Baby Praline Week, Messy Eater

Mom says this photo reminds her of the new commercial for puppy food with Marley! Here I am lying down in the middle of my food. I think it makes it easier to get to, don't you?


Baby Praline Week, The Bunny Kick

Mom is scanning in some more Baby Praline photos, so I thought I would share a few this week. I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Easy Like Sunday

I like to lie in my popup tent backwards! Mom says I am supposed to go inside. I say, I like to sleep this way! I can see my pink boa that Ginger Jasper sent me better this way!

Mom just shakes her head at me. I wonder why she does that.


Photo Hunt - Hands

My moms hands are made for snuggling!


Floofy Friday

Hello All! Thank you for all of your suggestions concerning my Drinkwell Fountain yesterday. Mom even wrote the company that she bought it from and they sent her some helpful hints. We are going to try a few more things for a few days and the company said we could send it back for a full refund if I still refused to use it! So, my next decision (should I decide I still don't like the fountain) would be to either send it back to the company OR auction it and let some kitty win it for a $5.00 donation. What do you think?

Mom was holding me close last night and saw this shadow on the wall and just had to take a picture. I think it turned out kind of cool. The thing in the middle is the camera. So, for this "floofy Friday," you get both Praline and Mom Paula floof in the shadows!

Pee ess - My mom is still doing okay besides the normal soreness and tiredness. She goes back to the human vet on Monday.


The Drinkwell Dilemma

I think my mom is a little perturbed with me! She got a few extra green papers with a tax refund and bought me a Drinkwell Platinum Water Fountain to drink out of. Mom was so excited when it came because she thought I would love it!

Well guess what, I didn't.
You want me to drink out of what?

Here is my perfect Drinkwell Fountain and it works great. I just won't use it! It's cool. It's clean. It's pretty quiet. It's good tasting water (when I lick it from mom's fingers.

I approached the fountain very cautiously, wondering what this new thing was around my stinky goodness and my crunchies!

My mom thought I was actually going to use it when I got this close to the fountain. However, she was disappointed again. I just walk around it and look at it.

Mom asked me to ask for help from the CB for ways to encourage me to drink out of this fountain. She said that if I don't begin using it this weekend, she may just auction it on the CB, so some kitty or kitties who like running water can use it.
Mom says, "Please help!"
I say, "you can have it, I don't want it!"

Mom - Just look at that little determined, pouty face!

I found this extra definition of Diva and right now, I think it fits Praline perfectly!

"The term is often used with a negative connotation deriving from the implication that a star who is a "diva" is arrogant, difficult to work with, high-maintenance, manipulative, fussy, highly strung, privileged and demanding."


Wordy Wednesday Challenge

I participated in Maggy and Zoey's Wordy Wednesday Challenge. Miss Ann did a wonderful job with the pictures and words and I think she has mine just perfectly!

Mom is really calling me a "spoiled Diva" today due to problems with my new drinking fountain. Stay tuned tomorrow for this dilemma!


Get Well Card for Mom

My mom received the card below from me in an email (that was some magic!). I think I have a special friend to thank for helping me send this to my mom. Boy, was she surprised!

Mom is doing okay after her gum surgery. The doctor said the surgery went fine. Now we just have to wait several months to see if the titanium implant will "take." Mom is going to try to go back to work today for a little bit. Thanks for all of your thoughts and purrayers!


Kitty Fight Club Entry

Misha is having a contest called the "Kitty Fight Club" where we get to submit our cutest kitten picture. This is the first picture that my mom took of me when I came home to live with her in December 1995.

Sweet Praline
December 1995
12 weeks old
Category: Pedigreed Floofy


Easy Like Sunday

Mom's camera broke, so she had to recycle an older picture from the summer! This is the way to spend a Sunday!


Nursing Mom Again

I am recycling a photo that Miss Ann of Zoolatry did for me in June when Mom had her foot surgery because I am nursing Mom again. She did fine with her surgery and is now recuperating. The entire recuperation period (post op, follow-up visits, healing time and "next" phase) will take almost a year. Thank you for all of your purrs, purrayers, and well wishes for my mom. I must get back to my nursing duties!

Nurse Praline on Duty!

Pee ess - Miss Ann, I am purraying that your eye surgery went well today and that your eyes are all new again so you don't need to memorize the eye chart any more!


The Winner is - - -

Update: Mom survived her surgery and is resting at home with her parents today. Now, for the long recuperation of this surgery (almost a year for the healing and follow-up procedures!)

The raffle for Mom Robyn's Amethyst Pendant ended this week and it was time for me to pick the winner. Mom took the time to put all of the names in a spreadsheet (isn't that what we kitties are supposed to sleep on?) and then cut out the names into strips. She tried to get me to help out, but I prefer playing with the paper instead of working.

I've got a wicked left hook, don't I?

After all of the papers were folded, Mom put them down and tried to convince me to pick the winner. I ignored the papers and chose to watch TV instead.

Then I chose to sit in the box instead of picking a name.

I don't want to pick a name!

Finally, Mom got smart and sprinkled catnip all over the names. I finally picked one!

And the winner is . . .

Thank you to all of my CB friends who helped out with my vet bills from my recent illness. You are a special group of people and Mom and I love all of you!

Pee ess - Mom is having gum surgery this morning (Friday), so I don't know when I will be able to visit again. Please don't forget about me because I shall return!


Helping Mom Draw for the Raffle

Mom was cutting and folding the papers with all of the names on them for the raffle. I decided I would stay out of her way and just snoopervise from the sofa!

I then got off of the sofa to "draw the name." There are an awful lot of names to choose from.

I then decided I liked the box better than helping mom choose a name. Mom says I am too big for the box. I think I fit just fine.

It took me a long time to finally choose a name. I will give you more details tomorrow with some video. Mom had to trick me with some nip to get me interested in the paper.
The announcement will come tomorrow (Friday) morning!
Thank all of you who helped me to pay the costs of the first round of vet bills. The CB was able raise all but about $80 of the total costs, which is wonderful! This is great!


Wordless Wednesday - Baby Praline

Mom's camera is messing up, so she did the next best thing and scanned in another baby Praline picture! Hope you enjoy it!


Happy St. Patty's Day

I don't do the hat thing, so my mom helped me find this cute web site that plays a little Irish ditty while you get to look at me! Happy St. Patty's Day to my Irish friends!

Click to play this Smilebox greeting: Happy St. Patty's Day
Create your own greeting - Powered by Smilebox
Make a Smilebox greeting

Only two (2) more days to bid on the auction for the beautiful Amethyst Pendant that Mom Robyn made and donated for my vet bills (See sidebar). We are almost there!! Just a few more bids will do it. Thank you to all of you who have supported me so far!


Monday Magazine

As the Minister of Floofy Affairs, I must be careful what I share with the kitty kingdom out there. You must have a great secretary that feeds you the "best food," keeps you groomed each and every day, gives your plenty of treats, and helps me communicate with my furry friends. My secret to attracting those handsome males (Bhu, Goma, and Ginger Jasper) is all part of the Southern Belle thing.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

Pee ess: I got sick again Sunday morning, but only one time. Mom is watching me very closely!


Photo Hunt - Four

I have four dark (seal-pointed) paws!


Something Special from Across the Pond

I received a very special package from "across the pond" from my friend, Ginger Jasper and it was addressed to me! Jasper (as he likes to be called) is one of friends I mentioned in my Thankful Post yesterday, but for some reason, his picture didn't show up in the collage. Ginger is a beautiful Persian who lives in the United Kingdom. I think I must add him to my "sweetheart" list with Bhu and Goma.


I was so excited when my package arrived! The stamp said "Royal Mail" and it was addressed to Sweet Praline Gregg. Mom, this proves that I am a Queen around here and should be waited upon, hand and foot! (Mom Paula: You already are, Praline!) I think the postlady thinks something weird is going on because I am getting more mail than my mom!

Need some help here, Mom!

What a surprise! Ginger Jasper sent me a wonderful pink fev-ver boa (Southern Belles just love pink), a nice note, and a Pop-up Ped Bed! This is so cool! My letter said,

"Sweet Praline. Just a couple of things to cheer you after your illness.

A little bit of fun and a hidey place too. Love, Ginger Jasper and Carol. X"

This is my Pop-up Bed! I had to explore the outside before attempting to go in. I've neve had something special like this and I always wanted one.

Mom, why didn't you ever get me one of these? This looks so interesting!

Time to go inside and check it out. Mom, thanks for making sure my backside wasn't exposed too much by the placement of my tail for this picture.

I just love my new Hidey Place!

Jasper and Mom Carol. Thank you so much for thinking of me and sending me this wonderful present from across the pond. This is great! Jasper, Do you want to come over and share my Hidey Place with me?


T13 - Thankful Thursday

I have so many things to be thankful for, so I thought I would share it through Thursday 13.

I am thankful for the following:
  1. My friends on the Cat Blogosphere! You have been so wonderful to my mom and me through my recent illness with your visits, your kind words, your thoughts, your purrayers, and your donations.

  2. I am no longer barfing! I have been feeling much better the last week. Mom thinks that my water intake has increased, but she won't be sure until I go to the vet at the end of the month and get some bloodwork done.

3. My mom, who takes such great care of me and gives me lots of love!

4. My grandparent beans, who give me bunches of treats!

    5. Lorianna and Miss Billie, who sends us special surprise treats and always has such kind words for us.

6. Miss Ann at Zoolatry who has donated so much of her time and talents to help me look beautiful! Plus, she has two beautiful Himmies: Zoey and Maggy!

7. Jasper McKitten-cat's dad, who introduced us to the CB! Thank you so much for that and for taking care of my mom.

8. Stinky goodness and crunchies! I am eating very well lately, so mom is happy about that.

9. Temptations! Greenies! Stewart High Fiber Treats! Friskies hairball treats! Gimpet Topini Treats!

10. Daily brushings and combings until Mom finds one of those mats. She worked on one for three days and finally got rid of it (after a few scratches) and then she finds another one!

11. My floofy friends on Floof and Fur! There are not a lot of us out there and you are a special group of kitties.

12. Mom's job. It gives her green papers to keep me stocked in stinky goodness, crunchies, and treats and to keep me in a safe and warm home! The job also keep my mom's brain challenged each day!

13. How can I forget Bhu, Goma, Laila and Minchie (and their mom Peggy), Gandalf and Grayson, Daisy, Ginger Jasper, Misha, Friends Forever, Victor, and so many more that are regular visitors and keep my mom and me amused! I think I will feature some of you next week while my mom is recuperating from gum surgery!

Victor, I kept trying to get your picture, but it wouldn't let me save it! You should definitely be included in this collage!


Mom and I can't thank all of you enough for the kindness you've shown us. We enjoy the CB so much and look forward to our visits with our furry friends and their beans. With my snoopervision help, Mom is helping me to visit more of you each day.