Easy Like Sunday Morning

I can even sleep sitting up! Somebody get me a pillow quick!



Mom, the Traitor!

I just can't believe it! Mom claims that she went to the football game on Thursday night and was gone from 8:00 am Thursday morning until 2:00 am Friday morning.

I was at home all by myself, trying to keep myself amused by playing with the fev-ver butt mouse and the orange squiggly thing.

Well, guess what, my human grandmother sent me the visual proof of what Mom was really doing. All this time, Mom was spending time with the woofie, Bandit! How dare she? I think I will give her the silent treatment today.

Mom and Bandit in the RV!


Finally Friday

It has been another long week! I think my fleas are gone and Mom is still combing out all of the mess the fleas left on my skin. I will have another treatment in two weeks. We will talk to the VET about how often I need the treatment since I stay indoors.

Mom is still fighting two infections (her eye and her foot). She was running a fever Wednesday night and Thursday morning, but she is on the antibiotics, so I sure hope she gets better soon. Mom asked me to send out a very special thank you to everyone in the cat blog community for their special thoughts and purrayers! My Mom is pretty tough and always has a positive attitude, so I know she will get through this with flying colors (whatever that means)!

Fev-vers are nice, but I would rather have Mom at home to play with!

Mom did make it to the South Carolina football game last night. The very nice neighbor in the RV beside her parents gave them a lift to the stadium in a golf cart! That was so very nice of him. I spent time at home playing with my fev-vers! She didn't get home until 2:00 AM in the morning!

I told Mom she could post the results of the game tonight! Her Gamecocks won! For many of my fur friends, yes, the Gamecocks ARE chickens playing football, but they sure are big chickens. Hee! Hee!

Gamecocks shut out Wolfpack in opener
South Carolina 34 NC State 0
USC defensive end Jordin Lindsey (41) and USC linebacker Eric Norwood (40) meet with N.C. State quarterback Russell Wilson (16) in the middle after Wilson gets the ball off during a scoreless first quarter as the Gamecocks take on N.C. State at Williams Brice Stadium in Columbia, S.C., August 28, 2008.


Gamecock Thursday

Well, it's that time of the year again when my mom goes crazy! (I think she already is a little crazy, but that's another story). She loves South Carolina Gamecock Football and goes to all of the games. South Carolina is on national television tonight (Thursday) at 8:00 pm EST. Mom says she is going to find a way to get into the stadium, even if she has to take a wheelchair (remember, she is supposed to be off of her foot!).

Mom tried to get me to wear a shirt or hat, like Daisy does, but I put my paw down and said "No way!" I did agree to pose in front of the official Gamecock Block C.

Mom is another story! She loves to dress up for the game. This is a picture from last year when ESPN's College Game Day came to South Carolina.

I guess this means that Mom will be home really late Thursday night!

The South Carolina Gamecocks open their 115th season of intercollegiate football, dating back to 1892, and the 2008 season at home against the NC State Wolfpack on Thursday, Aug. 28 in front of an ESPN national-television audience. This is the 102nd-consecutive year in which South Carolina has competed on the gridiron. The University did not field a team in either 1893 or 1906. Carolina owns an all-time record of 521-523-44. This is the third time in the last four years that the Gamecocks have opened their season on ESPN.


Poor Mom

My poor Mom has a boo-boo on her foot!

How can I help you, Mom?

She stepped on a piece of broken metal in the yard last week and had to get a tetanus shot. Her cut was still draining a little and was hurting more today. Mom had a follow-up appointment with her foot surgeon today. She showed her "newest" injury to the doctor and he was very concerned. He began cutting into the foot (ouch!) and used words such as: "you really stepped on the metal hard," "this is deep," "possible infection," "could be an abscess." Mom was quite surprised. She thought it was a simple cut/scrape. The doctor put her on more antibiotics, asked her to stay off of her foot for a couple of days, and insisted she call him Thursday and let him know how she was doing.

Maybe I was a little hard on her about not answering the telephone yesterday.


Take This Job . . .

Mom, I don't care if you did just go back to work after two weeks away, I am NOT going to be your secretary at home and take messages. That's what the answering machine is for.

My job during the day is to keep a watch outside for birds, bugs, and other fur creatures. Just call me the "watch cat."


My Special Visitor

One of my Mom's best friends, Janet, came over with her son, Cody. Cody was born with Down's Syndrome and has very limited verbal abilities. I don't usually go up to strangers when they first come in my house, especially teenagers.

However, Cody came in the door and quietly sat down on the floor. I came up to him and allowed him to actually pet me! Janet loved it and said I must had sensed that Cody was special. He had the biggest smile on his face when I allowed him to pet me and then played with him with one of my new toys. Mom says I helped to make his day!

Hello Cody, What do you have in your hand? Is that one of my new toys?

Let's play with my fev-ver butt mouse.

Ok, Cody, if you want to pet me, you can!

Note from Mom: I asked permission from Janet to post the pictures of Praline with Cody. She said she would love it. I have known Cody since he was born almost 17 years ago and he always calls me Paula Girlfriend. I didn't know how Praline would react to Cody because she doesn't generally like male teenagers, but she was wonderful with him! Of course, she was also the stereotypical, aloof Persian/Himmie that she is and lost interest after a few minutes (just like she does with me!)


Too Pooped to Blog

It's been a long and rough week for Mom and me. Fleas for me and eye infection and cut foot for Mom. Mom was so tired last night that she fell asleep on the sofa and woke up only when I jumped on her in the morning. We are taking advantage of the weekend for some much needed rest.

My greasy neck from the flea treatment.

Exhausted from scratching, biting and licking

Belly not as floofy because of the fleas.


Friday Fleas!

Update: Mom just gave me my first treatment of Advantage Orange and the vet said to do another treatment in three weeks. Keep your fingers crossed that this gets rid of those nasty fleas. Mom had to get a shot! The doctor also gave her some antibiotics, just in case. He just shook his head at mom and said something about "she just couldn't get a break lately." Thanks for your well wishes.

Update: Mom called the V.E.T. and NO trip for me. Mom just needs to go and buy the Advantage Orange. I guess I will be a greasy kitty for a little bit. Mom has an appointment with the doctor at 12:30 for her foot.

Guess what Mom found last night? FLEAS! I have no idea how they got on me because I never go outside. Mom is calling the V.E.T. this morning as soon as she gets up to schedule an appointment. She would go and buy some flea stuff, but it's been so long since I have had fleas and that fact that I am almost 13 years old - she wants to make sure she gets the right stuff. I will update when I get back.

What's this thing doing out?

Also, Mom has had another run of bad luck. She picked up conjunctivitis in her eye (the doctor says it was probably from the plane) and this afternoon she stepped on a broken piece of metal in the yard. She may need to go and get a shot today. Poor Mom! She says she just can't get a break! (Watch what word you use, Mom!)


T13 #6 - My Presents

Yesterday (Wednesday), I shared the ONE present that Mom brought me back after being gone for 9 days! I, along with all of my friends on the Cat Blog were outraged that Mom would bring me a simple bag with "weak" catnip in it. I had several suggestions and comments from everyone and thought I would share them with you and the results of my efforts.

1. This was my ONE present that Mom dared give to me when she got back from California. It was a simple canvas bag with weak catnip.

I can't believe this is all I got!

Some Suggestions from the cat bloggers:

2. Show the backside to her.

3. Bite her! I would never bite the hand that feeds me, but I scared her by showing my teeth and tongue.

Give me presents NOW!

4. Talk to the paw.
5. Give her the silent treatment.
6. Mom felt so bad that I thought this was the only thing that she was going to give me. A few of you suggested that Mom was saving everything and was going to give it to me day-by-day. The outrage from the cat blog community made her feel so guilty that she immediately gave me everything.

My Presents!

Hey, what's this?

7. Mom had a big bag with lot of stuff in it! I immediately began to explore.

Let me see . . . What do I want to get out first.

8. The first thing I saw was a neat furry mouse with a feather on it. Huh! Mouses don't have feathers. What's this? Looks like fun!

9. Look at all my presents! I've never had Greenies or Temptations before. Mom had to trick me to get me to try them, but once I tasted them, I wanted to eat the whole bag. I also got a brand new bag of my dry food that is especially designed for Persians.

Nom Nom, Greenies and Temptations are delicious!

10. I got a new bowl to eat my stinky goodness out of! Isn't it beautiful? Mom has a hard time finding bowls that aren't too deep. I like narrow bowls.
Where's my stinky goodness?

11. I got some new toys to play with that have "high potent" cat nip in them and a whole container of catnip!

Hurry up, Mom. Get this toy off of the card.

12. Mom also got me some new toenail clippers, but she didn't get a picture of them.

13. My favorite item (other than the treats) was the feather mouse. I enjoyed playing with it so much that I was snorting!

Aaaaaaaaa - this is the life!

Mom did good, didn't she? Thank you to all of my friends that made Mom feel so guilty that she gave me everything! I still don't like Mom leaving me, but this makes up for it a little bit.


Wordless Wednesday

You were gone 9 days and this is all I get?


Mom's Home!

Mom got home about 5 minutes before midnight last night. She gave me a big hug (I just purred), some supper (I haven't been eating too well the past few days) and lots of treats. She said she will share stories and pictures about her trip later.

A very special thank you to all of my friends on the cat blog for their visits and well wishes while Mom was gone.

Mom said to please ignore the tired, no make-up look! We just wanted to share our welcome home hugs!


Homecoming Celebration

I am ready to celebrate Mommy's homecoming with champagne and roses...

A close up of the special welcome home mat Praline made for Mommy... Thank you, Miss Ann for helping me set up the homecoming celebration for Mom.

Mom will be home LATE tonight (Monday). I must get the house cleaned up from the House Trashing Party before she gets here. Thank you to everyone for making my first party a success!



I am missing my Mommy very, very much (though I will admit Janet is being good to me).

I decided I should have a "welcome home portrait" done for her, so I had this oil painting of myself made this week.

I hope she likes it.

And by the way, this is my happy face!


Sprout Saturday

Silent Child
by Kelly Lancor

My silent child our precious baby,
Close to my heart I'll keep you with me.
An important job God has for you,
There is love to give,and work to do.
He needs an angel strong but small,
To shine light on many and give love to all.
Before you go I give you this,
half my heart and one last kiss.
We'll miss you dearly that we know,
But by God you were chosen,
So to heaven, you must go


House Trashing Party

Hey, look, everybody. Zoey came by with some more trash.

Shhhhhh! Mom's away and the kitty will play! It's time for my first ever house trashing party. Miss Janet (the petsitter) has come and gone, mom won't be home for a few more days, so what they don't know won't hurt them.

First, let me get in this closet to find the party favors. As you can see, I've gotten an early start on the trashing. This is one of my favorite closets. There is all sorts of "junk" in this closet and Mom has been a little slow cleaning it out. There are 4 shelves that all of you can hang out on and several hidden corners. Let's have fun playing hide and seek and see if we can trash it up a little more.

If you love papers, this is the place to be!

I've got some special nip cigars to help everyone get wild!

Oh no! I think I've been into the niptinis too much. The eyes are already glowing.

Here is a fresh pile of nice clean clothes! Let's see what damage we can do here.

Anybody for shoes? I am going to pretend I am sleeping and don't know what is going on.

I found this ice cream in the freezer, but I think we better stay away from it because everybody knows kitties can't eat chocolate. I'll see if I can find some vanilla for the party.

There is a lot more that we can trash, but I don't want to give Mom too much evidence in pictures when she gets back. I hope everyone has had a wonderful time at my first official "house trashing" party.

We will be taking some time for reflection and remembrance on Saturday and Sunday.


T13 #5 - Home Alone

I thought I would tell you about the things I am doing while Mom is away! Don't forget, Friday will be "house-trashing" day!
  1. Visit Huffle Mawson in Australia. We got to play with the kangaroo and it was a lot of fun to try and avoid those kicks!
  2. Give myself a daily bath to keep the floof beautiful.

  3. Give Janet (the petsitter) the "look" to get extra treats! It usually works.

  4. Keep a look out for Mom! I know she won't be home for a few more days, but a kitty can wish, can't she?

  5. Keep up with the cat blog. I think am doing a pretty good job since she has been gone!

  6. Practice my "cute face"! Do you think it will work when Mom gets back?

  7. Guard the guest bedroom and mom's shoes. However, all bets are off for the house trashing party tomorrow (Friday).

  8. Keep Mom's seat warm on the sofa. Hmmm. I think I like this spot and Mom will need to find a new spot when she gets back.

  9. Practice the "teacher stare" to give Mom when she doesn't feed me on time.

  10. Take a nap!

  11. Find a new hiding place under the piano. I bet Janet can't find me here.

  12. Take another nap. A girl must get her beauty sleep!
  13. Get ready for the house trashing party. I know I have those party favors somewhere in here!