Remembrance Weekend

Three Tabby Cats in Vienna ~ Kashim, Othello and Salome ~ are hosting a Weekend of Remembrance. Some years ago the entire Cat Blogosphere came together and remembered our many friends, loved and lost and it is time for this once again…!

Above is a candle to place on your sidebar, or post to your blog in any way you choose.
You can pick up the candle, light the candle and also grab the HTML code from the Three Tabby Cats blog… please do stop by.

We invite, and enourage you to take part in this. Yes, there are many things happening today and thru the weekend, but we can each take a moment from all the other events to remember…!

Here is the link to Kashim, Othello and Salome – where you can join in and comment…

I would like to remember my Sweet Praline who crossed the bridge on April 25, 2011

and her sister before her, Muff, who crossed the bridge in May 1996

Mom Paula:  Sweet Praline's ashes are home with me and there is an inner peace that I feel.  It's still tough, but it's going to be okay.


Memory Lane - Baby Praline

Mom Paula:  No walk down memory lane would be complete without pictures of Baby Praline (or Pralinette as Khyra would say).  I am so glad that I had a good camera 15 years ago and took pictures of Praline that have lasted that I could digitize.  Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of her as a kitten, but these pictures tell a lot of stories.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

I am supposed to pick up Praline's ashes today.  I know this afternoon is going to be tough, so all of your purrs and prayers are appreciated.


Memory Lane - Treats on Thursday

Mom Paula:  Everyone knows how much Praline loved her treats!  She would eat a whole bag if I let her.  She would climb up my leg, put her whole face in the treat jar, climb on top of my mom and dad, and tear open a bag herself to get to treats.  I thought I would share a collage of some of my favorite "treats" pictures for today's memory lane.

And now a video of Praline eating her treats.  I like this one because you can see how quickly she would run from the hallway to the couch to get her treats and you can hear her little squeaky meow.


Memory Lane - Tummy Tuesday

Oops!  It's Wednesday, isn't it?  Oh well, any day was a  Tummy Day for Praline.

Mom Paula:  Here are some of my favorite photos of Praline exposing her floofy belly.  She did it all the time.  I would look over at her and she was exposing her belly and would just look up at me as if to say, "well, what are you looking at?  Come over here and give me a belly rub."  She loved for me to rub her belly.  I hope you enjoy walking down memory lane with me.

And here is my most favorite video of her enjoying her belly rub.


Thank You

Mom Paula:  It really feels odd to not be posting for Sweet Praline, but I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for your outpouring of support over the past few weeks and days.  I do plan on sharing a few more posts (special memories and themes) with everyone during the next couple of weeks, but I will not shut down Praline's blog.  Even when new furchildren come to live with me, there will always be a permanent link to Sweet Praline's blog.  I also plan on visiting everyone over the next few days/weeks to thank you.  I'm at peace with Praline and my decision, but it just hurts so much not having her here with me. Thank you for all that you've done!


Remembering Praline - video

Mom Paula:  Praline went to the vet this morning at about 8:50 am.  As the vet went to put the first needle in her to "put her to sleep", Praline climbed up on my shoulder and when the vet took out the needle, Praline turned around and hissed at her.  She was a little diva until the end.  She fell asleep on my shoulder with me talking to her and telling her it was okay.  We then laid her on the table for the last shot and she crossed the Bridge so peacefully.  I am heartbroken, but I know I did what is best for my little Sweet Praline.

Last night, when I was awaiting for this morning to come, I just had to do something constructive, so I put together a little slide show.  The background vocals are actually me singing.  There are some rough places in the video with the audio, but I can't figure out out to get the hissing out (maybe it's Praline still being a Diva).  I wanted to share this with all of you.  I will keep this blog open and will share some theme days of Sweet Praline over the next few days.  Thank you so much for your support - you are amazing!

Praline will be coming home to me on Friday.  She is being cremated and the urn I found had a Himmie on top of it.  The lady gave me a $50 discount on the urn/box because I fell in love with it so much and told her I couldn't afford the shelf price.

I truly love all of you and couldn't function right now if it weren't for your support.

Sunny Days are Coming


Easy Like Sunday

This will probably be my last Easy Sunday with everyone.  Mom and I had a long talk this weekend and she told me that she will be fine and it's okay for me to stop fighting if I'm ready to go to the Bridge.  I haven't eaten anything since Thursday, not even a treat and I'm getting weaker every day.  I love all of you!

By the way, Happy Easter!


I'm Tired

I'm very tired today!

Mom Paula:  Praline didn't have a good day on Friday.  She's not even eating her treats now.  I'm just giving her all the loving I can right now.  Thank you so much for your kind words and support.


Femme Friday

Another rough week.  I haven't been eating much at all the past few days and I've lost more weight.  Mom took me to the vet yesterday and the news isn't good.  I'll let mom tell you more below.  But for now, here's another Femme Friday picture from me!

Update from Mom Paula:  I've tried to keep everything positive on Praline's blog since her original diagnosis, but I also want to keep everyone up-to-date on her condition.  Unfortunately, it's hard to be positive and upbeat when the news isn't good.

Praline hasn't done well at all the past few days.  She stopped eating again and would barely touch the stinky goodness from my fingers.  I really knew there were problems when she stopped begging for treats and would actually spit them out and leave them.  I made the decision to call the vet this morning to get some advice and Dr. Ellis recommended I bring her in.  Praline has lost more weight (you can feel her bones when you rub her back) and the vet actually looked at me and asked me if I wanted to put her down today.  I immediately began crying and told her that is what I needed to know - was it was the end of the line for Praline and was I just trying to hold on to her.  

Praline was leaning up against me and she looked back at the vet with those beautiful eyes and the vet said, "I don't think she's ready to go yet."  The vet said the fact that Praline was still walking around on the floor trying to get away from the vet, that she was leaning against me instead of just lying on the table and that she still had the spirit in her eyes told the vet that she wasn't ready.  However, the vet was very concerned that Praline hasn't been eating.  I asked the vet if I needed to make the decision to send her to the bridge or could I just let it happen naturally at home.  The vet told me that I needed to make the decision because it would be a hard death on Praline if I let it happen naturally.  She decided to give Praline fluids and a pill that should help with the nausea and stimulate her appetite over the weekend.  If it works, she can have the pill once every three days. 

The vet then told me that if this didn't work, that it would be time to put Praline down next week.  She said that even though Praline was still fighting, if she didn't start eating, we couldn't let her starve.  The vet also indicated that Praline probably was "hurting" because of the rawness of her digestive system.   Praline did walk up to me a couple of times last night, meowing, asking for some treats and she actually ate some.  She hasn't eaten her food yet, but we'll see.  Thank you so much for all of your support during this time.  I'll keep everyone updated.


Thankful Thursday

My mom got to meet Chey's (and Gemini and Ichiro) mom,Bonnie and "The Male" this week and mom said they were great!  What was even better was that my mom got to meet Flat Chey.

The best thing was that Chey shared some of her Fishy Flakes with me as a present in hopes that I would begin eating more.  I know how hard that was for Chey and for that, I am truly thankful.

Mom Bonnie also gave my mom a beautiful pair of kitty earrings.  Mom was proudly wearing them to work yesterday!  A special thank you for Bonnie and Dennis for showing my mom such a good time Monday night.  She really needed it!

Mom Paula:   I wish I could meet all of the CB bloggers out there.  Everyone I've met has been so wonderful and you are such a great support group.  Sadly, I must report that Praline is doing a little worse this week.  She is still sick every morning and she is eating less and less.  She's not even begging as much for her treats and has resorted to spitting them out once she takes a bite.  She will eat a little of her stinky goodness off of my fingers, but not much.  Please keep those purrs coming.


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

If you listen very carefully, you'll hear me purring!


Tortie Tuesday

Just thought I would share a picture of me showing a little of my tortitude!


Monday Movie

I thought I would share a little recent video with you to show you that I still have my fighting spirit!  The video is a little dark, but mom was determined to post this.  I was sick "just a little bit" this weekend and I ate a little bit, but I am holding my own.

My mom is out of town today, but she promised to share pictures of her visit with Bonnie!


Easy Like Sunday

Sorry we're late posting.  Mom fell asleep on the couch before getting anything done last night.  I guess I've worn her out this week.  I did okay on Friday and Saturday.  I didn't eat very much (not even my treats), but I didn't get sick either.  Until this morning, that is!  I left a small area at the opening of mom's bedroom.  I've already eaten a little bit of breakfast and now I must hide before she begins to poke those pills down my throat.

I hope the rest of you have a restful, easy Sunday!

Pee ess - my mom is going to be in Anderson and Clemson tomorrow and she gets to meet Chey, Gemini, and Ichiro's mom!  I'm jealous!


Watching TV

Mom and I like to sit back and watch Cats 101 on Saturdays.  One of my favorite places to watch TV with mom is on the foot rest of mom's recliner, which means mom can't put her short little legs (my mom is only 4 ft 11 1/2 in tall) on the recliner, but she'll do anything for me.

Mom Paula:  Thank you so much for the purrs and comforting words.  They must have worked.  Yesterday was the first day that Praline didn't get sick.  She ate most of her breakfast and she met me at the door when I came home.  She even stayed in the room with me all evening instead of staying under the bed.  Yesterday was a better day.  It's been a really rough week!


Femme Friday

Last night, I kicked my mom off of the couch and made her sit on the floor while I rested (for a few minutes) in mom's spot.  Of course, mom let me sit there for as long as I wanted, which wasn't too long because I prefer spending my evenings under the bed lately.

Mom Paula:  Praline isn't eating well this week and she spends more time under the bed.  She's still been sick every day.  She will still eat her treats, but not as many.  Continued purrs appreciated.


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful another week has passed and I'm still here!  Mom is spending most of her evenings sitting with me to encourage me to eat, so we're not visiting much.  The vet put me on an antihistamine yesterday along with my Pepcid AC to help with my sickness.  She isn't going to put me on any anti-nausea medication because it can't be used long term.  Thanks for all of your purrs!  I'm thankful for all of you!


Tortie Tuesday

Today is Tortie Tuesday and I thought I would just share a picture of me in all of my tortie glory still surrounded by my shabby chic carpet.



Shabby Chic Day

Now, this is my kind of day!  Milo and Alfie came up with the idea to share our unique ways of decorating the house that we live in.  My mom is always trying to "photoshop" pictures because of all of the stains where I've been sick, but I think this adds a unique chicness to my house.  It shows that I live here for better or for worse!  So here in all of it's glory is my area of the office with dry food, bomit stains, and a general mess.  Of course, there is also me, who is the chicest diva around!

Mom Paula:  I can't believe I'm letting Praline show this picture with all of the stains.  I've tried every product out there and nothing will take out the stains she leaves.  Oh well, anything for my Sweet Praline.


Easy Like Sunday

One of my newer places to take it easy is on the couch.  Mom will start hunting for me and here I am on the couch waiting for her to come sit beside me.  Of course, that only lasts a few minutes, but mom enjoys it.

Update from Mom Paula:  Praline is eating okay.  The only problem is that the Pepcid AC doesn't appear to be helping yet.  My poor little girl is sick every morning.  Thank you for the continued purrs and prayers.



I won!  Mom ended up putting the crunchies in her hand and once again, I'm the pampered southern diva that I'm meant to be!



Femme Friday

And you expect me to climb up on the couch to get my crunchies!  What happened to hand feeding?


Thankful Thursday

I am so thankful for all of my furriends and their beans on the CB.  The outpouring of support and comforting words for my mom and me since my diagnosis two weeks ago is overwhelming.  All of you are just so special and it means so much to my mom and me!  We love you!

Update from Mom Paula:  I echo Praline's thoughts.  Thank you for all of the comforting comments, emails, and phone calls.  Praline is eating better since receiving her shot two weeks ago.  She is drinking her water and using the litter box appropriately.  However, she's been throwing up every day for over two weeks.  The vet started her on Pepcid AC (1/4 tablet each day) yesterday.  Praline is holding her own right now and is still my beautiful little diva!


No Privacy

Enough is enough!  I let mom take pictures of me for yesterday's post, but now she is following me up under the keyboard where I like to hide.  Can't a ladycat get any privacy around here?


Chicken Soup for the Soul Winner

I'm trying to be a little more patient with mom and the flashy box so she can get some "glamour" photos of me!  As much as I dislike the flashy box, I am trying to work with my mom to help her feel better.  What do you think?  Am I a Glamour Puss?

We used the random list generator to select the winner of the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul cat food contest.    This application is pretty cool.  We typed in everyone's name that wanted to be entered in the contest and pressed the button and it randomized the names.  Since my mom is a former mathematics teacher and math education professor, she thinks this is pretty cool.  And now, without further delay, the winner is . . .

Chez Cats!  Please email me your contact information (address) and we'll give the information to the company to send you your prize.  Congratulations!  Thank you to everyone who participated!


Easy Like Sunday

It's been a really long week, so I think I am going to take it easy today.  So sorry my floof doesn't look so great, but I'm still here and still fighting!



Photo Hunt: Closed

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "closed".  I don't know about you kitties, but I can't stand for a door to be closed in my house.  If anyone ever visits and closes the hall door to the human litter box, I start scratching on the door.  My mom leaves all of the doors open in my house (except for the closet).

She has also started closing my PTU door once she gets me out of it at the vet.  As much as I don't like the PTU, I also don't like being out in the vet's office, and I immediately try to get back in.  Mom has learned that if I get back in, I'll fight like a tiger to not come back out again.  Here I am at my recent vet visit trying to get back into the "closed" door in the PTU.  I almost got it open until mom realized that she hadn't turned the lock.

You'll notice in the picture below, that mom locked the box and the door was officially closed!  I wasn't too happy with my mom!


Femme Friday

Don't you just love my new header!?!  Ann of Zoolatry did it for me and I think it is great!  If you look really close, you can find Baby Praline!

I may not be as floofy as I used to be, but I still care about how I look and I think the colors of my vet's office clash with my beautiful floof.  I don't think I want to go back there anytime soon!

Thank you for your outpouring of comments, emails and phone calls!  We are so thankful for the CB!  Please keep those purrs coming!