“Hat Day” Comment-a-Thon for SAS

Sweet Praline was lucky enough to be hatted by Sammy and Andy in October, 2010.  Here's her diva photo in her special Southern Belle hat.

For every comment that is received, I'll donate 25 cents to SAS to help them in this tough situation in memory of Sweet Praline.


Memory Post for World Cat Day

Hello everyone!  The date is quickly approaching that Truffle and Beignet will come home to live with me.  I truly believe that Sweet Praline has had a paw in the decision to bring home this beautiful brother and sister and that she will be here in spirit helping me raise them.

A few weeks ago after coming home from Auntie Deb's and the Taylor Catsssss, I went through a major depression again.  Auntie Deb's family was so loving and the Taylor Catsssss kept me amused and I had a kitty in my lap every time I sat down.  I believe when I got home, I realized how lonely it was in my house without Sweet Praline.  I was crying every day at any hour during the day at the "drop of a hat."  It was during this time that Sweet Praline's spirit appeared to me.

I was sitting on my couch with tears streaming down my face, missing Sweet Praline one night.  I thought I saw a movement from the corner of the hallway coming into my living room where Praline would always stop before coming in to sit with me.  I looked over at the hallway and Praline was standing there, as clear as could be, for a few seconds!!!  Then she was gone.  It was as if she were telling me that she was still here and that everything would be okay.  I always heard people talk about literally "seeing" past relatives or pets after they were gone, but I experienced it first hand.  Terri told me that I was so lucky to have that special connection with Sweet Praline.

Praline at the corner of the hallway

When God Created Kitty Cats
When God created kitty cats,
He had no recipe;
He knew He wanted something sweet,
As sweet as sweet could be.
He started out with sugar,
Adding just a trace of spice;
Then stirred in drops of morning dew,
To keep them fresh and nice.
He thought cats should be soft to pet,
Thus He gave them coats of fur;
So they could show they were content,
He taught them how to purr.
He made for them long tails to wave,
While strutting down the walk;
Then trained them in meow-ology,
So they could do cat-talk.
He made them into acrobats,
And gave them grace and poise;
Their wide-eyed curiosity,
He took from little boys.
He put whiskers on their faces,
Gave them tiny ears for caps;
Then shaped their little bodies,
To snugly fit on laps.
He gave them eyes as big as saucers,
To look into man's soul;
Then set a tolerance for mankind,
As their purpose and their goal.
Benevolent ... and ... generous,
He made so many of them;
Then charged, with Fatherly Concern,
The human race to love them.
When one jumped up upon His lap,
God gently stroked its head;
The cat gave Him a kitty kiss,
"What wondrous love," God said.
God smiled at His accomplishment,
So pleased with His creation;
And said, with pride, as He sat back,
"At last. . . I've reached purr-fection!"

Sweet Praline will always be a part of my heart and soul.  I love you, my little Diva!