Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of my furriends!  I don't really like to wear anything, including a collar, so Miss Ann, of Zoolatry, helped me to become the Butterfly Queen.  Don't you just love my costume!  Thanks, Ann.

Our South Carolina Gamecocks beat the Tennessee Volunteers in football yesterday.  Next the Arkansas Razorbacks come to Columbia.


Show Your Treat Jar

My woofie furriend, Khyra, wanted us to show our treat jar today.  You are also supposed to take a box of treats to a shelter for needy kitties and woofies.  My mom is back at another football game today, so I don't know if she will have time to go.  Our Gamecocks play the Tennessee Volunteers today at 12:21 pm.  Go Gamecocks!

Here's my treat jar that holds my prescription fiber formula treats.

As you can see, she just opened a bunch of new bags of treats and put them in the jar and I can't wait to taste those yummy treats.  In fact, when she opened the jar, I was so quick getting into the treats, I'm a blurr!



Femme Friday

Take away that flashy box!  Can't you see I'm trying to play with my butterfly from Ginger Jasper!


Thankful Thursday

Khyra was correct yesterday.  I received a package from my favorite mancat, Ginger Jasper from across the pond.  I always know when I receive a package with royal postage that GJ has sent me something special.

This was part of the "Paw It Forward" activity where you send something to other kitties and don't expect anything in return.  Just look at all of the cool loot I received!  Don't you just love the picture of GJ?  Mom even received a nice bookmark for a surprise!

This was something new that I had never seen before - a chew stick treat!  It smelled pretty good!

If you would like to participate in Paw it Forward, just let me know in the comments. The first one to respond will be sent a package of goodies from me.  Mom says if my furriends from out of the United States want to participate and will help with the postage that we'll send to you also!  


Treats on Tuesday

Mom's back home for a few days and boy, was she tired.  However, before she went to bed, she trimmed my toenails, fed me my stinky goodness, brushed me, cleared up a few knots, and gave me my treats!  I love having Mom back home.

Don't you just love my long whiskers?


Hanging Around, Waiting

Mom is on the road again today, so I'm still hanging around on top of the computer waiting for her to come home so I can visit everyone.

Mom called this morning and said she didn't get any sleep last night and her shoulder is hurting this morning.  Poor mom.


Easy Like Sunday

Mom is on the road again today and will be back tomorrow night so I think I'll take it easy on her recliner today.

Pee ess - Many of you have asked about mom's shoulder and how she is feeling.  She finally got out of her sling this week and the PT has picked up with strengthening her shoulder.  The pain is getting a lot less, but mom says she still isn't sleeping much at night because she can't get comfortable.   Thanks for all of your continued purrs.


Photo Hunt - Orange

When I first saw that the theme this week was "orange" I thought, Oh no, we don't do orange around here.  It has to do with our rival college football team.  I figured there would be nothing to post with me and orange.  Then I remembered that Peggy from Peggy's Place (and one of my beaus, Romeo) sent me this catnip candy corn last year.  Now, I get to participate in Photo Hunt today.

Mom says too bad it isn't real!  She's finally back home for a couple of days before she's "on the road again!"


Femme Friday

This femme feline is enjoying the sun puddles of fall before they disappear!  Mom has been on the road everyday except for one this week and it's time for her to get home and enjoy the weekend with me.

Have a great weekend!


Thankful Thursday

I submitted a photo of Baby Praline in the Puppy and Kitten Pet Photo Contest sponsored by Thoughts Fur Paws.  To my surprise, I was one of the winners out of over 500 votes!  My prize package arrived two weeks ago during my birthday, but mom has been so busy between physical therapy and work that she just had the chance to let me open it and to post everything "we" got.  Yes, even mom received a book!

Look!  The lady in the blue shorts brought me a box with my name on it!

Just look at all of my goodies!

Hurry up, Mom.  Open up these Temptations!

I wish I had those thumbs like mom does so I could get this mousie off of the package.

Thank you so much, Jaime, for sponsoring this contest.  The prizes are awesome and I enjoy reading your informative information on your blog.


Wordless Wednesday and Tocktober

Oops!  Forgot about Tocktober!  Here are some floofy tocks for your viewing pleasure.


No More Tortitude!

This looks awfully familiar for some reason.  I thought the next holiday involved orange, but this is green and red, which means that Sandy Paws will be coming soon.  Mom just made my Christmas Cards, so I'll be requesting addresses for those of you who want to exchange cards again this year within the next couple of weeks.

I guess this means that I have to start being good, doesn't it?  No more tortitude for a while!


Comparing Paws

While Mom and I were watching football this weekend, we decided to have a contest to compare whose paw was the best.  I told her it wasn't a contest, but she insisted, so here goes . . .

Mom's "paw" has little to no floof on it and she has some type of shiny stone on one of the digits.  The only thing I can see useful with her "paw" is that she can give me scritches and feed me with them.  On the other hand, my paw is floofy and multi-colored and can do all kinds of things.  However, I can't give myself scritches or open my stinky goodness with it.  I think it's a draw.  What do you think?


Easy Like Sunday

Oh well, the wildcats beat the Gamecocks last night.  We were sad for a few minutes, but then we said, it's just a game and we still have next week.  I told her we should have watched Animal Planet instead.  Mom just gave me that look.  Wonder why she did that!

Taking it easy with my Etsy Octopus that I won!  Don't you just love it?


Watching College Football

Mom and I will be spending the day on the couch watching college football.  Our Gamecocks play today, but they are in Kentucky playing the Wildcats, and mom didn't go.  If you want to see the chickens play the kitties, they are on ESPN2 at 6:00 pm EST tonight.  Mom promised she would spend the day with me today, except for the hour she has to go and sing for a bean's funeral.  I love our Saturday's together.

Can we watch Animal Planet until the football games come on?


Searching for Tia's Babies

My furriend, Tia, has lost her babies.  I feel so sorry for her searching for those little darlings all by herself that I decided to join in the search.

Let's see, are they under the dresser?

Are they in the fireplace?

Are they in the shoebox?

Mom, do you know where Tia's babies are?

Mom Paula:  Sweet Praline, that is so nice of you to help Tia search for her babies.  Keep searching and maybe you can find those sweet babies.


Thankful Thursday

I love it when mom scritches my ears, head, and beside my nose.  A little more to the left please, mom!


Tortie Tuesday

Let's see, this picture shows two things that my mom loves:  The Carolina Gamecocks and me, her beautiful Tortie Persian!  I guess I should be a little jealous, but she only goes to games once a week in the fall and she comes home to me everyday!  Now, who do you think she loves more?

I'm giving my mom a little of my tortitude in hopes that she will clean up my room!  All of these papers and books simply must go!


Sunshine on My Shoulders

Remember the song, "Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me happy."  Well, it certainly applies to me.  While mom was working yesterday afternoon, she had the side door open and the sun beams just streamed inside.  I enjoyed them while I could.  Mom worked for over 8 hours on paperwork after she came home from playing the piano at church.  She definitely needed a pain pill to go to sleep.

Enjoy the sunshine on my shoulders.

Have a great Monday!


Easy Like Sunday

I think I'll go lie down on my soft blankie in the closet and take a long nap.  Mom has a bunch of paperwork to complete today, so I don't think I'll get too much attention.

Our South Carolina Gamecocks beat the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide football team yesterday!  Go Gamecocks!


Photo Hunt - Stripes

Today's theme is "stripes".  If you look really close in my floof, you'll see a hint of stripes because my dadkitty was a red tabby Persian and he had stripes.  I like the way my wooden floor looks like stripes.

 I also like how the sunbeams cross my floof in stripes.

Have a great day!  My mom will be gone most of the day to watch her Gamecocks play the Crimson Tide of Alabama.  If you are in the U.S.,my town (Columbia, SC) will be featured on ESPN Gameday today beginning at 9:00 am EST on ESPNU and at 10:00 am EST on ESPN.  The game will begin at 3:30 pm EST on CBS.  It's going to be tough for our Gamecocks to beat the Tide, but I'm keeping my paws crossed.


Femme Friday

I don't care if my floof hasn't been brushed yet, I'm still beautiful!  I bet there are a lot of mancats out there who like the tousled look!  Don't you love my little golden paw on the front?

Update on Mom:  She went back to the doctor this week about her shoulder.  The range of motion is much better, but the pain is still there.  He gave her a shot with a big, long needle in the shoulder and told her to take it easy.  Those who know my mom know how hard this is.  She's still in the sling for at least another week until she goes back to PT next week.  Thanks to all who continue to ask about her.


What Are You Looking At?

What are you looking at?  I want my treats, now!!!

Not getting to visit too much this week between mom's doctor appointments and her time on the road!


Tortureshell Tuesday

I figured I couldn't top Tia with being bad, so I decided that I would "torture" all of the mom and dad beans out there by exposing my floofy belly and torture them because they can't rub it.  MOL!  How's that for torture?

Pee ess - some of you may have gone to the Zazzle site to purchase the calendar yesterday and the only way you could pay was by check.  Mom and I think we've fixed it so you can pay through PayPal now.  I hope it works.


Nude Cats of the CB Calendar

I've been working very hard this weekend (okay, mom helped a little bit) to finish the Nude Cats of the CB Calendar for 2011.  Many of you may remember the contest that was held last year and the voting that took place in the spring.  We figured that we should have a product from all of our time and effort so mom and I began working on putting together an actual calendar that we could sell.

Everyone suggested that we use Zazzle and it wasn't too hard to do.  We will donate $1.00 for the sale of each calendar to a needy kitty on the CB.  Each calendar has the winning photograph with the kitty's name and blog address.  This is our first attempt at putting together a calendar for the CB and hope that a lot will sell so we can give back to the kitties on the CB.  Mom put in an order for our calendar yesterday and I can't wait to see the finished product.

You can purchase the calendar by clicking on the picture below or the picture on the sidebar.

Browse other personalized gifts from Zazzle.


Easy Like Sunday

Taking it Easy on a lovely Sunday is what I am going to do today!


Live Strong

I am joining in with many other bloggers today for Livestrong Day sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation to bring awareness of cancer and support to cancer patients and survivors across the globe. Thanks to Ann of Zoolatry, Jan of A Cat's Meow, Chandra of Life from a Cat's Perspective, Linda from Ozark Mountain Cats and so many others who helped pull this together.

I recently lost one of my best furriends, Sniffie (from the Florida Furkids) to cancer and I especially wanted to remember her today.

My mom has two best girlfriends who are breast cancer survivors (Janet and Kathryn) and her dad is a bladder cancer survivor.  I also want to honor Vic of Zoolatry today as he fights cancer.

My mom and I have been very lucky in that we haven't had any evidence of cancer ourselves.  I recently had a mast cell tumor removed and thankfully, it was benign.  My mom has had several biopsies that were pre-cancerous, but luckily the spots were removed and she is okay.  Please take a moment to visit LiveStrong and remember those who didn't make it with the cancer battle and honor those who are survivors.
 The CB is sponsoring a special blog for LiveStrong today and you can visit it here.