5th Year Blogoversary

It's hard to believe that 5 years ago I began blogging with Sweet Praline.  The first post was titled "My First Day" and had no pictures and was just an introduction to Sweet Praline.  Jasper McKitten-cat's dad, Dean, introduced me to the cat blogging world and I was hooked from day one!  I don't even remember what the first header looked like.  I had 16 visitors that first day and felt so welcomed by the CB.  A few days later, Ann from Zoolatry contacted me and sent this adorable graphic of Sweet Praline.  I think this graphic was an indication of how she got her name because of her coloring.

Ann introduced me to several other cat bloggers, especially the limited number of Himmies and Persians in the CB world.  She then sent me the first official header made by Zoolatry and the blog was complete.

Even though Sweet Praline is at the bridge now, she is still in my heart.  I plan on keeping this blog open and will post from time to time.  Thank you to everyone for following Sweet Praline those 3 short years and for continuing to follow Truffle and Brulee over at Sweet Purrfections.

I loved this banner that Ann did because it showed all of her many colorings from her seal pointed ears to her seal pointed tail.  Happy 5th Blogoversary to Angel Sweet Praline.