National Hairball Awareness Day

April means more than just hairballs – spring cleaning tips & tricks.

I think Mom is doing a little spring cleaning around here!

We’re counting down the days until National Hairball Awareness Day (April 30th). Shedding peaks in the spring, causing increased hairballs, as well as fur tumbleweeds rolling across floors and lawns and furniture… Pet owners, both feline and canine, are looking for ways to battle the fuzz and capitalize on all that spring cleaning elbow grease. Rid your home of excess pet fur and keep a clean, healthy pet by following these simple tips from FURminator, Inc.

• Healthy Diet: Diet plays a key role in your pet's overall health. Feeding your pet a quality pet food with protein, vitamins and Omega-Fatty Acids will promote a healthy weight and topcoat and can help reduce shedding. My Mom has to get the pet store to order my foods!

• Scratch the Itch: Pets can itch because of fleas, dry skin or even a skin allergy, which can spread dander throughout the house. Whatever the cause, make sure to speak with your veterinarian to help your pets feel and look their best.   My mom always looks out for me!

• Love Your Pet, Hate the Shedding?: Use a professional style grooming tool, such as the new FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tool, which is guaranteed to work better than any brush, rake or comb available. The deLuxe deShedding Tools reduce the amount of fur left on floors, couches and clothes by nearly 90 percent. They also feature a FURejector button, making it faster to clean and remove loose hair from the tool.  We're working on getting one!

• Lessen Allergies & Sneezing: Create allergy-free areas for family members with pet allergies by restricting animals to certain rooms of your home and consider using allergen-resistant covers on mattresses and pillows. Regular grooming will also decrease the amount of airborne allergens and dander around the house.  Wait a minute - I'm not restricted from ANY room in the house!!!

• Pet Hair Removal: Upholstery is a pet hair magnet and removing fur can be tedious. Eliminate newly shed hair with a lint roller before fur works its way into fabric. If pets are allowed on the furniture, consider investing in furniture throws that can be laundered - this will keep your home looking and smelling better.  I refuse to lie on top of anything, but the bare furniture.

• Pet Crates: Pets prefer a clean, dry space to sleep in. A crate acts like their bedroom and provides a positive solution to house-training. Be sure to keep their "room" clean by washing blankets kept in the crate.  I sleep all over the house!

• Avoid the Outside Coming In: Keep a washable rug near the door your pet uses. Wipe off their paws so mud or dirt is not tracked onto floors. Consider using a bottle of the FURminator Waterless deShedding Shampoo & Conditioner to easily eliminate odor without bathing. Also, dispose of pet waste regularly to ensure it's not being tracked into the house. I don't go outside, so I guess this doesn't apply to me.

Come on, Mom!  It's time to get started with that Spring Cleaning!


Health and Aging Kitties

I wanted to help Romeo share this important information about hairballs and kitties.  I know about hairballs very well because my mom has had to rush me to the vet a few times in the past because I had a blockage.  I have so much floof that it's hard for my mom to keep me from ingesting too much.  I get brushed at least twice a day and sometimes more, but I still have a lot of floof.  One of these days, mom is going to get me the FURminator to see if it will help.  I bet I would have another kitty of floof if she ever used one on me.

A Closer Looks At Cats: 
Wellness, Aging, Instincts, and Hairballs

In observation of National Hairball Awareness Day (April 30th), we’re taking a closer look at the cat: feline wellness, aging, instincts and the dreaded hairball!

*Provided by FURminator, Inc.

Did you know?:

  • When a cat coughs up a hairball, it is actually choking. This hacking can be dangerous and can cause death in some cases. Cats will over-groom themselves, especially in the spring during peak shedding season. To reduce the amount of hair ingested, and the corresponding hack that follows, many veterinarians recommend the FURminator deLuxe deShedding Tool for cats; it’s a safe, natural and holistic way to lessen the amount of hair cats ingest.  (Wow!  I didn't know this.  No wonder it scares mom so much when she hears me in the hallway.  Mom, it's time for that FURminator!)

  • Cats have primal instincts and the location of their water bowl can prove it. In the wild a cat would never drag its kill to a watering hole to eat and drink at the same time. House cats have inherited this same instinct. Owners should keep a cat’s water bowl in a separate location than their food bowl. Cats will drink more water (and this increase will help their system clean itself of ingested hair).  (Another interesting piece of information.  Mom started putting out a separate water bowl in her bedroom underneath the air condition vent.  She always thought I liked the water because it was cool, now we know the real reason.)

  • A cat’s age can affect how they shed. As a kitten matures their coat changes in several ways - texture, thickness, curl and coloring. This transition may take up to two years depending on the breed. Once a kitten’s coat has matured they will begin to shed more by dropping their “kitten coat”. Consult with a veterinarian or groomer on when a cat’s grooming needs change.  (Mom used to take me to the groomers every six week during the first six years of my life.  I would get a bath and a good comb out.  The vet doesn't recommend baths for me now that I am a senior ladycat.) 

  • Keep cats active to stay healthy; they’re athletes at heart. A healthy cat can jump as much as seven times its height and yet 21 percent of cats are considered obese or overweight by their veterinarians. Interactive toys with feathers on the end will encourage cats to leap, stretch and stay active. Keeping cats active will help them maintain a healthy skin and coat, as well as increase balance and coordination.  (I love fev-ver toys!  At almost 15 years of age, I still like to play.)


Tortie Tuesday - Baby Praline

Mom wasn't feeling too well after her doctor visit yesterday (another shot in her shoulder), so I thought I would share another Baby Praline picture (many of you may have already seen this one, but it's one of mom's favorites.) to show my original Tortie self.


National Kids and Pets Day

Happy National Kids and Pets Day!

I wanted to share pictures of Mom's favorite kids with some baby kitties.  Russell and William are my mom's nephews (children of her only sister, Dorenda) and Mom loves them very much.  These pictures were taken 10-14 years ago and the boys are now 26 and 21.

 Russell, William, and Sweet Praline in 1995

Russell, William and their kitties (circa 1998)


Kids and Pets Photo Entry

Jan's Funny Farm is sponsoring a Kids and Pets Photo Contest to help celebrate National Kids and Pets Day on April 26.  I started to submit an entry of me as a kitten with mom's nephews from 14 years ago, but then I remembered this special moment with my special friend, Cody.  Cody is the son of my mom's best friend, Janet and he has Down's Syndrome.  He always calls my mom his "girlfriend" and my mom just smiles every time he says it.  A few years ago, Cody and his mom came over to visit my mom after her foot surgery.  Mom reminded Cody to be very quiet when he came in the house because I am not used to little beans and don't like loud noises.

I have a ritual everytime I meet someone new.  You must put out your hand and let me smell it.  If I turn around and offer my backside to you, it's my way of saying that it's okay for you to pet me.  I must tell you that I don't always let people pet me.  In fact, if I walk away from you, I'll never accept you or come to you.  As you can see, I turned around immediately and let Cody pet me.  Don't you just LOVE the smile on his face.

The next thing that happened totally shocked my mom!  After Cody petted me, I turned around and licked his hand.  I've only licked two people's hands my entire life:  my mom and my mom's friend that took care of me as a kitten (who also rescues all types of animals).  Mom says I made Cody's day (and hers!).  I just smiled inside, knowing that I helped to make a special child's day even more special.  Mom says what makes this story even more amazing is that I've never let a child anywhere near me (other than when I was a kitten).  Do you have leaky eyes yet?

And for extra points, I still wanted to include a picture of me as a kitten with my mom's two nephews, who are her life (since she never had any children).  Russell is 26 years old now and William is 21.


Finally Friday

Finally Friday, which means time for mom to come home for the weekend and give me lots of scritches!


Thankful Thursday

Mom says that Thankful Thursday if for her today.  She is very thankful for my calming purrs.  She's had it a little rough lately with her shoulder and she says that coming home to me and my special purrs just relaxes her and helps her forget her pain for just a little bit.

When your kitty purrs to you, doesn't it break your heart that you can't purr back? ~Candea Core-Starke

Are we really sure the purring is coming from the kitty and not from our very own hearts? ~Emme Woodhull-B├Ąche, translated

If purring could be encapsulated, it'd be the most powerful anti-depressant on the pharmaceutical market. ~Alexis F. Hope


Treats on Tuesday

I just LOVE treats on Tuesday.  In fact, I love treats any day of the week, 24/7.  How about you?

Pee ess - My mom went back to the doctor today and he's scheduled another MRI on her shoulder.  He said she should be improving, not getting worse.  The MRI is Wednesday.  

We've been a little slack with visiting lately and hope to be back to full strength soon!


Sunshine on My Shoulders

I just love Spring because it brings back Mr. Sunshine!  Just like the song says, ""Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!"


Easy Like Sunday

Have an easy Sunday, my furriends.  I can barely keep my eyes open.  Good day!


Photo Hunters - Covered

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "covered."  My face is covered by my silk plant.


Almost Getting There

Mom is getting a little better with the plates she is putting in front of me.  Last night, she put this food in front of me and it at least had shrimp in it.  However, it also had bunches of garlic and mom said I couldn't have that.  I think the look on Hope's face (picture on the TV from Days of our Lives) conveys my feelings with my Mom lately!

Mom says thanks for the excellent suggestion of putting my floof outside for the birds to build nests with.

Pee ess - A special thank you to all of you who contributed to my vet bills for my surgery.   The Whiskeratti sponsored a link for those who wanted to help out with donations.  Every little bit helps with the green papers it costs.

Pee ess ess - Mom is having more problems with her shoulder.  The PT basically has started her over and now her shoulder is popping every way she moves it and it's hurting again.  It's back to the human vet for mom next week.


Still Not Funny

Mom is still trying to be funny!  Would you look at what she put on the plate today?  Wait just a minute, Mom!  That's my floof and it belongs on me, not on a plate.  Put it back!

Mom Paula:  It's Spring and that means it's shedding time again for Praline.  This is after one good combing!  Better on the plate than in your tummy, Sweetie!


Toesie Tuesday

A ladycat must keep her toes clean to stay beautiful!

What do you think?  Did I do a good job?


Where's Mine?

Would you believe my Mom dares to offer me an empty plate of food?  I think she thought she was being funny.  Can you tell how I feel about it by the look on my face?


Horoscope Week - The Conclusion

Today is the final section of my horoscope reading and today focuses on Pluto.  I hope you have enjoyed my horoscope reading as much as I have.  A very special thank you to Karen, the Monkeys' Mom, for doing this for me!  Have a restful Sunday, my furriends.

Pluto is where Sweet Praline finds release from those powers that bind her. Old conditions that are no longer useful are eliminated. Obsessive or compulsive behavior that needs to be eliminated or changed will be here. Pluto forces Sweet Praline to deal with it. Pluto shows her how to transform for better or worse, and you may be the most likely Pluto character in Sweet Praline's chart. An awareness that nothing is permanent helps Sweet Praline accept the challenge that loss has brought her to where she is. Sweet Praline will find many new beginnings where Pluto falls in her chart. A constant renewal and regeneration awaits her there. Although not usually very malleable, Sweet Praline learns that this is where she must change to continue as planned. Sweet Praline soon sees that change can be good when she senses the improvement in your acceptance of her.

Pluto in Scorpio:
Sweet Praline's concept of death and loss may have come at an early age forcing her to deal with the changes that transpired. Through this recognition Sweet Praline has chosen to honor you to the fullest degree. Sweet Praline owns you totally and until death changes that, let no man or animal come between you. Sweet Praline's control over you is understood and manipulated to its fullest advantage.

This is my Mom and me in 2002
Pluto Sextile Sun
Sweet Praline knows how to display her authority and uses it to her advantage. A true leader among animals, she may show her abilities over other animals including you and the other people in your house. Sweet Praline's chair or bed is hers and hers alone. Let no man or beast come between Sweet Praline and her food, or learn the wrath of beasts.

You wanted to sit down? 

Pluto Sextile Uranus:
Sweet Praline can change in subtle ways to adapt to different situations. Self-reliant and capable of starting over in many different environments. She is well adapted to exerting her authority over any given circumstances. Other animals respect and admire Sweet Praline as a true friend and leader.

I am Queen!


Photo Hunt - Vertical

I just had to do another post today when I saw the them of Photo Hunters - vertical.  Mom took this picture of me when I was a youngster (about 2 years old).  I heard something outside of the window and sat up and mom took the picture.  Funny!

Keep reading below for my continued horoscope reading.  Tomorrow will complete the reading with Pluto.

Horoscope Week - Neptune

Today's focus is on Neptune and there is a lot of talk about special hiding places.  I won't go into too much detail because I recently shared a lot of my favorite hiding places.  Tomorrow, I will share the final Horoscope reading related to Pluto.  I hope you have enjoyed my detailed horoscope reading!  I've found it very interesting.

Neptune shows you where and how Sweet Praline spends her spare time. Where does Sweet Praline's imagination take her when you are not there? Does she have a favorite escape that you are unaware of? What fantasy truly inspires Sweet Praline and sends her to nirvana? Sweet Praline returns here often when stressed, or just for fun. Neptune shows where she can achieve the same sensation with a little help from you.

Neptune in Capricorn:
Sweet Praline always looks as if in deep thought or meditation. Possibly a bit shy and reclusive, Sweet Praline may require a sensitive owner to coax her out of hiding. Often coming from less than perfect beginnings, Sweet Praline may need to be given a little extra love and attention to be brought up to standard. Sweet Praline fantasizes about living in a large house with adequate heat, food, and objects of comfort to make life worthwhile. Keep Sweet Praline's many toys by her side to provide her with the comfort level she requires.

Neptune Square Mercury:
Sweet Praline may have difficulty placing trust in you. It's not because of not knowing how to, but for fear of rejection that she holds back. Sweet Praline may have lost someone very dear to her in the past and ended up in confinement until you saved her. There, Sweet Praline got lost among many and was not always treated well or even acknowledged. Sweet Praline's choices often brought her the wrong kinds of attention which certainly affects her response now.

Neptune Sextile Saturn:
Sweet Praline is very experienced even at an early age. Often dreaming of a situation before it happens, Sweet Praline seems prepared to meet danger or change head on. A bit inclined to take risks, Sweet Praline is lucky enough to forestall injury. She is conscious of the invisible, and capable of learning from unseen sources.

Neptune Conjunct Uranus:
Unexpected opportunities may have caused Sweet Praline to enter into an unsafe situation or two. Sweet Praline's independent ways may have left you feeling confused about how much she really needs you or cares about you. Seemingly gone for days, Sweet Praline finds it important to visit her many friends. Sweet Praline forms an unbreakable bond with you that goes beyond time.

It started over 14 years ago back in 1995.


Horoscope Week - Saturn and Uranus


Saturn shows us where there is restraint or obstructions in Sweet Praline's life. Saturn also shows us lessons Sweet Praline needs to learn in life and how she might accomplish this. This is where Sweet Praline learns to be resourceful and how to survive in life.

Saturn in Pisces:
Sweet Praline prefers making a statement from behind the scenes. This may contribute to the fact that she has to spend a good deal of her life behind bars. Shy and aloof, Sweet Praline will warm up to you after many tries. This feline may have suffered from neglect; you found her just in time. (Note from Mom Paula:  Praline has never been neglected!  The only time she is behind bars is when she travels to the vet.  The other interesting thing is that I am a Pisces!)

Saturn Sextile Neptune:
Sweet Praline's dreams are a reality for her. She sees the bird come right into the living room in the reflection of the crystal. It won't take Sweet Praline much to come up with ways to have fun. Fantasy from catnip may be too much for Sweet Praline to handle.

I just love the cat nip!


Uranus demonstrates genius and intuitive abilities. Sweet Praline's independence is strongly influenced by where Uranus falls in her chart. This is where Sweet Praline's talents lie - waiting for you to discover them by subtle communication.

Uranus in Capricorn:
Subject to sudden gain after a meager youth, Sweet Praline had less than ideal kitten days, but all that changes now that she has you. Forced to survive on less than adequate circumstances, Sweet Praline has a fortitude and persistence that got her what she wanted. Sweet Praline's ability to survive harsh beginnings is a story in itself. With a strong sense of responsibility, Sweet Praline knows it's her duty to care for you and any kittens or other young animals. She is particularly attracted to the elderly - even grandma is not safe from Sweet Praline's attentions.  (Note from Mom Paula:  This is also very weird.  Praline was never abused and came from a very loving home.)

I was a very happy kitten and came from a very loving home before living with my mom.

Uranus Conjunct Neptune:
Sweet Praline's ability to read your mind does not go unnoticed for long. All can be said with the glance of an eye. She is extremely intelligent with a mystical appearance. Seeing and knowing all that goes on, Sweet Praline may alert you to danger. Learn to develop this very special talent of talking with Sweet Praline. You will be rewarded in many ways.

The look says it all!
Uranus Sextile Pluto:
Sweet Praline doesn't hold on to old things. She is all for getting rid of the old and bringing on the new and different. Sweet Praline tires easily of the same old thing, often surprising you doing something you'd never suspect she would. Keep life interesting for Sweet Praline by moving the furniture around often, or better yet, trading it in for new stuff.

I love my stuff!

Pee ess - my vet visit went well yesterday.  The vet didn't have to sedate me to take out my stitches, even after she told my mom as she was leaving the room that she would.  I was such a good girl when I got back there that she just "snip, snip" quickly while I was still!  The vet said I was doing great and that I was such a "sweetie".  I already know that.


Horoscope Week - Mars and Jupiter

Update:  I'm home from the vet.  She said I was so good that she didn't even need to sedate me to take out the stitches!  Thanks for your purrs.

Today's planets in my horoscope reading are Mars and Jupiter.


Mars shows how Sweet Praline expresses her energy and enthusiasm for life. Mars gives passion and vitality to the place in the astrology chart where it is located.

Don't mess with my Mom!  She's mine!

Mars in Scorpio:
This cat owns you and doesn't like to share. Sweet Praline is aggressive to any other animal who thinks they might get between you and her - including your human friends. Sweet Praline may have quite a variety of secrets that she keeps stored away in a personal place. Some day you may just find that diamond earring you lost amongst her stash.


Jupiter is where the window of opportunity opens up for Sweet Praline. This is where Sweet Praline finds her fun. Pleasant memories from these times provide a lifetime of happiness for Sweet Praline. Jupiter's influence is truly beneficial in most cases but can also suggest an area of excess, with food being the major culprit.

A queen is supposed to have her choice of food!

Jupiter in Sagittarius:
Sweet Praline is quite an active traveler and may well have taken some long distance trips with or without you. Anything foreign will intrigue her, including your French Poodle and German Shepherd. Sweet Praline is friends with everyone and every species. When Sweet Praline talks, others listen.

Jupiter Sextile Venus:
Generous in affections, Sweet Praline can make someone a very loving companion. Her need of reassurance can require time and attention to overcome. Spend time grooming Sweet Praline and making her feel beautiful and attractive.
Did Mom do a good job?  Am I beautiful?

Pee ess - I go back to the vet today to get my stitches out.  She has to sedate me again, which will cost more green papers, but she said the incision is too close to my eyes.  We'll update you this afternoon.