie, Luxor, Chey and Gemini, and JB. There are so many others out there, but Mom says I must follow the rules.


Easy Like Sunday


I'm working hard on my platform of "Compulsory Pampering"


Photo Hunt - Chipped

This was a tough Photo Hunt theme to find, until I pointed out the "chips" in the corned of the wall where I lay it front of my AC/Heat vent. Mom realizes that she must do something to the moulding in the house. Once again, Praline to the rescue!
Mom, look here! My wall is chipped!

And what are you going to do about it??
Maybe if I keep lying here beside it, mom will keep seeing it and fix it.


Relaxing with Mom

My mom has still been hurting (problems with her neck that effect her shoulder) for the past few days and she hasn't felt like doing too much, especially helping me visit my friends. (It's kind of hard with an icepack on her neck and her shoulder to type.) I really want to thank you for all of the kind words that you have left for mom this week. She really appreciates it. I feel as though I am Nurse Praline again. I figure it is a fair trade: Mom pampers and spoils me, so I can give her comfort when she is in pain, both physical and emotional.

Mom, I'm so sorry you are hurting. What can I do?

OK. I will just lay down beside you in front of the cozy fire and watch some TV. Any kitty shows such as "It's me or the cat!" or the "Cat Whisper?" I just don't understand why they don't have more tv shows about cats. You would think that the dog was the number one pet! Yes, mam, I wll hush and just watch Days of Our Lives with you? I just hate it that John and Marlena are leaving the show today!

Spring in January

It has been entirely too cold in South Carolina this month. Mom thought she could warm things up a litle by putting flowers in the human litter box. Even though this brightens up these dreary winter days, it doesn't do too much for my warmth.

Mom, these flowers are very spring-like, but it still isn't warm.

They don't even smell like flowers!

Pee ess - sorry I didn't get to visit yesterday. Mom's neck and shoulder was hurting, so I gave her a break.


Wordless Wednesday

Uh oh! Mom caught me on the table!


Lake Praline

I have been trying to tell my mom all day long Sunday and Monday that I heard something strange outside. I even alerted her to the noise by going to the windows and pointing it out to her. But, does my mom listen? No!!!! She told me that it was just the fan on the heating system. Boy, was she ever wrong!

When Mom got home from the doctor's office and running a few errands, there was water all over the side yard. When she started investigating, she found water spewing from the back water spigot. When she opened the door to the storage room (on the other side of the spigot), water was spraying everywhere there, too! This is where mom has kept several boxes of her dissertation research. The pipe must have busted from the very cold weather on Saturday.

The result was the lake in my backyard, as seen below! This was only one section of the backyard that was at least 2-3 inches deep. I told Mom this was my own private lake and I have named it Lake Praline. Mom was not amused.


Luckily, Mom has a great neighbor, John, who came to our rescue. He turned off the water and stopped the leak. He said he would help to replace the spigot in the spring. He said he just couldn't stand the thought of a neighbor paying exorbitant prices for a plumber. All he asked for was a hug!

Mom also called the water company (the water had been spraying for at least 12 hours) and when mom told her she had a lake in the back yard, the lady said, "maybe you will have an ice rink tomorrow" (they are calling for ice and snow this morning.) Mom was not amused again!

I figured mom needed some comfort, so I gave her the belly shot with the cute look. Mom WAS amused!! I did good!


Fire and Pillows

I just love a cozy fire when it's cold. It's warming up a little this week (highs in the 40s), but that is still cold for us Southern Belles!

Many of you asked about my kitty pillows by the fireplace, especially the two that looked like Bhu and Goma. Mom has had these pillows for several years. Some of them are made in the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina and I don't know if any of them are still available. You can find the Himalayan Kitty Pillow (left front) online.

Note from mom: Please be assured that I watch Praline very closely around the fire.



Come Sit with Me

It was cold enough in South Carolina his morning to build a fire. I don't think I have had a fire in two years, so this was neat. Don't worry, Mom watches me to make sure I don't get too close.

Mom, you built a fire! Yay!

A fire means that these bricks will warm up.

I'm checking out a comfortable place to get warm. I wonder if Goma or Bhu will come sit by my fire with me. Any one else want to join me?


Turn Up the Heat!

Brrrrrrrrrrr! I don't think we're in South Carolina anymore! My fur friends up North sent their arctic air down to the deep south and we southern belles aren't used to cold weather. Mom says that I am just being a Diva and that I have plenty of floof to keep me warm.

Thank goodness the vent is near the floor, so I can keep warm!

Mom! Turn up the heat! It's cold!!!!

No offense my furry friends, but you can keep your cold weather.


Cats on National Geographic TV

I watched the neatest show on National Geographic TV last week called Cats in the Womb. It will be on the National Geographic TV channel again Friday night (January 16) at 6:00 pm EST. If your bean can't be there on time from work, please encourage them to record the show and you can watch it together. The show uses some amazing photography and technology to film both a lion and a cat from conception to birth and compares the development of both. If you can't get the TV channel, you can see a short video at the National Geographic website.

What's that on TV, Mom?

Oooooo! This looks a lot more interesting than football!

Wow! That's a kitten in the womb. Where is all of its floof?
I wish there were more cat shows on TV!