Christmas in July

On this last day of July, I am celebrating Christmas in July in the Cat Blogosphere. This is my first time participating in this event and it was so much fun! Mom and I love Christmas anyway and to celebrate it twice in one year is wonderful! I was able to exchange Christmas presents with Samantha, Mr. Tigger and Maverick over at Life from a Cat's Perspective.

A special Christmas package for Mom and me!!!

They must have scented the stocking with nip because I couldn't stay away from it. Too bad mom didn't have the camera set to movie!

Don't you just love my crinkly, leopard print blanket?!?

This red piece of crocheted yarn was my favorite! I took it into the bedroom to play! I even took it under the dresser. Mom had no idea I could squeeze under it. I'll show that picture later.

Here is my loot! Mom got a puzzle and a kitty diary. I got toys, a crinkly blanket, a neat kitty stocking, balls, mice, cat food, and other fun stuff! Aren't I a very lucky floofy kitty?
Thank you so much Samantha, Mr. Tigger, Maverick, and Mom Chandra!


Special Treats

Mom and I received two very special packages from Billie and Mom Lorianna. Miss Billie is another smoosh-faced floofy kitty and her mom is very thoughtful and creative. I always look forward to getting packages from Billie because she always sends me a special treat or toy.

Mom Lorianna designed the two cards in the upper left corner. Billie sent me Party Mix and Friskies Hairball treats (I think she knows we floofy kitties need a little help with the excess floof). Mom also received some treats - CHOCOLATE!!!

Thank you so much Mom Lorianna and Miss Billie. We really appreciate your special thoughts and treats.

Pee ess - I was "caught" in the Wordless Wednesday photo yesterday trying to dig into the treat basket! My treats from Billie were in there and I wanted to get some!


Toesie Tuesday

I just love to stretch out my toesies when mom give me a tummy scritch!

Pee ess - Mom had to watch her toesies this morning because I left her something in the hallway! Unfortunately, I got a dab of that yucky Laxatone!



Praline: I've been betrayed! My mom had to travel to Clemson, SC this week to visit the university and decided to spend a few days with a friend who has a beautiful house in the hills of Liberty, SC. Little did I know, she was also visiting another kitty!!! I can't believe while I was sitting home alone at nights, she was giving away my chin scritches to another!

Mom Paula: Praline, I would never betray you! Besides, this kitty would NOT let me give her belly rubs and I missed you so much, I needed to pet another kitty.

Praline: Okay, Mom! Whatever you say. Anyway, I would like for you to meet Allie! Allie is Katie's petite kitty. Katie rescued Allie from the side of the road about 8 years ago. Allie gets to live outside and her mom lets her come in the house at night and in the winter. Allie also has 5 acres to roam. Allie was sitting on the deck while my mom and her friend were in the hot tub looking at the view of the mountains. Mom said when she and Katie were picking fresh tomatoes, okra, peas, and corn from the garden for dinner, Allie just followed right along in the garden and played with the butterflies! What's a butterfly?

This is a picture of Allie inside on the couch waiting for my mom to pet her. Mom took this picture with her cell phone, so you really can't see Allie's light blue eyes and beautiful coloring. Mom said Allie would lay right beside her and get all kinds of scritches.

But this is what Mom came home to last night! A smooshy, flat-faced, floofy kitty! ME! And I got plenty of belly rubs and chin scritches.

Pee ess - I don't think Mom realizes a lot of treats are missing! Shhhhhhhhh!


UnEasy Sunday

Mom is staying an extra day with her friend Katie in Clemson today. They are going to visit her former church where she used to be the pianist. Meanwhile, I hear mom has been petting another kitty while she was away and her name is Allie! I can't believe mom left me for another kitty.

I think I'll just lie here and sleep on it until Mom gets home tonight. I'll have sweet dreams of our reunion together and hope mom doesn't realize how many treats I got while she was away.


Caturday Saturday

Hey! Somebody left the treat jar open! I think I'll just help myself. Mom will never know since she is still out of town.


Floofy Friday

Mom just loves my floofy backside!

Several of you asked which software we used to back up my blog. That information is on mom's other laptop at home (she is out of town), so we will let you know in a couple of days what she used.

Pee ess - my external hard drive is RED, not ORANGE.


Backing Up My Blog

Recently, several of our furriends lost all of their blogs. Mom and I have only been blogging for a little over a year, but we would hate to lose our stuff, so mom pulled out the external hard drive (the red box) and backed up all of our files. My mom is so absent minded that she forgot which program she used to back up my blogs (she says it's because she is on a different computer and the backup was done on the other computer - the one I like to sit on!)

Backing up all of my stuff is hard work and I must snoopervise Mom carefully!

Pee ess - Mom is on the road for a couple of days visiting the universities again. That means my grandpa and grandma bean will check on me, which always results in extra treats!

Mom Paula here - Praline has just recently started sitting on top of my laptop computer. She can be in the back of the house and I sit on the couch and pick up my laptop and out of the blue, Praline shows up and insists on climbing on top of the keypad. I try to keep her off because I know all of the floof can't be good, but she is just so cute and demanding, it's hard to tell her no!


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Excuse the laser eyes!

This is my newest favorite place to sit! Right on top of the laptop when mom is using it.


Tummy Tuesday

Today is Tummy and Toesies Tuesday. I like to call this the "belly with a twist." Look at my back legs. Mom needs to brush my back legs. They are starting to get a little curly if she doesn't brush them. Okay, moms, come on in for a snorgle!


Say No to Monday

I don't like Mondays because it means Mom has to go back to work and leave me all day!


Not So Easy Like Sunday

I want to take it easy in my sunbeam, but there are some eyes watching me!!!

Pee ess - Mom says her cortisone shot wore off Thursday night! Ouchie!


Photo Hunt - Rocks

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "Rocks". It took me forever to figure out how to present this theme in pictures. I thought about mom's head being as "hard as a rock," but she didn't like that one. I thought about "being between a rock and a hard place," but that didn't make any sense, and then I saw my beautiful red candle with the glass rocks!

Mom, some of my red rocks fell off of the glass plate. I must get them back so my candle will be just purrfect.

Now, I need to check behind the candle to make sure all of the red rocks are in place.

There! Just purrfect! Do you like my red glass rocks and candle? Mom says she must put it back up on the shelf where it will be safe again.


Floofy Friday

The best of both worlds: A floofy kitty and some fluffy friends!


No Privacy

Here I was taking a bath, trying to get my floof back in order, when out came the flashy box!

Splish, Splash . . .

Excuse me! Can't you see I'm taking a bath. A girl needs her privacy!


Hollywood Praline

I think my mom is going a little crazy with the graphics!

Hollywood Star

She's going to see Harry Potter today and I guess she has Hollywood on her mind!

Now Showing!


Praline Collage

Mom decided to play around with some of the "many faces of Praline." I think we'll try the belly poses next!

Update on Mom: The orthopedist gave mom a shot in her arm today, gave her some oral anti-inflammatory drugs, put her on physical therapy for three weeks (twice a week) and will see her again in a month. He said it could be her neck or her shoulder that is causing the pain, but he would treat the shoulder first. I'm sure glad it was mom's arm and not my arm (just kidding, mom). Ouchie!


Present from Ginger Jasper

Mom and I received a special package from across the pond from my friend, Ginger Jasper and his mom, Carol.

Mom! It's from Jasper! Open it!

I received this neat sisal rope toy with a fev-ver in it! There was also a ball in the package.

Mom also received a special present from Mom Carol. It ws in this beautiful little pink box.

Come on Mom! Open it! You're too slow!

Mom has this beautiful kitty pin. That was so thoughtful of Mom Carol to remember my mom in this way. Mom says she will think of both Jasper and me when she wears it.

That's beautiful, Mom!

Thank you so much Mom Carol and Ginger Jasper for remembering my mom and me!


Easy Like Sunday

I hope everyone has a very Easy Sunday today! Mom and I are doing a Harry Potter DVD marathon in preparation for the new movie this week. I thought I would see what the movie looks like upside down.


Floof Stealer

This is one of the tools that mom uses to steal my floof. She sure has been stealing a lot lately.

This is the other tool Mom uses to steal my floof. Keep your eyes open on EBay!

Mom Paula: Praline, just look at your chest. It needs to be brushed.

Praline: Go brush yourself, Mom!


Special Sketch

Just look at this beautiful sketch that Anna and Zuzu's mom Kim did of me! Isn't she so talented? My mom just loves it and wants to make it into a note card. If you don't know Anna and Zuzu, please go by and meet them. They are blue creme point Himmies and are beautiful!

Thank you, mom Kim!


Put It Back!

Mom stole my floof!!! I was just sitting here minding my own business when all of a sudden, poof, my floof was gone. When I looked down, there it was, sitting between my moms fingers! Do you think she's trying to steal my floof to sell it on EBay?

Put it back Mom!

Mom Paula: Praline, it was a mat on your floofy paw and it wasn't pretty and soft anymore.

Praline - I don't care! It's my floof and I want it back.

Pee ess - you may need to click on the picture to make it bigger to see my stolen floof!


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Showing some teeth!

Thank you to all of my furriends and their beans for the warm thoughts for my mom. Many of you have suggested in the comments or on FB that my mom see a chiropractor. She is already seeing a wonderful, caring chiropractor. Luckily, he works with a MD (Physiatrist) who is also assisting mom with her pain. It was the physiatrist who recommended mom see a orthopaedist and she sees him on Monday.


Toesie Tuesday

I've started a new thing with my mom lately. I've never been a lap kitty, but I like to lie down beside my mom on the sofa for treats, belly rubs, and scritches. Mom has been a little blue lately with both of our illnesses and now her shoulder pain! Out of the blue one night (I think mom had leaky eyes), I just rested my paw on her leg and looked at her. Mom said it had the most calming effect on her. I guess it's the least I can do for her with all she's done for me. Plus, I got lots of treats when I did it!!!!

It'll be okay, Mom!

Pee ess - mom still has a hurty shoulder. She's going to her fourth doctor next week to see why she has been in pain for four weeks now.


Monday Movie

Mom just loves my little meow. I don't know why she makes such a big deal out of it; I'm just trying to convince her that it's time for my Temptations!

Mom Paula: Praline has the cutest little meow. It's more of an "ow" and when she uses it, she always gets what she wants! Just look at those big eyes and listen to that cute little meow. Who can resist?

Praline: Whatever! Mom, time for my Temptations! I hope you enjoy the video. The noise in the background is mom opening the Temptations with one hand. She should just leave it open all of the time, right?



Happy 4th of July

It's Independence Day in the United States. This means parades, Bar-B-Q, swimming, and noise crackers! I hope everyone has a great day!

Thanks for all of the well wishes for my mom. We just have to have patience and give the injury time to heal. Unfortunately, my mom doesn't have too much patience anymore - part of that Type A personality.


Finally Friday

For a short week, it sure has been a long week. Now I have a long weekend with my mom, which is good because those noise crackers start this weekend and I need mom around to comfort me when they start booming.

I haven't been visiting much this week because I've been taking care of mom again. Mom says, "If it weren't for bad luck, she'd have no luck at all." Somehow, she injured her shoulder while on her staycation and she has been in pain for three weeks. She is typing this with an ice pack on her shoulder. Unfortunately, since I don't have fingers, I need mom to help me visit and she can only type so long . . .

Well, that's it for me this week!

For your enjoyment, Mom's theme song! Billy Sweetfeets, I don't know if you can dance to this one, but you can sure harmonize!


Baby Praline and the String

Mom has been a little nostalgic lately and was going back through the Baby Praline photos. Misha and Cosmo reminded her of the time that this floofy kitty actually played, so we wanted to share some special photos of me with the shoestring. That string always was one of my favorite toys!

What's this? I hope it's not a snake!

Attack! I'll protect you, mom!

Now, I'll just take this thing away to my own special hiding place.

Mine! All mine!