Photo Hunt - Public

Mom's junk closet is not for PUBLIC display.  MOL.  Guess what mom?  The PUBLIC sees it now.  I kind of like the junk closet because I can hide in here and mom can't find me.  You should see and hear her going through the house hunting for me!


Floofy Friday

Just look at all of my floof and my flat face.  I think I'll call this my Floofy Flat Faced Friday.


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for my mom's lap to lie down on.  Of course, as all of you know, I only lie down on her lap when I want to and it's usually on rare occasions.  That makes it even more special for my mom.

Pee ess - Mom is still on the mend.  She is still working part time and comes home in the early afternoon and takes about a 3 hour nap.  Her shoulder begins hurting in the early evening, but with the help of the ice pack and the Lortab, she does okay.  She's still not getting a good night's sleep, but I keep reminding her that she must take it slow and give her shoulder time to heal.  We don't want any more surgeries around here for EITHER of us.


Wordless Wednesday

Hint:  This is my mom's leg!


Tummy Tuesday

Time for Tummy Tuesday.  I love it when my mom scritches my belly and I stretch out my toesies!


Beauty Times Two

Mom is out of town at a meeting today and she drove down there last night since it was a 3 hour drive and she didn't think she had the stamina to drive 6 hours and attend a 5 hour meeting in one day.  She had a beautiful view from her hotel room, so I thought I would let you see the most beautiful thing in her life first!

This was mom's view from her hotel room in Georgetown, SC.

Beautiful view, isn't it?


Easy Like Sunday - Baby Praline

Even as a baby, I knew how to take it easy.  How many of you could lie upside down with your head facing down and then give it a half twist and then still not fall off?  This is one of my mom's favorite pictures of me as a baby!


Photo Hunt: Hanging

I like "hanging" around in my tent with my pink feather boa that Ginger Jasper sent me along with my nip cigar!


Finally Friday

Yay!  It's finally Friday.  It's time for mom and I to have a relaxing weekend together.  Have a great weekend!

A little more to the right, please!

 Ahhhhh!  That's it!


Thankful Thursday

I'm thankful for treats!  MOL!  As you can see below, I'm guarding my basket of treats while mom is away today. 

But just as soon as she gets home, I get this . . .

Update on Mom:  Mom has been working half days this week.  She say she gets pretty tired after about two hours, but she tries to stay until around 2:00 pm.  She had to go on the road yesterday and today, but my grandpa and grandma bean went with her and drove.  Mom said it was a good thing because as soon as she got back in the car yesterday, she fell asleep.  Mom has also been running a slight fever in the evenings.  It's not high enough to call the doctor, but it's high for her.  Knowing my Type A mom, she is probably doing too much!


Tuesday Treats

Remember last week when my treat basket was almost empty.  I certainly do!  Well, Mom finally started driving on Friday for short periods of time and she went to the pet supply store and bought me more stinky goodness and a whole basket of treats!  Wasn't that a wonderful surprise?

Mom, are these all mine?

Hurry up and give me some!

Nom! Nom!  I just love treats!  Mom, please keep the basket full from now on so I don't have a panic attack!

Wasn't this a great surprise from my mom?


Sleeping Contest

Kat's Kats is hosting a sleeping contest.  Since this is one of my favorite things to do, I thought I would participate.  As you can tell below, I am exhausted after posting my blog and visiting all of my furriends, so I just lay flat on my back, exposing my floofy belly for the world to see, and take a snooze.

Sorry about not posting my surprise today.  This contest came up and I wanted to participate.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show my surprise!  Mom is going back to work today for a 1/2 day.  Take care, Mom!


Easy Like Sunday

I know many of you came back expectantly to see my surprise, but I'm going to keep you in suspense one more day because today is the day to take it easy.

This is one of my favorite places to take it easy during the day.  Mom always keeps the bottom half of  the blinds of this full length window open for me in her office.  I can sit there and watch the world go by and catch the afternoon sun puddles.


Procedure for Getting Treats

I think all of you know how much I love my treats.  I thought I would show you another one of my procedures for getting treats.

First, I sit down right in front of mom and demand loudly that I want my treats now!

Then, I climb up mom's legs.  Of course, this usually results in me getting a nail trim afterwards!

Then I take a sniff to make sure mom isn't trying to trick me with medicine or anything . . .

Then, I go for it!  I am just wild about treats!  Can't you tell?

Mom did drive for the first time yesterday.  She came home exhausted, but she did have a surprise for me.  I'll share it with you later.


More Treats Needed

My treat basket is getting low.  It's time for mom to get up off of that couch and start driving and go and get me some more treats.  I'm getting tired of all of this nursing without the appropriate pay.


Thankful Thursday

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Gracie and the Cat Blogosphere for holding the two auctions to help pay for my surgery in the Spring.  Thanks to all of the donations and bids, EVERY penny of my surgery and consultation visit was paid.   The best news is that I am doing great!  I'm still pulling the finicky routine on my mom, though.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!  You are such a special bunch and I love you!

Please don't forget to participate in the photo contest to help raise funds for Maxie.

For those who have asked, Mom Paula is doing better.  She is finally off of the heavy duty pain pills and she really only hurts in the late afternoon and evenings.  The new pain pills aren't helping as much with the nighttime pain and she isn't sleeping as well so she may need to call the doctor again.  She hopes to start driving again this weekend.  Thank you for all of your thoughts and purrs!


Toesie Tuesday

Looks like I'm doing the Hokie-Pokie dance here, doesn't it?  You put your left paw in, you put your left paw out, you put your left paw in, and you shake it all about . . .


Lap Therapy (LT)

Thank you for the well wishes for my mom this past weekend.  She didn't feel well on Saturday (running a slight fever) and her shoulder hurt all day Sunday.  I figured it was time to begin the LT.  LT is Lap Therapy.  This therapy is highly effective with my Mom because it's not something I do everyday.  In fact, I rarely lie on her lap.  Don't get me wrong, I love to be near my mom and get belly rubs and chin scritches, but I'm just not a lap kitty.  However, when my Mom is hurting, I begin the LT and add a dose of Purrs for good measure.

I think I should bottle up my LT (Lap Therapy) and PT (Purr Therapy) and sell it on EBay!  Do you think I would make a lot of money?

Mom Paula:  Praline has really been wonderful.  I've had the blues and have been in pain this past weekend and every time I turned around, she was there, settling down in my lap.  She has been some of the best medicine I could have received this weekend.


Easy Like Sunday

Taking it easy today with my Mom!  She's been hurting since the PT on Friday and needs a lot of rest and comfort from me.  Have a restful day, my furriends.


Photo Hunt: Free

My floof is free to go whichever way it wants when I sleep on Mom's lap.  I've helped to make Mom's day again, by sleeping on her lap for a few minutes.  I don't usually do this, but Mom's shoulder was hurting from PT yesterday, so I gave her some special Praline loving by climbing on her lap and lying down.  Some of the "freedom" of my floof is because Mom was rubbing her fingers through my floof.

It's very important to keep the Mom happy every once in a while, even for a Diva ladycat like me!


Femme Friday

Thank goodness, it's finally Friday.  There are just sometimes that a ladycat must show her Diva side and today is one of those.  I want what I want when I want it, Mom!  Do you understand???


Sneaking in for a Treat

Mom is able to get to the computer for short periods of time.  I am applying my new sneak method for getting a treat.  I'll sit on the foot rest under the computer and give her the "look".   It works every time.


Treats Tuesday

It's Treats Tuesday again!  Of course, I've gotten to the point that I like treats 24/7!

I have this special ceramic treat jar that holds my prescription  Stewart Fiber Formula Treats.  I can up to 20 of these treats and they are good for my system and all of those hairballs I tend to get.  I thought you may want to watch a movie of me getting my special treats.


It's Monday???

What do you mean it's Monday and it's time to get up?  I like it just fine lying here in my sunbeam!


Easy Like Sunday

Many of you have asked how mom is doing.  She is doing okay.  The first PT appointment wasn't too bad because he just stretched it a little bit and said he was going to take this one slow.  It appears the surgeon scraped off more bone than expected (1 1/2 cm from the clavicle).  I'm taking a little break today while the grandma bean takes care of Mom.

Happy Independence Day my American Furriends!


Nurse Praline Back on Duty

Nurse Praline is back on duty.  Mom is doing okay, but is very limited in what she can do.  



Femme Friday

For Femme Friday I decided to do my glamour photo shoot for a magazine cover.

Mom has her first physical therapy appointment today.  Ouch!


Mom is Home Recuperating

Mpm is home.  Her shoulder is still dead from the nerve block so she's not doing much.  Thank you so much for the well wishes.

I just love this graphic that the CB did of my mom.  Keep those purrs coming that she will heal very quickly and that she will finally be pain-free!