Monday Embarrassment

I am so embarrassed!  As you can tell, my computer is still blank.  Mom brought work home this weekend and I didn't get time to visit again.  She's on the road again today and won't get home until late, so I won't get to visit again.  I know there are some kitties out there that aren't doing well and I am really purring for them.  I've been pulling the finicky act on my mom at night and she resorts to feeding me my stinky goodness from her fingers.  This is my way to get her undivided attention!

I hang my head in shame at the blank screen on my computer!  I hope to visit soon!


Easy Like Sunday

This is one of my newest spots to take it easy.  Mom is slowly cleaning up the "home office" from all of her years as a college professor and I am finding new spots!  Take it easy today!



New Stuff

Mom stopped by the pet store last night and brought home a surprise!  I have a new bag of my crunchies, some stinky goodness, and a supplement that she hopes will help with my stiffness.

Now, the only problem is to find a way to get this bag open!  Mom said she looked for those new catnip Temptations, but the pet store didn't have them.  Ever since I saw Laila and Minchie with some, I've wanted them.  Here's a picture of my surprise.

 I'm keeping my paws crossed that the Cosequin helps my achy joints.  Mom says I'm getting more mats because I am not grooming myself as much as I used to and I'm not as patient when she brushes me!  Paws Crossed!!!


Femme Friday

It's been another long week and mom tells me she will be on the road again Saturday and Monday and has meetings two days next week!  I think I'll just hop on my boogie mat and visit some of my furriends in the CB.  Who should I visit first?



Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful that even thought my mom is very busy at work and home, she still finds the time to give me my treats,

my stinky goodness, 

and some head scritches!



Tortie Tuesday

Luckily, I was able to catch up with most of my furriends this weekend, but mom says it's going to be another busy week this week.  Notice, the computer screen is still showing work instead of my blog or my furriends blog!

I wonder what would happen if I pull this little stick thing out of mom's computer . . .


Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I think this has been one of the coldest Winters that I've experienced in a long time!  I hope all of my furriends in the North and Midwest are staying warm.  It's very cold outside here, but I'm toasty warm inside.  Mom says if I would stay closer to her that I could stay warm because she is experiencing her own personal summers.  I don't know what she means!!!  MOL

Mom is thinking about searching for a heated bed for me because she thinks my joints may be aching a little bit.  She's a little hesitant about buying one though, because I usually ignore things that are meant for kitties.  She is amazed that I will get on my boogie mat some!

Have a great week and stay warm! 

Pee ess - Mom just found out through FB that I was featured on the front page of I Can Has Cheezburger!  Mom doesn't know the person who used my picture, but she did think the comment was funny.
funny pictures - Matty vowed   swift.. sweet and painful revenge for the completly uncalled for black ink telescope trick.
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Photo Hunt - Hands

Today's photo hunt theme is "hands."  I love my mom's hands because they've held and comforted me since I was a kitten,

they've fed me when I was hungry, 

combed my floof daily to keep it from getting mats (although that still happens), 

given me chin and ear scritches, 

 and rubbed my belly. 

Those hands do a lot for me, but they still pick me up and comfort me on a daily basis!   I'm thankful for my mom's hands!


Frustrated Friday

My mom has been too busy this week and hasn't devoted enough time to me and helping me visit my furriends.  You will notice that the computer screen is blank and blogs from the CB are not visible!  Doesn't she know the Annual Purrfurmance Review is coming up soon and that night time is my time?  Here's what I think of her work schedule this week!



Cleaning Up

I don't know what has gotten into my mom lately, but she is in the clean up mood.  a little each night and our house is slowly starting to take shape.  Many of you noticed me at my favorite bird TV yesterday, with a big box of papers above me.  Would you believe that box of papers hasn't been looked at for 5 years?  I think mom is finally starting to let go of her stuff and it's giving me more room around here, so you may see me in some new places soon!  I think she must be going through some type of nesting syndrome.  I hope that doesn't meant anything!!!

Where are all of the papers that used to be here, Mom?


Mango Minster 2011 Entry

I just heard about the Mango Minster 2011 contest and there is a category for kittehs!  I thought I would throw my floofy paw in the contest.  For this contest, we have to answer questions telling why we are the best kitteh, using photos.  I think I am the best kitteh for this category because I am a beautiful, southern diva ladycat!

Now to answer some of the questions:
  1. When your human calls your name do you feign interest or outright ignore them?  
I only respond to my mom if there are treats involved.  Otherwise, I show her the floofy tail.

2.  Do you meditate at least 20 hours each day?
I meditate a minimum of 23 hours a day.  I only come out for treats and stinky goodness.  A southern diva ladycat must get her beauty sleep and meditate whenever possible.

3. Do you ignore expensive gifts from your pals in favor of a Q-tip discovered on the wet room floor?
Definitely!  My mom used to buy all of these expensive toys for me and I would totally ignore them.  She accidentally dropped a Q-tip on the floor one day and off I went with it.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of that.  However, when I was a little baby, my favorite toy was a shoe string, so I thought it wouldn't hurt my chances to include a Baby Praline photo!

4.  At 8PM are you likely to be found counter surfing or pretending to be a lap cat in the hope of getting foodables?
I must admit that I come out of meditation around 8:00 pm for my stinky goodness.  What I love to do is to start harassing my mom for my food and then when she stops doing whatever to feed me, I ignore the food and insist that she put some on her fingers for me to eat!  After a few licks from her fingers, I usually give in and eat.

5.  Do you bury your poop and / or build a mountain atop which to carefully place a poopy Stoned Hinged sculpture?

A proper southern ladycat would never tell!

 So there are my entries!  Do you think I have a chance?


Don't Do Mondays

Mom thinks because she is home with me again today (state holiday) that she can wake me up for a picture.  I've got news for her, I don't do Mondays!



Easy Like Sunday

The temperature reached the 50s yesterday.  Boy, was I happy!  I don't like these cold temperatures.  Would you believe that 1/2 of our yard still has ice on it?

I have a few favorite places in my house that I like to rest and my favorite is the footrest of my mom's couch.  She even leaves it up for me when she isn't sitting in it.  I think I'll have a rest on the footrest today!

Have a restful Sunday!


Photo Hunt - Shadow

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "shadow".  I always love the shadow that the sun makes when it comes in the side window.  Sun puddles are wonderful, but the shadows are fun, too!

Another cool shadow can be made by the light of the lamp.  I just like this shadow of my mom and me.  That thing between mom and me is the camera.

I thought I would get to visit last night, but something happened to our cable service and we were without TV, phone, or the Internet until 10:30 am this morning.  Everything is back now, thank goodness.

no internet- hope to post soon


Funny Friday

In order to brush my belly, mom mom sits on the floor with her legs out in front of her and lays me on my back and brushes.  She always tries to get a picture of my floofy belly after it's been brushed but because her arms are so short and so are her legs (my mom is only 4 ft 11 in tall), my face always appears huge and it looks like I have extra feet!  Mom says she just loves it when I look up at her like this.

Hello up there!



Guess what?  Both of my special calendars came in recently. 
Last year, I participated in the Nude Cats of the CB contest and I was selected for February.  Mom helped me put the calendar together and we posted it on Zazzle.  We are pretty proud of our first effort.  You can purchase one of these by clicking on the calendar on my sidebar!  Who knows, we may try another one next year! 
Ann of Zoolatry put together the Cats of the CB calendar this year and I couldn't wait to purchase it! You can click on the calendar on my sidebar to purchase this one, too! Guess what?  I'm in February in this calendar, too!  February is my mom's birthday, so I think that's a good sign!  I'm trying to decide which one I want to put in my "office' and which one to put in the kitchen.  Mom says she wants to put one in her office, but I say these are mine!
I think I've decided which one I'm going to keep for me!
Mom went back to work yesterday for the first time since Friday because of the ice and snow.  Our front yard is still covered, but the roads are much better.  Sorry I didn't get to visit today, but mom's shoulder was hurting from another shot she got on Tuesday.  We'll be back visiting soon!

Also, a very happy birthday to Marilyn, mom of Grace and Kittens today!


Toesie Tuesday

We had more than 4 inches of snow yesterday and now we have the ice and freezing rain on top of it (posted Monday night in case we lose power).  Mom played it smart this time and didn't put me outside in it since she thinks I was a little sick after getting my paws wet and cold after the Christmas snow.  Mom was off of work yesterday and we stayed inside with a warm fire going to keep our toesies warm.


Hanging Around

I'm just hanging around today waiting for mom to help me visit my furriends.  I posted this last night because the weatherman is calling for the cold white stuff again today and I'm crossing my paws that it's not icy and we don't lose power.  In the meantime, this laptop is pretty warm!

 For Wendy - here is my happy face!

UPDATE - We have Snow!!!  The bad thing is that it is supposed to do this all day and start mixing with sleet and freezing rain, so it will get really dangerous with the power lines and roads.  For once, the weatherman got it right.  

Notice, however, that there are no little floofy pawprints outside the backdoor!  That is, unless Khyra decides to come for a visit!


Easy Like Sunday

Now that I've helped mom pick out a song to sing, I think I'll take it easy!  Would you believe they are calling for that cold, white stuff again tonight in SC?  I think mom learned her lesson last time and won't put me out in it again!


Photo Hunt

Today's Photo Hunt theme is open to anything, so I thought I would do a photo very similar to Wordless Wednesday and let you try to figure out what I am doing and/or add your own caption!

Have a great Saturday!


Sending Messages Through Osmosis

Now that mom is back at work, I'm not getting too much time on the computer to visit my furriends.  Do you think if I lay down on it like this that I'll be able to visit?

 Sending messages to my furriends through osmosis! 


Thursday Quote

"Of all God's creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
- Mark Twain Notebook, 1894