Not Again!

Oh no! She did it again! Mom has been visiting friends and relatives the past few days and just when I think she can't surprise me, she betrays me again!

This is how Mom spent the day on Sunday, visiting my woofie cousins, Sydney and Foster. You may remember that they are both Australian Shepards, except Sydney is a minature and Foster is a standard. I guess that are okay for woofies. Mom did come home to me and give me scritches and treats. She even offered me some turkey, but I turned up my nose at it.


Easy Like Sunday

My mom is going to visit her sister for Thanksgiving dinner today. She went to visit a friend and her special nephew out of town on Thursday and she was gone all day Friday and Saturday. While she is wearing herself out, I think I'll just lie on the couch and take it easy until she gets back (which is tonight).


Photo Hunt - Technology

This is the best way I like to use technology . . .

However, Mom has to use the computer, the TV and other technological things (the red thing is our external hard drive). I'm still mad at Dell because I can't get access to my Dell Safe account to get all of my pictures!


Black Friday

What's this Black Friday thing, Mom? Oh, it's when the crazy beans go in a bunch of crowd to buy stuff for Christmas that costs less. I guess that's kind of like the crazy college football fans, huh?

I guess it's time to get our Christmas shopping done. My cards are in the envelopes ready to be mailed, the Secret Paws box is packaged and ready to be mailed, and now all we have to do it to put up some decorations so mom can enjoy them while she is home recuperating from surgery the month of December.

Come on, Mom! Let's get moving. We've got lots of stuff to buy and do!
Last call for those that would like to do a Christmas Card Exchange. Please email me this weekend.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my furriends and their moms and dads. I hope all of you are able to enjoy a wonderful day with loved ones.


Belly Rub Tuesday

Thank you to all of the moms and dads that came to give me a belly rub yesterday. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I think my mom is a little jealous.

Here's a short little video to show you how much I enjoy belly rubs. You kitties that don't like belly rubs don't know what you are missing!


Rub My Belly???

Mom is on the road again today, so I need some volunteers to come over and rub my belly. Any volunteers?


Easy Like Sunday

What a great day for a nice, long nap!!! Anyone want to join me?


Photo Hunt - Birds

This is about as close to a bird as I'll ever get!


Floofy Face Friday

How can anyone not smile and gush all over this smooshy, floofy, face?


You Write the Caption

I think I did Mom's Annual PurrFurrMance Review too early. She said she is so tired that she can't even think of anything to say about my picture. I guess I'll give her a break because she was on the road all day Tuesday for a meeting and is staying late at work trying to clear her desk before her surgery. We are also still waiting on Dell to replace mom's DVD/CD drive and for Dell DataSafe to call us back to help me get all of my pictures back. Sooooooooo, what do you think the caption should be for the picture below?


Toesie Tuesday

I'm putting my paws down on mom's hand to remind her that she must get off of the computer and telephone and pay attention to me. She's been on the telephone the past few days with Dell about her new laptop. She has loaded Windows 7 and now is in the process of reloading all of her software. Now the DVD/CD drive isn't working and our pictures are so safe on Dell DataSafe that we can't get access to them.

I think it's a long process to get a computer back in shape once it's crashed! I'll try to be patient with Mom!


Mom Paula's Annual PurrFurrMance Review

It's that time of the year again - Time for Mom Paula's Annual PurrFurrMance Review.

I must admit, Mom has been purrty good this year. Even though she has already had two gum surgeries and is facing a shoulder surgery, she has taken time for me!

Summary of Review:
  1. Quantity of Output - Mom Paula Almost messed up on this one by not posting my Saturday blog until 9:30 pm. However, she has assisted me in posting 534 straight days without missing one! She has promised that she will post in advance to make sure this continues while she recuperates from her shoulder surgery. There may be some days you just see pictures!
  2. Quality of Output - Mom Paula earned extra points by finding my Baby Praline (Pralinette) pictures from 14 years ago and posting them. In addition, her picture taking skills are getting a little better. If I could just get her to learn how to use PhotoShop Elements, she could get bonus points. With a little help from Ann at Zoolatry, she did a great job with "As The Paw Turns."
  3. Client Pawticipation - Mom Paula has been getting a little slack with helping me visit my furriends on a daily basis. I know, I know, she has been through a lot this year, but doesn't she know I need to come first? She definitely needs to improve in this area for next year's review.
  4. Pawticipation (Part II) - Mom Paula has done purrty well on this one. She helped me participate in the Christmas Card Exchange, the Secret Paws, the Cat Purrsident of the World, the Toehawk Challenge, the Kitty Fight Club Challenge, International Box Day, World Cat Day, Christmas in July, Slumber Party for my 14th birthday, Catwalk Caturday, Paw It Forward, and Tocktober Tuesday. Now that I look at the list, I must admit, she's done quite well. However, I missed out on some contests recently, especially the artist sketch from The Monkeys, so she must still work a little harder to receive high marks.
  5. Client Satisfaction - I believe my furriends are very satisfied with what they see and read on my blog. I think they would like to see more Baby Praline photos, but there are a limited number of those and they are starting to fade. Maybe I can headbutt her into doing a few more of those.
  6. Overall Rating - Mom Paula does her best in tough situations to ensure my blog is "top notch". She has some areas for improvement, but with my help, I believe she can achieve this. She is currently working on addressing my Christmas Cards for 2009 to make sure they get mailed before her surgery. I think I'm a pretty lucky kitty!

One more Pralinette picture, giving my mom a kiss, from 14 years ago!

And you thought I was going to be tough on her! Hee! Hee!


Easy Like Sunday

Mom promises she is going to make it up to me for being so slack yesterday with the late post. I like to give my mom a hard time! After all, I'm a diva kitty and must show her who is boss in this house.

Don't you just love Mom's leopard PJs?


Better Late than Never!

Mom is in trouble now! She was gaining a lot of points on her PurrFurrMance review with the Baby Praline pictures and here it is almost 9:30 PM and she is just getting my Saturday post done! She claims she couldn't get Internet access last night and that she was at the football game all day. She better give me lots of treats and scritches tomorrow if she wants to make up for this!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Saturday!


Pralinette vs. the String

Mom says this is the last of the Pralinette (Baby Praline) pictures for a little while. I hope not. I told her there are lots more pictures that need to be scanned in and digitized! Mom just shook her head at me. I wonder why she does that . . .

For your viewing pleasure today, I thought I would share my favorite toy of my youth: a shoe string! Have a great weekend!

Yay! Praline wins in the end! Hee! Hee!


Pralinette PTU

Hop on board the Pralinette PTU trip down memory lane!

I think Mom must be enjoying this trip down memory lane. Many of you have asked how old I've been in the pictures this week. Most of the pictures are from the first month I came to live with my mom 14 years ago at 12 weeks of age and my Gotcha Day is coming up next month on December 11. Mom doesn't know what she'll be able to post in December because of her upcoming shoulder surgery. She said she is enjoying this trip, so I thought I would hop on board the Pralinette PTU and join her. Are you enjoying the trip?
I am in the process of Mom's Annual PurrFurrMance Review and will post her results on Monday, November 16, 2009. I am trying to dig into her files and find pictures of the two of us together through the years. Keep your paws crossed I can find everything before mom gets to them and hides them.

This is my way to travel in the PTU. Mom says she thinks my eyes changed color as I've gotten older.


Pralinette Tortie Tuesday

Mom is still trying to gain points for her Purr Furr Mance Review by posting Baby Praline photos. Mom just loved the heading that Khyra suggested -"Pralinette Pikhs." Kind of has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Don't forget to email me if you would like to participate in a Christmas Card Exchange!

Pee Ess - Mom went back to the oral surgeon yesterday and he said she is healing nicely. She just has to be patient and give it time! It looks like the implant is a success!


Baby Praline Monday

It's time for my Mom's Annual Purr-Furr-Mance Review and I'm going waaaaaaay back in the files for this one!

I think Mom thinks if she shows some Baby Praline pictures, she'll get higher points in her review.


A Little UnEasy Like Sunday

Trying to take it easy while I wait for Windows 7 to arrive. Mom can't find a bunch of my pictures since the Operating System decided to go missing, so I'm a little uneasy about that.

This is one of my favorite spots to rest and take it easy. You ought to see Mom trying to sit down without interrupting me!


Operating System Missing . . .

This is the message Mom saw on her new laptop when she went to set up my post this morning. Needless to say, she was on the phone with Dell for almost 2 hours and the end result was she had to reload the operating system! She's lost all of the programs and pictures that were on the hard drive. Luckily, she thinks the files are online through Data Safe, but Dell recommended she upgrade to Windows 7. She'll have to wait for it to come in this week and install it, then try to reclaim the files from Data Safe. Wish us luck!

Looking out for the missing operating system!


I'm Not Spoiled!

I'm not spoiled . . .

Just because mom feeds me my supper in the living room at night and gives me cold, bottled, spring water!



Wordless Wednesday (almost)

The winner of the Cat Quest toy is the Ozark Mountain Cats. Please email me with your address so we can send it to you. Congratulations! I hope all of you enjoy it!


Tummy Tuesday

Didn't get to visit too much yesterday because mom had some oral surgery done and she was sleeping on pain meds all day. This is how I spent my day!

Please don't forget to email me if you would like to participate in my Christmas Card exchange. Mom picked up my cards this weekend and I can't wait for you to see them.


Cat Quest Contest

I received this great cat toy at few weeks ago that cats are supposed to love! Mom was so excited to get something that would let me get some exercise while playing.

Mom put the toy together and gave me the chance to check it out. There is this beautiful dragonfly on the end of a cord.

I began checking out the dragonfly because it had this cute little yellow ball on the end and the dragonfly was swinging on the end of the cord.

However, as soon as Mom pressed the button, I ran to the back of the house. The noise (although quiet) and the fluttering scared me. Mom thought I would get used to it, but everytime she turns it on, I run. I guess I am one of those unique kitties that doesn't like it. We decided that this great toy shouldn't go wasted, so we are going to draw a name from all of my commenters today and send the Cat Quest cat toy to you.

Here is a description of the toy. Good luck to everyone today. We'll draw a name tomorrow and announce the winner on Wednesday.

Crazy Cat - Cat Quest Motorized Cat Toy by Cardinal Laboratories Inc.

Cat Quest! Gives your cat a chance to hone his/her hunting skills! Cats can stealthily seek and sneak up on their prey, pounce, jump and bat away at the dragon fly! Cats will use their brains to calculate trajectories, anticipate movement and plan their attack! Bug motion drives cats crazy.

Battery operated cat toy
Wings move like real bugs
2 AAA batteries included
Ages 8+
Bug with attached cord
Wand sections fit together
Battery chamber cover

You can manipulate the bug; let it perch silently and suddenly start fluttering its wings. You can make it take off and fly. You can move it slowly while your cat prepares to pounce! The cord is long enough that you can stay hidden if you choose. Don't allow your cat to chew on or swallow the bug.


Tricked on Halloween

Would you believe Mom deserted me on Halloween? She left first thing in the morning to get something done with her floof, then she went shopping with the grandma bean for some shirts to wear for her recuperation with her shoulder surgery, then she went with the grandparent beans to the lake for a cookout to watch the ballgame! She didn't get home until late. All of that was well and good until I found out . . .

Mom spent time with some other kitties last night! She could have been home with me, but noooooooo, she spent time giving my scritches away to someone else.

Meet Susie! She just got a new lion cut and I must admit, she does look adorable!

And here is the evidence that Mom gave away scritches to another kitty. This is Mom's hand scritching Chloe's chin.

Notice the similarity in all of our coloring! Do you think it was a coincidence?
I did get some extra treats when Mom got home. I hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween!