Toesie Tuesday

Thought I would share picture of my toesies and my mom's toesies today! Who do you think has the cutest toesies? Be honest now!

We are watching her soap opera on TV once again! You will see some toys in the back ground from my friends Billie and Laila and Minchie. I'll keep you in suspense what I got for another day!


Paw It Forward, Part II

I received another Paw It Forward package from Dante, Domino, and Dyan at Wendy's 3-D Cats. The package arrived a couple of weeks before my birthday and mom made me save the box until my birthday. I was so excited to receive this big box just for me!

Look at all of this stuff and imagine my surprise that the 3-D Cats ordered it from Baby Patches store: Supplies Just 4 Pets.

Everyone knows I love fev-vers and this fev-ver moves just like a bird on the floor. Fun! Fun!

I also receied some chicken breast to eat! It's really good, but I hope Dante, Domino, and Dylan aren't saying I need to lose weight! I am a floofy kitty, not a fat kitty. Hee! Hee!

Look at these great toys and treats! I have so much to play with, I don't know where to start.

The Greenies are mine! Hurry up and open them mom!

Thank you so much to Dylan, Domino, and Dante. I just love everything!
I received two special packages from Laila and Minchie and Billie on my birthday. I'll share those pictures with you tomorrow.


Easy Like Sunday

I've taken over the laptop tray from the computer. I've never been a lap kitty, but when mom puts this tray on her lap, I insist she take the computer off of it, and I immediately get on it and lie on her lap (on top of the tray).

Have an Easy Sunday!


No More Computer Work

I can't thank all of my furriends enough for attending my Birthday Party and especially those of you who stayed overnight for the Slumber Party. I met so many new furriends, too! Mom has been on the computer for over a week helping me get ready for the Slumber Party. Of course, that's taken away from my visitation to everyone and had added to mom's shoulder ache! But, I'm worth it, right mom? Mooooommmm? Right?

I've taken over the laptop today so mom can pay attention to me and rest her shoulder. We hope to be back on a regular visiting schedule next week. Besides, this laptop is warm!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Slumber Party

Hello everyone! Welcome to my 14th birthday and to my special Slumber Party. The response to my invitation was overwhelming with over 60 kitties staying the night in our special Southern home in South Carolina. Mom has cleaned off the beds, pulled out the pillows, popped some kitty korn, spread out the nip toys, put in the kitty movies and even the valerian root ice pack for my special guests!
This is my baby picture from 1995. Mom says she never gets tired of seeing my cute little face with the big, "owl" eyes! I've come a long way in 14 years and hope I have many more. I may be an "old" ladycat, but I've still got lots of spirit and spunk.

For those of you who could stay overnight, I hope you enjoy the party and take home a treat from my birthday baskets.

I just can't find my Topini Treats in the U.S. anymore!

Everyone had a blast at the party and now it's time to sleep. Now everyone knows that not all kitties sleep at a slumber party. I hope you enjoyed your visit and can come to my party next year.

Have a look at all of my overnight guests.

A few woofies wanted to drop by! That's okay because they can patrol the grounds for introoders. I'm not sure how much patroling will get done since Khyra and Sydney appear to be pooped! I was thrilled that Khyra could join me since he is so well known in the CB. Mr. Jones, Spot and Sydney are my cousins and are always welcome. Mom was so glad to see them!

I think Bennett was keeping a watchful eye that no one would get in his special tent. Armani was trying to get belly scritches from my mom! Mom couldn't resist!

Now, this group of kitties I need to keep an eye on because while everyone was asleep, they were watchful. Hope no one gets their underwear put in the freezer. Hee! Hee! That's what mom says used to happen when she went to slumber parties as a teenager.

Now, I just love Miss Zoey from Zoolatry, but she had to out do everyone with her special sleeping bag. She also insisted that she had to put curlers in her hair to compete with Daisy. Wonder why Zoey left Maggy home?

Don't you just love Siena and Chilli snuggling up together. It was an honor for them to come from across the pond to attend my party. Better keep an eye out for Lester because he is wide-eyed and up to no good. I think Mr. Tigger got into the stinky goodness!

The Friends FurEver group came up a day early to help me prepare for the Slumber Party. I think they are a little exhausted, but I appreciated their help.

Now, this is a sleep group of kitties. I decided to join them to catch a little cat nap.

I think Samson got hold of my Valerian Root Ice Pack! He's out for the night!

The crew from Peggy's Place is keeping a watchful eye on everyone (except for Isis and Bob, who needed a nap after playing with the nip cigar!). Reese insisted on bringing her "Reese Box" to sleep in, but she let me try it out for a few minutes. Wasn't that nice of her?

Little Melvin's mom let him come over tonight as long as my mom chaperoned him since he isn't a mancat yet. Isn't he adorable? Minchie and Pandora just curled up and made themselves right at home!

Maggie Mae and Saylor got caught trying to sleep in mom's bed!

Several kitties are international travelers and made their way to the United States. Ginger Jasper came from England, Huffle came from Australia and Jasmine came from Brazil. Don't tell anyone, but Gemini tried to sneak in Chey for a few minutes, but she had to leave before anyone found her. I think she took my Siamese pillow with her for cover!

Fin was the first to grab the sink for the night and dared anyone to take it from her. She is a senior ladycat like me!

Of course, then we have the "fancy ladycats" (except for Ollie) for the evening that insisted on bringing special PJs and spa attire. Miss Daisy was the hit of the evening with her lounging robe! Don't know why Ollie wanted a curler in his hair. I think he was jealous of Daisy's curls, too!

I'm so glad Miss Billie was able to join me. She turned 14 this year, too and she was giving me lots of advice. Then, Bhu showed up! I think he is keeping an eye out for Romeo and Ginger Jasper!

Don't you love Eric's stuffed twin?

Dante and Domino insisted on wearing special PJs for the party. Dylan likes to sleep in the "raw". Mr. Tuck is just plain tuckered out!

Mom just found Stripes and Penjy hiding in the back closet. I must confess, I showed them my favorite hiding place. So glad the two of you could join us.

Mom went outside to get some more litter and she found Emma sleeping on the cabinet in the storage room. She invited Emma inside to join the others. Doesn't she look like she has been up to something?

Uh oh! Looks like someone is continuing the relationship that started on AS THE PAW TURNS. I am snuggled between my two main mancat squeezes: Ginger Jasper and Bhu. What a wonderful evening!

Thank you to everyone who helped make my 14th birthday so special!


Slumber Party Eve

I've got the blog set up . . .

I've got the treats ready (including the chocolate for those few moms who are joining us . . .

I've got the nip and fev-ver toys to play with . . .

The guest bedroom with extra stuffed animals are set up . . .

And plenty of poofy kitty pillows for those that didn't bring one (I think Chey is sneaking off with the Siamese pillow) . . .

Now, it's just time for my Slumber Party for my 14th birthday. Be sure to come back tomorrow to see all of my guests.

Are you coming????


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

I think I'll just snuggle up to these pillows and test them out to make sure they are just purrfect for all of my friends who are coming to the slumber party.

Mom says she is looking forward to being snuggled and purred upon!


Pillow Anyone?

Mom wasn't feeling well yesterday, so she stayed home with me. She was in bed most of the day, but when she got up, she helped me get ready for my Slumber Party on Friday. We've got all of my kitty pillows lined up and ready for those of you coming that don't have your own pillow.

Mom got some sad news about a loved one last night and needed lots of extra hugs and purrs. I've been right there for her. Don't worry, she'll be okay. She's just a little sad right now. I think my party is just the thing she needs to cheer her up!


Betrayed Again

Mom said she was going to college football game this weekend and she was gone all day Saturday. I know she was watching some chickens (Gamecocks, Praline!), but to my surprise. I've been betrayed once again.

Mom was spending time with woofies! These are my woofie cousins, Bandit and Sydney. How is it that the woofies can tailgate and not me?

Pee ess - On a totally different note: My sweet little friend Melvin (remember him from AS THE PAW TURNS) is feeling a little down today because of the mean comments. Please drop by and say hello and give some special purrs.


Easy Like Sunday

Sorry, Mom! This seat is taken!


Catwalk Caturday

I thought this magazine cover was purrfect for me, especially the headline "Chic at Any Age" since I turn 14 this week. I think I am pretty HOT for an old ladycat!

Don't forget to email your best "slumber party" photo by September 20. Mom has responded to every email once it is received, so if you haven't received a confirmation, please notify us! The slumber party is September 25.


Floofy Friday

I've got the guest room all ready for my slumber party next Friday. I've got plenty of stuffed friends for those of you who forget to bring yours with you to snuggle up to once we go to sleep. I've had several offers to snuggle up with me! Both Bhu and Ginger Jasper have promised to come (Remember them from AS THE PAW TURNS)!

I'm so excited because I've never had a sleep over! Many of you have sent me your best "slumber party" pictures, but I know there are others who are still out there. Please email your pictures (include your name and your blog url) by September 20, so my secretary (MOM) can get everything ready.

Pee ess: Mom has shoulder surgery scheduled for December 4 for a tear in her rotator cuff, a labral tear, and bone spurs.


Slumber Party Plans

Hello all of my furriends! My 14th birthday is next week, September 25. I would like to have a slumber party and invite all of my friends.

Please find a pictures in your best PJs, with you favorite stuffed animal, sleeping on your favorite blanket, or in your favorite cave or bed. Email the picture along with your name and blog link to my mom. Mom's not as creative as some of the other mom's on the CB, but she wants to include as many of my furriends as we can (probably in multiple collages.) Please have these photos to mom by September 20, so she can have time to plan the party.

One of my favorite places is my tent that GJ gave me and my crinkly blanket that Samantha and Mr. Tigger sent me.

My newest spot to sleep is on top of the computer laptop tray.
I'm looking forward to this. After all, a girl only turns 14 once!