Memorial Day 2010

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.


Easy Like Sunday

What are you look at?  Don't you know it's Sunday and that's the day that we all take it easy?  Mom left early this morning to play the piano and sing for church and won't be home until the afternoon, so ...

I'll just take is easy until she gets home.  Have a very Easy Sunday, my furriends.


Photo Hunt: Memorial

Today's Photo Hunt theme is Memorial.  Monday is Memorial Day and it is a day that we remember all of the military who have fought for our freedom.  I'm very thankful for their sacrifice.


Floofy Friday

Have a floofy Friday, my furriends!


No People Food

Many of you guessed correctly what was in the cup  - milk!  Mom was eating a bowl of cereal and she had a little bit of milk left.  She put it in front of me to see what I would do and I sniffed it and then turned up my nose and walked away.  Mom tries to give me people food, but I won't touch it.  She's tried milk, cheese, chicken, tuna, ham, etc., and I won't touch it.  Can you believe it?  I won't touch ham!!!

Just give me my stinky goodness and crunchies and I'm happy.  Of course, I'll always eat treats!

Mom Paula:  Praline, you're going to get fat!

Sweet Praline:  I'm not fat, I'm floofy!


Treats on Tuesday

Nom! Nom!  I have treats again!  Eating from mom's hand is one of the ways I like to eat my treats!

I'm just WILD about treats, especially on Tuesday.


Warm and Fuzzy

Hmmmmmmmm!  Which is which?  Warm and Fuzzy!


Happy Birthday, ML!

Happy Birthday, ML!  Thank you for all that you do for the kitties and their beans on the CB!

Love, Sweet Praline


Good Help is Hard to Find!

I don't know what I am going to do with my mom!  She went to three baseball games this week and didn't get home until after 11:00 pm and she was so tired that I didn't get to visit my furriends!  She was on the road all day yesterday for work.  When she does get home earlier, she says her shoulder hurts too much to type.  I think it's time to advertise for a new secretary.  Any takers???



How to you like my blue Hydrangeas from my front yard?  Mom says this is her favorite color of blue.  I'm not so sure I like them in my house, though, because I can't have anything competing with me for beauty!


Fooled You!

I must admit, I didn't do it!  I guess that means I'm still having a problem staying in the Naughty Kitty Club.  The DVR went out and the cable guy came to replace it yesterday.  He put it on the floor and when he went outside to get a new one, I had to check the old one one. 

I only weigh a little less than 8 pounds and it would be difficult for me to knock that heavy thing over.  I had fun making all of you think I did it, though!


Treats Tuesday

Mom came home last night with a bag and placed it on the floor.  The smells were very familiar to me!

Treat!!!  Mom went to the pet store and bought some more treats.  There are even some new flavors!

OK, Mom!!!  What are you waiting for?  Open the treats!


No Treats Monday

Oh Goody!  The bag of treats fell over when mom stepped away from the couch and I can have my fill of treats, glorious treats!!!!

Yum! Yum!  These sure were good.  Mom, time to get some more treats.  This bag is empty.

What do you mean there are no more bags of treats?  You always have extra bags laying around.  I don't eat that many treats!  I don't care if the green papers are tight, you must keep my treats in constant supply.

I think you need to go by the pet store on the way home and get some more treats, Mom!  Please!!!!!

Note from Mom Paula:  This really is the last bag of treats!  I was shocked last night when I realized it.


Easy Like Sunday

Taking it easy with one of my stuffed friends, Cassidy!  I figured if you can't beat them, join them!  Right?


National Straw Hat Day

Which is my best color, Mom?

Thanks, Ann, for the graphic.


Floofy Friday

All of my floof furriends are getting floof cuts lately!  Where is all of the floof going?  Luckily, I've never had to be trimmed, but mom says I am getting some knots in my floof and I'm not as patient as I used to be with the combing and brushing.  Mom says I better watch out or she'll consider giving me a floof cut.

Mom Paula:  Not really, Sweet Praline.  I'll do all I can to avoid trimming that beautiful floof! 


Where Are My Treats?

Okay, Mom!  I know you have a bag of treats back here beside the computer to get me to stay in here with you while you are working.  I'm here, so where are my treats?

I'm driving my mom crazy with wanting treats lately.  Everytime she moves to a different room or sits down, I start begging for treats.  Do you think this look works for me?


Tummy Tuesday

Thought I would let you know that mom promised me that she was not trying to replace me.  She has just collected stuffed kitties since before I came along.  Many of them still have tags on them and she is thinking about auctioning them to help out with the vet bills.  Whew!  I guess I am still staying around SC!

Now for your snorgling pleasure: my belleh!!!

Mom, I think it's time to brush my belly again.  It's looking a little wild!

Pee ess - Mom went back to the surgeon today and he's scheduled surgery on her shoulder again for June 30.  There's a problem with the AC Joint in her shoulder that was hidden from the previous MRI and surgery.  Keep purring and keep your paws crossed this will fix it.



I don't know what to think about all of these fluffy kitties on my bed in the guest room.  What's with the tags on their ears?  Do you think mom is trying to replace me? 


Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom Paula and to all of the other kitty moms!

                      Then:  1995                                        Now:  2010

Funny how my floof has gotten darker and mom's hair has gotten lighter.  I wonder how that happened.  Notice in both pictures, I am trying to get away from mom.  Even then, I didn't like the flashy box!

Mom Paula:  I want to take this opportunity to tell my mom, Faye, "Happy Mother's Day!"  You have always been my best friend.
My Mom is on the far right.  I am on the far left.  This was at the Carolina vs. Florida football game last year.  I love you Mom Faye.


Photo Hunt - Mother/Mom

I don't have any pictures of my mom kitty, but she was a beautiful seal point Himmie!  I do have a few pictures of my Mom and me!  Mom didn't want her picture taken because she's gained so much weight with all the medicine she's been on since the surgery, but I told her I love her no matter what she looks like.  Mom says that as long as I am in the picture, everyone will look at me and not her.  The only problem is I won't look at the camera and when I do, I have laser eyes.

Mom Paula:  What are you doing down there, Praline?

Mom, there is supposed to be a treat in your hands!!!

Not a very flattering picture of me, but you can see I have my treat in my mouth!

Happy Mom's Day, Mom.  Now, let me down!


Floofy Friday

I hope all of my furriends have a floofilicious Friday!

I'm a guest over at Romeo, the Cat's blog today for one of my wake up tactics!  Go over and see how I get my breakfast in the morning.


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for ear and chin scritches!  Mom says it has a great calming effect for her, but I know she does it to keep me happy!


Wordless Wednesday

Thanks, Ann!

Mom Paula:  Two of the "sweetest" things I know:  Praline and pralines!


Mom's Tranquilizer

Mom had a rough day yesterday with a headache and her shoulder hurting, so she stayed home.  I jumped up right beside her to comfort her while we were watching the Chipmunks, the Squeakwell.  Mom says I am her natural tranquilizer!

Now Mom, if you would just put a treat in those fingers!


Baby Fev-vers!

I have some special visitors on my front porch.  I kept hearing all of this noise outside and look what we found!

We have live baby fev-vers in our Gamecock bird house on the front porch.  Mom keeps her eyes open when she comes outside just in case the mom and dad fev-ver decide to attack her.
You may need to bigify to see the fev-ver's head!

The momma fev-ver is feeding the babies now!

You may ask why Mom put the birdhouse on the front porch so close to traffic.  She honestly bought the birdhouse for a decoration, having no idea that birds would actually build a nest in it.  We've had baby birds twice a year for the past three year in the house.  It must be the Gamecock on the house that attracts them.


Easy Like Sunday

Nothing like taking it easy lying in Mom's lap on a Sunday!

 Can you find my head?  I'm lying on my back in mom's lap.


Photo Hunters - Black

I just love my BLACK tent that my favorite mancat, Ginger Jasper sent me from across the pond.