Trick or Treat!

... and BOO to you...

(C'mon, Mom... I refuse to wear THAT mask, it would cover my boootiful face... only the bow, please, thank you!)

My Halloween costume is Princess Praline, the "Belle of the Masked Ball." Thank you Miss Ann of Zoolatry for helping me pick out my costume!

Mom did really good! Just look at my basket of Halloween Treats! I guess I won't need to leave her a "surprise" in the hallway just yet!

Just look at my Halloween Treat basket!

Hurry up, Mom! I'm ready for my Temptations!

Mom: I have created a monster! But she is such a cute little monster!


Halloween Treats

Yippee! Today is Halloween Eve and I can't wait to get my Halloween Treats tomorrow.

Mom: Praline, the treats are for the sticky beans that come to the house, not kitties.

What???? I have my costume ready and I have been practicing my "trick or treat" all week and I expect to get Temptations! I saw that bag you brought in from Pet Smart, so I know I have some treats. If I don't get any treats, I will leave you a surprise in the hallway again!

Yum, yum! I can't wait for my Temptation Treats!

Mom: Praline is such a little diva!


Witchy Wednesday

Okay, you win! I give up trying to be scary and mean looking. Instead, I will focus on being scarily cute!!!!

Hmmmmmmm. Good witch or bad witch?


Halloween Evil Look

This week I am working on my spooky, evil look for Halloween! Yesterday, mom made me "sweet" and she promised she would try to help me be more scary today. I think she did a better job today! Don't you? I think the laser eyes and the firm mouth show an evil side of "Sweet Praline."

"You are under my spell! You will give me more treats!"

P.S. Many of you have asked about my mom's roof. She is doing much better. She went back to work yesterday and has a doctor's appointment with her skin doctor today. Mom says to tell all of you thank you for your special wishes and purrs!


Sweets for Sweet Praline

I am trying to look spooky and scary this week of Halloween. Everyone told me last week that I looked too sweet to be spooky. I don't think Mom is getting the right idea.

Mom: Awwwwww - Sweets for Sweet Praline - Aren't you adorable?

Praline: MOM! I wanted to be spooky and scary. Can't you do any better than that?

Mom: I'll try harder tomorrow Sweetie!

Praline: MOM!?!?!?!?


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Even though it is almost November, I still need to cool off underneath the air-condition vent! Have a relaxing Sunday!


Photo Hunt - Scary

It's tough to look scary when you have a name like "Sweet Praline". How am I doing?

Mom doesn't have a football game today, so she is at home again. We will probably watch some games on TV, but at least she will be home.


The Choice

When given the choice to finish my stinky goodness or eat treats . . .

Hmmmmm . . . Stinky Goodness leftovers or treats?

I'll choose the treats every time!!!!

Nom nom, Good!

Mom: Praline, you are going to get fat!

Praline: Hush Mom - you have your treats and I have mine!


Staying Home with Mom

Mom has been home for a week because of her recent illness. Her roof is doing a lot better. The pain has decreased tremendously, the blisters are drying up, and she has been getting a LOT of rest (just what the doctors ordered).

Mom's corner of the sofa (That's what she thinks!)

Meanwhile, we get to spend more quality (and quantity) time together. I get treats throughout the day, more scritches and belly rubs, and get to nap with Mom on the sofa (after she moves me from her spot on the corner).

FYI - Yesterday's picture was the after effects of my potent catnip play the other day. I just crashed on top of my fev-ver butt mouse. Don't worry, it's still in one piece and I am doing great!

See, my fev-ver butt mouse is still in one piece!


Sneaking Treats

Mom keeps my Stewart Fiber Formula Treats (prescription) in this special ceramic jar. I can have up to 20 of these treats a day and they are good for my digestion. I have had several blockages because of my floof that have required me to spend the day with the VET to get cleaned out. Since I began taking my Fiber Treats and having Vetasyl capsules sprinkled on my stinky goodness, I don't have as many problems with the floof balls. To get my treats, I will begin with the "give me" stare. Most of the time it works.

However, one day, mom opened the container and turned her head and I began my work! Treats, here I come.

But Mom, the jar was open and I lost count, so I figured if I kept eating, I would eventually get to 20, but I was counting by 3, so I guess I missed it. I think I showed Mom that I can get as many treats as I want.

Mom wasn't too upset though, because she needed something to laugh after the way she has felt the past few days.


Tocktober Tails for Derby

A lady isn't supposed to show her backside, but in honor of Derby's birthday, here is mine!

My tocks are floofy!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

Mom says after she plays the piano at church this morning that she is going to come back home and we are going to take it easy. She is feeling a little better, but still has a sharp pain every once in a while. Have a great Sunday!

Hey Mom, you need to learn to relax like me!


Photo Hunt - Family

Today's Photo Hunt Theme is Family. I have been with my Mom Paula for almost 13 years and we have survived a divorce, a Ph.D., four moves, the loss of a job and illnesses for both of us and we are still here to tell the story. I love my Mom and my Mom loves me! Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

Praline and Mom

Praline and fuzzy family (this is before Cassidy came along)

Today, Mom's chickens play the tiggers in college football (South Carolina Gamecocks vs. the LSU Tigers). The game is nationally televised on ESPN at 8:00 PM EST. Mom slept most of the day on Friday and said she would rest all day today so she could go to the game (she said the tickets were too expensive to not go). I am trying to convince her that she can just stay home and sleep with me and watch it on TV.

Sleeping with the Gamecocks!


Mom's Sick

Update: The opthamologist (eye doctor) gave Mom good news about her eyes. So far, the shingles are not in her eye. She just has to be really careful. Mom says thank you for all of your well wishes. We have been resting today!!!

Mom is home sick today. She said something about having a roof on her head.

Mom: Praline, it's shingles, not a roof.

Whatever! The important thing is - Mom gets to spend the whole day with me. It's what she gets for leaving me the past two weekends. Just kidding Mom.

The doctor said he thinks my mom has something called "Shingles" and he said she could be in pain for 4-5 weeks. She must go to the eye doctor this morning because the blisters are on her forehead near her eyes. Please keep my mom in your purrayers that she can heal quickly from this with little pain.

I'm sorry you feel bad today, Mom. I'll try to be good (but I can't promise).

Let's watch some TV!

And take lots and lots of naps!


Playing with the Fev-ver Butt Mouse

There comes a time in every little old kitties life that she must prove to the Cat World that she still has it in her. Most of the time, you see me either exposing the belly for a belly rub, giving the "stare" to get an extra treat, or just posing for my photo shoot. Not this time, my fellow kitties, we have a video of me "going wild" for the cat nip fev-ver butt mouse.

I thought you would enjoy a little action shot of me having so much fun.

Whew! I'm tired! Time for a nap!


Wordless Wednesday

Where's mine, Mom?

Note from Mom: Praline is eating, she is just being a little more finicky than usual. She has always given me a hard time about eating her canned food (she needs it to get her medicine), but she eats her dry food with no problem! I think she just wants to be pampered! Who can blame her when she has a slave like me???


Temptations Tuesday

I have been a little more clingy with my Mom the past few days. I have gone as far as not eating my stinky goodness unless Mom is sitting right there with me and she has given in and brought my bowl in the living room at the foot of the sofa. Sometimes, I won't even eat unless she puts the food on her finger first and lets me eat off of her finger. However, I am having no problem eating my treats! I have just recently discovered Temptations. After joining the Cat Blogger community, I read about all of the kitties liking Temptations, so I convinced Mom to let me try them. She bought the Chicken Flavor Dentabites for my breath. I hope you enjoy my video of me enjoying my Temptation treats with my special Mom!

Mom - It's almost impossible to turn down those adorable eyes!



Since Mom has been out of town the past two weekends, her dirty clothes have built up and she must wash the clothes on Monday instead of the weekend. There is only one problem! When the empty clothes basket comes out, I immediately jump into it. She has the nerve to want me to move so she doesn't have to carry the clothes into the other room. I tell her that's what they made bean arms for. Are you with me kitties? Should I move?

You want me to move when and where?
Use your arms to carry those clothes to the laundry room - This is my basket!


Chickens vs. Wildcats

Update: The chickens beat the kitties.
South Carolina 24 Kentucky 17

Okay, my furry friends! This may be a tough one for you to decide. Mom's chickens are playing the kitties this weekend in Kentucky. I know we tend to favor the kitties anytime, but since the chickens (Mom - Praline, they are Gamecocks!) are Mom's favorite college football team, I guess I need to pull against the kitties this time! Are you with me? (Except for my furry friends who live in Kentucky, of course). The game is on TV again at 12:30 pm EST, so maybe I can find Mom if I look really hard.

No more away games anytime soon! Right, Mom?

Here I am teleporting again to Lexington, Kentucky (Mom - we live in Lexington!) to check on Mom and Nannay. They are sitting in the area that is circled in yellow. Who knows? You might be able to see them on TV if you look closely enough. Better behave Mom!


Gone Again!

Well, she's done it again! Have you ever heard of a football fanatic? I believe my Mom must be one. She and the grandma bean have left for Kentucky for another football game and she has left the grandpa bean in charge of checking on me again. I like it when he comes over because he gives me bunches of treats and he doesn't tell Mom!
Wow! Look at the cool award Chica and Pumuckl gave me. I am so honored!

And these are the rules:

~ Put the logo on your blog.
~ Add a link to the person who awarded you.
~ Nominate 10 other blogs.
~ Add links to those blogs on yours.
~ Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs.

Hopefully, all of my friends will see this on my blog because Mom says she probably won't take the computer this weekend so she won't be able to help me visit my friends. I'm still giving her some headbutts to encourage her to take it along.

Mom, do I have to just pick 10? Okay, I guess I will follow the rules. I would like to give this award to:

Now to work on the grandpa bean and my treats!

Hey, Paw Paw (that's his name the grandkidbeans gave him)! Hurry up and open these treats!


da Vinci Quote

"The smallest feline is a masterpiece."

Leonardo da Vinci


Wordless Wednesday

That's one of my toys to the left and not the surprise I left my Mom. She has already cleaned up the hairball!


Treat Stash

While Mom was away, I found the treat stash! I convinced the granddad bean to give me extras. Now, if could just figure out a way to open the bags myself, I would be doing great. Any assistance out there?

Oh boy! Greenies, Temptations, and Friskies Treats!

Just how do I get this bag opened? Maybe I can bite it . . .

Please help me open my treats!

P.S. My woofie cousin, Bandit (my grandma bean's fur child) is having his hoohahectomy today. Please send him special purrs that every thing goes well.


Mom's Home Monday

Mom's home! She got home early Sunday evening, so we had some time together before she started with that "home paperwork" again. Mom didn't want to post her picture because she had been driving for 10 hours to get home and she was sunburned from the football game, but I insisted she prove to my furry friends that she was indeed back home.

By the way, I did leave her a little surprise in the living room, but she saw it before she stepped in it! Hee! Hee!

It's good to have you home Mom!

Aw, Mom, enough with the kisses!

Okay, that's enough loving.
Give me some treats!
By the way, your arm and face match the color of your shirt!
Hey Mom - I just noticed - our hair is the same color! Cool!


Easy Like Sunday Morning

I think I will sleep all day today to preserve my energy until Mom gets home tonight.


Visiting Ole Miss


On-again, off-again starter Chris Smelley threw three touchdown passes, South Carolina's No. 1 defense held Mississippi to a field goal in the second half and the Gamecocks beat the Rebels 31-24 on Saturday.

Mom went with the grandma bean to Ole Miss to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks play the Ole Miss Rebels today. I decided I needed to teleport down to Oxford, Mississippi to watch over them.

I think Mom and Nannay (my grandma bean) are sitting in the section circled in yellow.

After the game, I will teleport back home and just watch some football on tv and then sleep!

Uh Oh! Are those bulldogs on the TV? I better change the channel.


Fussing on Friday

Mom is leaving town again! She is going on a road trip with the grandma bean to Oxford, Mississippi for a football game. She said she wants to see her "chickens" (Mom: Praline - they are Gamecocks, not chickens!) play the Rebels. Why does she need to go 9 hours away to see a Rebel when I can doing plenty of rebelling around here? Just wait - I have been licking a lot of floof lately and I might leave her a surprise on the floor when she gets back - hee! hee!

I won't be visiting much this weekend, so please don't give up on me!

What do you mean you are leaving town again?!?


Cat Nip Thursday

Many of you will remember that Mom bought me a bunch of toys when she returned from her eight-day trip to the west coast. One of my favorite toys was the fev-ver butt mouse and I played with it a bunch that first week. Of course, being the spoiled Himmie/Persian that I am, I quickly became bored with the toys.

Mom was talking with the nice lady at the pet store and she gave Mom a trick for keeping my toys "fresh". She told Mom to put some potent cat nip (oh boy!) in a ziplock bag and to put my toys in the sealed bag. She said I would go crazy playing with my fev-ver butt mousies after soaking up the aroma of the cat nip. Guess what? It works!

First, I must sniff the fev-ver butt mouse very carefully.

Then, I just roll over on my back and take in the aroma.

Next, my eyes open wide and I realize . . .

ATTACK the potent, catnip, fev-ver butt mouse!

Go get your own catnip fev-ver butt mouse! This is all mine.

Mom: Note the wild eyes! Sometimes, she even snorts when I give her catnip, which very unlady like for my little Southern Belle. But, it is so much fun to watch her!