Treats on Thursday

Nom! Nom!  Everyone knows how much I love treats and I especially like to lick my mom's fingers to make sure I don't leave any crumbs.


Tummy and Toesie Tuesday

Do you want to snorgle my floofy belly or kiss my floofy toesies?


Remnants of Catnip

I had a blast at my birthday party with all of my furriends this weekend.  I'm still searching the house for all of the left over catnip!


Easy Like Sunday

Wow!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by to wish me a Happy Birthday yesterday.  I had a great time visiting and partying with all of you.  Today, I think I'll take it easy and rest with Mom!

I want to send out a special thank you to Ann of Zoolatry for my birthday header and picture.  I really appreciate what she does for the CB for all of us when she has so much responsibility at home. 


My 15th Birthday

  Thank you, Ann, for the lovely header and graphic!

Today, 15 years ago, I was born to Chocolate Baby (mom) and Little Tiger of Harbison (dad).  My dad was a red tabby Persian and my mom was a seal-point Himalayan.  As far as I know, I had one sibling, a brother.  We have no idea what happened to him and I sometimes wonder if he is still around and as happy as I am.

This is the first picture my mom has of me when she brought me home.  I didn't come to live with my mom until I was 12 weeks old.  I'll share more of my Gotcha Day story in December.  Wasn't I just an adorable baby?

I thought you would enjoy a little slide show of me as a baby.  I know I am a senior ladycat now and I am so glad that my mom took bunches of pictures of me when I was a baby and that she knows how to scan them and digitize them so we can enjoy them still.

For my birthday this year, mom bought a pet insurance policy for me.  She got it several months ago after I had my surgery scare and found a company that would still insure a senior ladycat.  She is only paying a little over $34 per month and there is no deductible and it pays 80% of the charges.  We can't use it for wellness care, but I have a feeling we may need it down the road.  We are really happy with Trupanion Pet Insurance.  This is a very important gift that my mom gave me and I love her very much.

Now, who's ready to party???  I've got some catnip, treats, and plenty of stinky goodness and crunchies!  I'll party until I wear out, then I'll take a nap and party some more. 


Femme Friday

Yay!  Sammy and Andy selected me to participate as one of the hat kitties for Femme Friday.  I think this hat is purrfect for the Southern Belle that I am.  Tomorrow is my 15th birthday and I hope that all of my furriends can come by and join me as I move forward into senior catdom!  Last year, I had a slumber party and lots of my furriends joined me.  However, this year, since I had surgery in May and mom has had two shoulder surgeries since December, we are going to celebrate my 15th birthday quietly together (That's what mom thinks!)

Who knows what mom and I may come up with before tomorrow?  I'm feeling a little sentimental today because I am still missing my girlfurriend, Sniffie.  But, I do know that she is with me in spirit.  I love you, Sniffie!

And now a little something to cheer everyone up.  My grandma bean has always called me an "owl cat" and this picture of me as a young lady (2 years old) is a purrfect example.  Have a great weekend!


Treats on Thursday

I just LOVE treats!  Mom says that a few years ago, I was very finicky about eating treats and would only eat special treats.  Unfortunately, some of those treats are no longer sold in the U.S.  When I got on the CB, many of you talked about Temptations and I received a package in one of the Christmas exchanges.  Now, I can't get enough treats of all kinds.  I'll follow mom all over the house asking for treats.

My favorite place to beg for treats is in mom's home office.  She trained me to come in here when she was a college professor and had to work on the computer all of the time by shaking the treat bag and I would come running.  Now, when she gets home, I run straight to the computer room meowing for my treats.  Mom has a bunch of nicks on her pants where I climb up her leg for treats now.

Pee ess - Saturday will be my 15th birthday.


Remembering Sniffie

 I am so sad today.  My best girlfriend kitty, Sniffie was helped to the Bridge yesterday.  She was one of the first kitties that welcomed me to the CB.  I wanted to share special memories of Sniffie with a video mom helped me make last night.  Please go over and give Mom Sharon and the rest of the Furkids special purrs and prayers.

Run free, my sweet Sniffie! I'll miss you!


Toesie Tuesday

I've been admiring everyone's toesie pads for the last several weeks and suggested to mom that we needed to get a picture of mine.  I have unique paw pads in the fact that most of them are black except for 2 pink pads on the front paw.  However, when mom tried to take some pictures of my paw pads, all she could get was floof.  So, for your viewing pleasure, please see the following exhibits of my floofy paw pads!

Exhibit 1:  Top and front of toesies!

Exhibit 2:  Top of toesies.

Exhibit 3:  Bottom of toesies.

Sorry there were no toesie pads, but hopefully, you got your floofy toesie fill today!


Here's a Sweet One

Meow Like a Pirate Day was lots of fun, but many of you wanted Sweet Praline back, so here I am.  I hope everyone has a great week and gets all of the Temptations that you want!!!


Meow Like a Pirate Day

Avast!  Today be Meow Like a Pirate Day and I be donnin' me patch for t' occasion. Today I be a fierce pirate instead o' a sweet ladycat.

My pirate name is:
Captain Grace Kidd

Even though there's no legal rank on a pirate ship, everyone recognizes you're the one in charge. Even though you're not always the traditional swaggering gallant, your steadiness and planning make you a fine, reliable pirate. Arr!
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Photo Hunt - School (Baby Praline)

When I first came to live with my mom (almost 15 years ago), she was in graduate school working on her Ph.D.  I used to climb on her computer all of the time and mess up her papers and books.  My favorite thing to play with were pencils and mom had a lot of those because she was teaching mathematics to college students while she was working on her degree.

Mom also had these really thick books that she had to study while she was in school.  I was always there to give her a break from her studies.

One of the funniest stories about me and mom's school was when I attacked some of the mathematics exams my mom was grading.  When she went to give back the exam to her students, there were teeth marks in the paper.  Mom said she told the students that instead of the dog eating their papers, that I showed them what I thought of their work by biting their papers.


Floofy Friday

Mom has been trying to get more pictures of me in natural light and they aren't always as clear as with the flash because she has to hold the camera still, but you are getting a better idea of my coloring and the way my eyes change.  Sometimes my eyes look green and sometimes they look gold.  I think this comes from my blue-eyed Himmie mom and my gold-eyed red Persian dad.  Isn't my floof looking so much better?

Mom says thanks for all of the well wishes for her shoulder yesterday.  She is still in the sling and taking pain pills at night and using ice during the day.  She's also still dealing with the insurance companies about fixing her car.


Thankful Thursday

I'm singing for my stinky goodness.  Meow, meow, meow, meow . . .

I think it worked!  I'm thankful that mom's shoulder isn't hurting so bad that she can't give me my stinky goodness.  Just kidding mom - I love you!


Too Much Nip

I think I've had too much of the fresh nip!  I think I have a headache!  MOL!


Catnip Video

I just love the catnip.  I had never had "real" catnip that someone had grown before and you can see how much I like it by the way I try to get into the bag.  Also notice how quickly it affects me.  


Easy Like Sunday

Taking it easy today.  Mom's chickens beat the woofies yesterday (Gamecocks beat the Georgia Bulldogs), so she was pretty happy when she came home last night.  I hope all of you have a very restful Sunday and get all of the scritches, hugs, and treats that you want and deserve.

Pee ess - Mom is back in her sling for at least a week.  The Physical Therapist thinks she aggravated the AC Joint when she tensed up during her wreck last week.


Football Saturday - Week 2

Mom's South Carolina Gamecocks play the Georgia Bulldogs today at 12:00 noon on ESPN2.  I think most of my kitty furriends would like for the chickens to beat the woofies (my apologies to my woofie furriends). 

 Hmmmmmpppppppphhhhhhhhh!  I don't know why mom prefers sitting outside around 80,000 people in the heat when she could be indoors with me and the AC!  Beans!  Go figure!


Femme Friday

I thought I liked catnip until I received this Honeysuckle Mouse.  Today, I am acting like a typical Diva Ladycat by acting like I really don't want to play with it, but I do like it.

This video was taken on Monday prior to my grooming session.  Mom promises she will take another video with my floof combed out.

Have a great weekend!


Thankful Thursday

Last month, Mom had to go to Providence, RI for a meeting and she met up with the Mom Beans of two cat bloggers:  Laura from Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxie and Laure from The Misadventures of Me.  They had a very good meal and lots of conversation together, but the best part was that Laura and Laure brought presents for ME!

Just look at my basket of goodies from Lilly Lu.  

Mom Laure brought me some fresh catnip, which I've never had before.  I had lots of fun with it.

Thank you so much Mom Laura and Mom Laure.  I really appreciate you and the kitties thinking of me.  My mom said she had a really good time meeting both of you.


Getting Beautiful

One of the things about Himmies/Persians is that we must be groomed everyday to maintain our beautiful floof.  My mom usually brushes/combs me both in the morning and the evenings.  Even then, I tend to get mats very easily.

As many of you know, my mom has had two surgeries on her right shoulder since December and her range of motion has been very limited.  She tried to brush/comb me everyday, but it would cause her shoulder to hurt.  Recently, mom has noticed that my floof looked a little "ratty" and when she rubbed her fingers through my floof, she found lots of mats.  Since she is finally out of her sling (unless I put her back in it this week), she spent Labor Day working on my floof.

We began with a brushing.  I used to run to mom and start purring when she pulled out the brush, but we've gotten out of the habit and the mats tend to hurt.  Mom feels really bad about the lack of grooming lately.

Then, out came the FURminator!  We recently won this from a promotion with Romeo and Mom has been slowly working with me to get used to it.  At first, I didn't like it and I've started resisting my regular groomings.  But, today, mom was determined she was going to work on my floof  with the FURminator, the comb, the brush, the slicker brush, and the nail clippers (she uses these to clip out the mats when she can't work them out and they aren't pointed so they won't cut me).

This is what she removed today!!!

Mom says we still have a long way to go, but that I am looking much better.  She says my floof is so fine that she has to really dig down into my floof with her fingers to make sure I don't have any more mats.  All of this "work" has worn me out.  Do you think my belly floof looks better?


Extra Day with Mom

Today is Labor Day in the United States.  It's a day when a lot of the beans get to take a day off from doing labor.  Doesn't make too much sense to me, does it to you?  All I know is that I get an extra day with mom today.

Uhhhhhhhh, Mom!  There's only one can of my stinky goodness left.  You remember what happened last time, don't you?


Easy Like Sunday

I think I'll spend my Easy Sunday in front of the window and be bathed with sun puddles.

Pee ess:  My mom had a wreck yesterday.  She pulled out into an intersection when the light turned green and out of nowhere, a motorcyclist turned left in front of her and hit her car and down he went.  The cyclist is okay healthwise, but my mom's poor car has a boo boo.  The officer wouldn't charge anyone and said they have to let the insurance companies fight it out.


Photo Hunt: Hot

Today's Photo Hunt Theme is "hot".  We've had a very Hot summer in the South this year.  I like to sleep underneath the AC vent to stay cool.



Femme Friday

Don't you just love my floofy pantaloons?


Time for Gamecock Football

It's that time of year again - South Carolina Gamecock Football.  My mom becomes a "nut" during the fall of each year.  She goes and watches the chickens (they're Gamecocks, Praline) on the field with other critters.  The Gamecocks are on TV tonight on ESPN at 7:30 pm EST, so be sure to watch.

 Time to pull out my Gamecock stuff to help mom cheer on the football team.  This also means that mom won't get home until after midnight tonight!