Christmas Card Collage

My friends, Gandalf and Grayson, showed me this neat software program to use for creating collages called Picasa 3. It was so easy to use and the best thing is it's free!

It was so much fun to participate in the Secret Paws and the Kitty Christmas Card Exchange this year! Mom finally finished helping me scan all of my cards and I wanted to share them with you!

This was my special Christmas card this year.

You may need to bigify the collages to see all of my friends. Thank you for taking the time to send me a card. I had more cards than mom!


No Appointments

Mom is taking a few more days vacation this week, so I am putting my paw on the "datebook" and watching it with my big eyes so she won't go anywhere. I am also exposing my floofy belly so every time she thinks about making an appointment, she will rub my belly instead. Do you think it will work?


Easy Like Sunday

I've been helping mom clean up old papers this weekend. There was a lot of shredding and about 5 bags of confetti paper. For some reason, she wouldn't let me play with the confetti. It's actually getting to where I can walk around the room again. But it is quite tiring. Think I will take it easy today.

The famous Praline Belly Pose!

What do you mean we still have to scan in the Christmas Cards?

It's Sunday! We must get our rest.


Snoopervising Saturday

I like it when my Mom uses the laptop computer because I can snoopervise my blogging better. I have to watch her very carefully or she will be on that "facebook" page, which takes time away from me.

We are working on scanning in all of my Christmas cards to share with you.

Mom, that doesn't look like my blog page!

What do you mean "you have work to do?"


I also won the Cattion Contest, sponsored by Niko and Cloud. I was very honored because I am not usually too creative!



I allowed my Mom a few hours to go and visit with her family for Christmas, which I thought was very nice of me (considering how much she has been away lately) and guess what she did?????

How could you, Mom?

Mom spent her time with some woofies!!! I have been betrayed!!

This is my woofie cousin, Sidney (a miniature Australian Shepherd).

This is my woofie cousin, Baxter (a ShihPoo).

And then to top things off, she went to a movie about a woofie (Marley and Me) with her parents. I think mom has spent entirely too much time with the woofies, don't you? I think it's time to leave a surprise on the carpet again.


Christmas Card to Everyone!

Hello my fur friends and their beans. I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and hope that all of you have a safe, warm, restful and happy day.

Mom is trying to get a Christmas picture of the two of us, but she may have to photoshop it, whatever that means.


Santa's Elf

Do you think Santa will let me be one of his little elves? I think I look kind of cute in my red hat.


Candy Cane Christmas

Today is the first day of mom's vacation with me. We are spending some quality time together, but I have given her permission to travel to Spartanburg for a couple of hours to visit with her aunts and uncles (six). They are all older and my mom is the oldest grandchild, so she wants to visit them while she can.

When she gets home, we'll watch some Christmas movies and have some hot chocolate with candy cane stirrers!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Whew! It's been a long week and I am exhausted. Mom is going to be home for at least a week, so we are going to finally take it easy, beginning today!

Opening and playing with my Secret Paws presents has worn me out.


I Think I Am in Love

I think I am in love! Mom recorded Goma on TV last week and we watched it again this week. He is such a handsome mancat and those big, blue eyes just make me melt!!!

Between those big blue eyes and the nip, what's a girl kitty to do?


Secret Paws Presents

Laila and Minchie and Mom Peggy were really good to my Mom, Paula and me with the Secret Paws. This was my first year to participate in the Secret Paws and it was so much fun!

Yesterday, I teased you with the box and unopened presents, so today, I will share my presents with you.

Helping Mom open the presents. She was a little slow!

Putting the bitey on Mom's present.
Mom Peggy sent my Mom a special present.

Note from Mom: Praline had a fit over the present for me! She literally attacked it before I could open it.

Mom Peggy also sent my Mom a chocolate bar!
Mom said I couldn't have any of it!

But, I got Temptations! Mom can have that old chocolate bar!
This was a new flavor that I haven't tried before, but they sure tasted good!

Laila and Minchie also sent me a nip candy cane! Here I am chillaxin!

I also got six new nip mousies! I loved them before I even opened them. Mom says she is going to put some of them aside, so I will have new toys to play with throughout the year.

I am guarding my nip candy cane and mousie!
They have a special place beside my fev-ver but mousie.

Mom Peggy also sent my mom some cool Christmas towels with kitties on them and some hot cocoa mix! This is my Secret Paws loot. Isn't it great???

Thank you so much Laila, Minchie and Mom Peggy! You're the best!

Mom Paula: Thank you, Peggy for remembering me and assisting Laila and Minchie with Praline's presents. You really made my day!


Secret Paws Package

Look Mom! A package for me and it's from Laila and Minchie! They were my Secret Paws! I think it is so cool that my Secret Paw was someone that I visit everyday and who visits me.

A package with my name on it!
Mom helped me cross out the address to protect everyone's privacy.
\ Come on, Mom. Help me open this thing! I can't wait!

Wow! Individually wrapped presents for me!

Wait just a minute here! There's a package for you, too, Mom!
That was sweet of Mom Peggy!

I want what is inside Mom's package!!!!!! Mine!!!

Mom says we will share what was inside the packages tomorrow! Stay tuned!

Wordless (and Whisker) Wednesday

Temptations! Nom! Nom!


Fussing at Mom

Mom, you simply MUST get my Secret Paw mailed out today or my furry kitty is going to think that I forgot about her. I don't care if the post office is out of your way or even if you have to work, you must mail that box.

Mom, are you listening to me?

Oh! I'm sorry! You mailed it last night through "Priority Mail."
Thank you, Mom!


Monday Mailout!

Wow! I am tired! I just finished helping mom get all the Christmas cards, packages, and Secret Paw present ready to be mailed. Now it's up to Mom to get everything to the post office.


Watching Goma on TV

My friend, Goma, was on TV last night! The Animal Planet Channel has a tv show called Cats 101 and they featured Himmies last night and Goma was one of the stars! Mom recorded the show and we watched it two times already, especially the parts with the Himmies.

Mom, that's not Goma!

Look, Mom! It's Goma and Sachie! Don't they look great!

Don't you think Goma and I look a little alike? Goma is such a handsome mancat! I think I am in love! Can I have your pawtograph, Goma?


My Friend Goma, the TV Star

My Himmie friend, Goma, is going to be on TV tonight! Seriously! There is a new series on Animal Planet called Cats 101, which is shown on Saturday nights. This show is showcasing each of the cat breeds and they chose Goma to represent the Himalayans this week. Goma is a very handsome Himmie mancat and his mom is very talented. She has even designed a t-shirt (I'm the drummer!) with some of my cat blogger friends on it, including me! Mom has promised we will buy one when she gets some more green papers.

Set your DVRs or TiVo or just your channels and eyes to Animal Planet for 8:00 pm tonight. Way to go, Goma!

Mom, don't forget to set the DVR to record Goma on Animal Planet tonight!

The Real Cats gave me the Lemonade Award. Thank you so much, friends.

The Lemonade Award is given to sites which the giver show either great attitude and or gratitude.The rules for these awards are:

1. Put the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.

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I nominate Goma, Zoey and Maggy, Gandalf and Grayson, Daisy, Laila and Minchie. Tybalt, Anna and Zuzu, Bhu, Chica and Pumuckl, and JB.


Floofy Friday

Thank you to everyone for stopping by for a visit on my Gotcha Day. Mom didn't get home until late, but once she got home we snuggled really good on the sofa.

What a ball of floof? Where is my head?

Oooooooooo, a scritch under the neck , that feels so good!

What did you have to stop for? That felt good!

Don't you just love snuggling on the sofa with your Mommy at night?


Gotcha Day!

Today, 13 years ago, I chose my Mom (and she thinks she chose me)! I told you a little of my story on my birthday in September, but I want to give you a detailed account of that day now, on my official Gotcha Day!
December 11, 1995
How could she turn down that face?

December 11, 2008
Thank you, Miss Ann (Zoolatry) for my picture!

My Mom had left her teaching job (middle school mathematics) to go back to school to earn her Ph.D. At the same time, she was going through a divorce after 21 years of marriage. When her husband left, he took their 17 year old cat Muff with him. Needless to say, mom was a little "blue." Her husband and Muff had been gone for approximately 13 months when mom started getting the itch to get another kitty. She spent Thanksgiving weekend with her sister and they began talking about another cat. Mom began looking in the papers to see if she could find a Himmie or a Persian available. She said there was an ad for some Himmies in the paper and when she called, they were all gone.

A couple of weeks later, Mom went back to Columbia to visit her parents and to get her hair cut. She also stopped by her former middle school to visit some of her friends. There was a pet store near the school and Mom decided to stop in to see what they had. It must have been her lucky day because there was a sign on the door that said "Persian Kittens!" When Mom walked in, she was greated by a nice lady (my fur parents' mom bean) who asked if she could help. My Mom told her she was interested in a female Persian. The nice lady told my Mom that all of the solid colors were already sold, but she had a male and female mixed Himmie and Persian. Mom told the nice lady she wanted to see the female. The nice lady took Mom directly to my cage (where I was with my brother). I came straight to her and my Mom asked if she could hold me. The nice lady said, "of course."

That is when I turned on the charm. As soon as I was in Mom's arms, I licked my mom's face (I still do this) and began purring. Mom said she walked around the store for almost an hour holding me and I fell asleep in her arms. The nice lady introduced my Mom to my fur dad, Little Tiger of Harbison (a red tabby Persian) and my fur mom, Chocolate Baby (a seal point Himalayan). Mom said she kept debating if she could afford me and finally asked the nice lady if she took credit cards. The nice lady said, "yes" and Mom said, "I'll take her."

The nice lady gave groomed me and brought me out with a red Christmas bow (unfortunately, mom didn't have her camera with me to get a picture). The nice lady called me "Flower Face," which I guess was my first name. Mom took one look at me with my sweet face and coloring and said, "Her name will be Praline." Mom loves Pralines and Cream Ice Cream and Pralines.

Mom took me by to meet my grandbeans and then we traveled 2 1/2 hours to go to my forever home.

And that's the end of my "Gotcha Day" story.

Mom and me in 1995


Wordless Wednesday

Is that a treat over there?
Can I have one, please?


New Crunchies

Mom bought some new crunchies for me! The only problem is that she kept them in the bag when she came home and didn't open it for me immediately. It didn't take long for me to find the crunchies and start digging in the bag.

Mmmmmmmm. New crunchies!

Now if I can just figure out how to open this bag . . .

Siena and Chilli gave me the flutterby (Butterfly) award! I am so honored!