Putting My Paw Down

Mom was pulling on my floof again last night and look what she pulled out! She claims it was a mat behind my arm, but it's still my valuable floof. Then she found another one on my paw!

I had enough and let her know by putting my paw down!

Mom goes back to work today after a week-long staycation. I'll miss her, but it will be nice to have the house to myself again.


Easy Like Sunday

I hope all of my furriends have a very restful Sunday!


Photo Hunt - Surprise

Today the Photo Hunters' theme is "surprise." I thought I would play a game of peek-a-boo and see if I could surprise you!

Just who is the floofy kitty? It's difficult to make heads or tails of the kitty because of so much floof! Look at the toe hawks, the tortoiseshell color, and the seal-pointed toes.

Now we see the begininnings of a flat-faced kitty with long whiskers, seal-pointed face, and legs and more toe hawks. Do you know who it is yet?

Surprise! It's me, Sweet Praline! I had you fooled for a minute, didn't I?

Pee ess - mom's results of the MRI weren't too good. The doctor thinks she has two different tears, bone spurs, and tendonitis and he wants to do surgery. Mom is seeing another doctor for a second opinion, but he can't see her for a month. Please keep her in your purrs! She's a little down right now, so I've got to give her some extra head butts and purrs. Anyone want to come and snuggle with us?


Floofy Friday

Mom and I have had a great week this week. The days have been beautiful and I've been able to get extra scritches, belly rubs, treats, and sunshine! Unfortunately today is mom's last day of her "stay-cation", so I'm going to make the best of a good situation today.

Usually, mom takes most of my pictures when she gets home at night and you see my beautiful dilated eyes. Since she was home during the day this week, she was able to get some pictures of me and you can actually see my green eyes. The green eyes are the main thing I got from my red Persian father; everything else, I got from my Himmie mother.

I'm taking modeling lessons from Goma. How do you like this pose?

Here's another pose from the side and you can see my big, green eyes.

Have a floofy Friday my furriends!

Pee ess - Mom goes back to the orthopedist to find out the results of the MRI on her shoulder and neck today.


Singing for Temptations

I'm glad so many of you enjoyed my "singing" picture yesterday under the piano. Mom says I really helped her practice for her solo on Sunday. Some of you said you wished you had sound on your computer or wished you could hear me sing. I helped mom search my computer files and found this video of me singing.

Some of you may remember this live concert from a previous post, but I think it's worth posting again. Anytime Mom shakes the Temptations bag, I run to her side and sing! I know, I know . . . I should get Temptations just for being cute! Enjoy my mini concert!


Singing with Mom

Mom has a solo on Sunday morning, so I thought I would help her out with a little harmonizing.

You may need to bigify the picture to see me singing at the top of my lungs!



I also received the following award from Pet Supplies Place as the Cool Cat Site of the Day Award. I am so honored! This was the email I received:

Your cat related blog was chosen by our webmasters, to honor your hard work and dedication in providing a quality website.

1)Excellent Quality Content.
2)Website Ease Of Use.
3)A Cat Blog That All Would Love To Read.


Get Up Mom!

Get up, Mom! It's time to spend the day with me! I know you're on a "stay-cation," but that doesn't mean you can stay in bed all day. You're supposed to spend all of this time with me. Besides, I'm hungry!



Mom is taking a "stay-cation" this week, which means she gets to stay home with me! She is starting the week off right by hand feeding me some of my stinky goodness. This is the life!


Easy Like Sunday

Well, my acting debut is over. Whew! I'm tired. Time to get that massage from Mom Paula.


As the Paw Turns - Out Takes

I hope all of you enjoyed the first showing of AS THE PAW TURNS. We had lots of fun presenting this to the CB and hope to do it again in the future. I think all of my fellow castmates are deserving of an Oscar and Emmy for their performances. Now, it's off to Broadway for me!

Of course, as with all actors, there were some spoiled kitties during the production (besides me!). I wanted to share some of these moments with you.

Bhu from Patty Skypants

Romeo from Peggy's Place

Melvin from Mouchois

Khyra from Khyra's Korner

Goma from My Himalayan Cat "Goma"

Ginger Jasper

Hey! How did Maggy get by without an out take?


As the Paw Turns: The Party

We left Mayor G. Jasper taking a nap and having sweet dreams of Praline and Maggy, thinking everything was all set for the party at Sweet Praline's cottage. Luckily for him, the phone rang and woke him up. Sweet Praline purred into the phone, "GJ, what time would you like me to be at your house to help you set up?" Mayor Jasper was too embarrassed to let his sweetheart know that he forgot it was at his house, so he told her that everything was already set up and she just needed to plan on an evening being pampered! As soon as he hung up the phone, he immediately called Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artangan Rumblepurr Catering and Partying Consultants, the best in the village of Furville. When they heard the "last minute" party was being hosted by Sweet Praline, they immediately responded with a "yes! we'd love to help." Mayor Jasper sighed as he hung up the phone and looked at the green papers he would need to deduct from his upcoming campaign tour. However, he knew it was worth it for Sweet Praline. Thank goodness she called him and woke him up.

The scene fades to Mayor Jasper's house . . .

Mayor G.Jasper, "I've called you all here this evening at the request of Sweet Praline, the village Diva. She truly believes that we can all get along, without hissing and swatting and the rivalry among us. In fact, perhaps we can teach the humans a lesson about that (they do need it now don't they?). I've invited you here to my humble abode (we mayoral types are poorly paid!) so we can share food and nip."

Praline: "Thank you, Your Honor. As you said, I do believe we can all become furriends and still enjoy each other's company."

Mayor G.Jasper: "Will you all take your seats at the table please? The humans wish to begin serving us." (He clapped his paws and Paula, Peggy, Ann, Sachi, Rone, and Carol jumped to attention and begin serving the group.)

Praline: "May I sit beside you, Your Honor?"

Mayor G. Jasper: "Of course, dearest."

The Mayor (again): "Bhu, get out of your bag and come to the table. Romeo, I know you're tired, but sleeping on the table is totally not permitted in my home, move to your chair please!"

Bhu: "I like being in the bag, or in a box, or behind something, or under something... or, or... oh well, I'll sit if I must."

Romeo: "Stop complaining GJ, I did one-hundred-and-one surgeries today! I worked far harder than any old civil servant like you, and I'm am tired! But, out of deference to your position, I'll be seated."

The Mayor (again): "Goma, get off the sidebar and come join us. Melvin, you too, put your mousie away and come to the table, Mouchois."

Goma: "But you know I can get much better photographs from over here, and I do have to publish tomorrow in both the political section and the social pages! Though I am concerned GJ, about it being "free advertising" for your next mayoral run in 2010; will I have to give equal space to the other candidates?"

Melvin: "I don't wanna come to the table. I mean I do wanna come to the table. I don't wanna sit in that high chair, that's for baby-kitties, and I am growing big now. Besides, where I go, my mousey goes!"

The Mayor (again, with a heavy sigh): "Goma, you can take pictures after dinner. And don't get all hissy about the advertising, I'll give you green papers if you insist! Melvin, just push your high chair up to the table by Romeo please; I have no other chair. Besides, Romeo will cut up your tuna cakes for you, since you're not allowed to use a knife yet."

Praline: "Shame for shame! You are all fussing and arguing over the silliest little things. This is not a good way to start our evening of harmony and getting along together."

The Mayor (frowning): "And so where is Maggy? Didn't she come, or is she late as usual?"

Praline: "Mmmm, Uuhh, she's way back there in the corner. She says she won't join us unless Khyra can come to!"

The Mayor (totally exasperated now): "OK, OK... Khyra please join us. After all... wouldn't you all agree that's a very good way to begin getting along?"

Everyone, in unison: "Yes, oh yes it is. Purrs all."

Praline: "And that dear friends is "how the paw turns". It turns towards you, with friendship."

In the meantime, Sweet Praline touches both Mayor Jasper's and Bhu's paws under the table and little Melvin spots them while he is retrieving his mousie . . .

To be continued one of these days . . .

Tomorrow - Out takes from the show of all of the cast!


As the Paw Turns: The Meeting

Sweet Praline is exhausted, both physically and emotionally. She has discovered that her best girlcat, Maggy has been seeing Bhu, Romeo, and Ginger Jasper too. She calls Miss Zoey for a special spa day.

Sweet Praline goes to the Furrsville Salon & Spa for her daily floofing and Zoey has worked her in to have her "highlights" brightened and a complete body massage. After a great day with Khyra on the motorcycle, Maggy has come for her weekly nail trim and a paw massage. To their surprise, Zoey has secretly booked them both into the same room at the same time (That little Zoey is a great prankster!). Zoey slowly closes the door on Praline and Maggy.

The intimacy and quiet of the salon allows Praline and Maggy to chat amicably. They agree that the ongoing rivalry between them is of no benefit and they must find a way that all can live happily with one another in Furrsville. After all, Praline and Maggy have been friends since the cradle and no mancat should come between them. Praline immediately texts the Mayor (G. Jasper) requesting he call everyone together for dinner that evening at his home...

Mayor G. Jasper quickly spreads the word around town about the evenings' big event at Sweet Praline's cottage. Melvin made an early appointment at MANCAT'S (it is "thee" salon for the men in town, and a clotheir, too!) and is waiting for the others to arrive. After all, he wouldn't want to show up at Sweet Praline's house in nothing but the best for an up-in-coming mancat. Romeo, G. Jasper and Bhu arrive at MANCAT'S and see their good buddy, Goma. Of course, Goma is preparing to take quick photos on his cell, to email back to the newspaper for the evening edition. A party at Sweet Praline's is a social event! Goma takes his time to get the best pictures of all the mancats after their grooming appointments and in their new finery. He has already captured a great pic of Melvin, but just as he presses the button for the photo, Melvin, being a typical kid just has to clown around for the camera!

Just look at all of these handsome mancats in one location! Get the smelling salts, ladies!

Back in his office, G. Jasper is tired, but he still has to confirm the guest list with Praline and doublecheck with Goma on the news coverage. Sweet Praline would never forgive him if everything wasn't just purrfect! G. Jasper looks at the clock and thinks a short nap won't be a problem. He falls asleep as he looks at his two ladies, as they are his favorite screensaver.

Will G. Jasper get everything completed on time? Will he have sweet dreams of Praline AND Maggy? Will fur fly at the party?

Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of AS THE PAW TURNS . . .


Coming This Week - As The Paw Turns

Zoey worked behind the scenes (with the ZH) to help with production.

Featuring some kitties from the Floof and Fur gang: Bhu, Ginger Jasper, Goma, Maggy, Melvin, Romeo, and Sweet Praline.


This is the Life!

Life is wonderful when you have your choice of stinky goodness and crunchies!


Fluffing Up My Floof

I'm getting all fluffed up for my mancats! Now, which one will it be? Hmmmmmmmm.


Torn Between Two Ladycats

Bhu is still hiding in his bag between two beautiful ladycats! Maggy and I have been communicating about this situation. Stay tuned . . .


As the Paw Turns

We interrupt this blog to bring you a special bulletin! Maggy of Zoolatry is moving in on my long time beau, Bhu. Before any of you say anything, I know that Goma and Ginger Jasper are also my boyfriends, so why should it matter is Bhu has more than one lady cat? However, this ladycat (me) is very possessive of my special mancats! See the breaking news below.

Stay tuned for the continuing saga of "As the Paw Turns" to see two beautiful ladycats vying for attention of the handsome mancat, Bhu.


Easy Like Sunday

I think I'll take it easy today by resting my head on mom's leg.


World Cat Day

Today is World Cat Day! To celebrate this day, I wanted to remember my sister-before-me, Muff.

Muff was my mom's first kitty ever. She grew up with woofies and had never had a cat. When she got married, she wanted a pet, but her husband didn't like (or was afraid of) woofies. So, they got a cat during Mom's senior year in college (yes! She got married when she was 19!). Muff lived to the ripe age of 19 and went to the Bridge one month before mom's divorce was final. Unfortunately, I never met Muff, but Mom says she was a very special kitty.

We found some pictures recently and have scanned them into the slide show below. I hope you enjoy these and you may need a tissue because Mom did (the music adds to this!).

Mom messed up - the last slide should say 1978!

Muff Collage

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They will not go quietly, the cats who've shared our lives.

In subtle ways they let us know their spirit still survives.

Old habits still make us think we hear a meow at the door.

Or step back when we drop a tasty morsel on the floor.

Our feet still go around the place the food dish used to be,

And, sometimes, coming home at night, we miss them terribly.

And although time may bring new friends and a new food dish to fill,

That one place in our hearts belongs to them....and always will.

~ Linda Barnes ~


I couldn't let World Cat Day go by without including a Baby Praline photo! My 14th birthday is next month!!!

Cats are Wonderful Friends

Gentle eyes that see so much,

Paws that have the quiet touch,

Purrs to signal "all is well"and show more love than words could tell.

Graceful movements touched with pride,a calming presence by our side --

A friendship that takes time to grow --

Small wonder why we love them so.

~ Author Unknown ~


Finally Friday

So glad this week is over. I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Don't forget, tomorrow is World Cat Day!

I'm still claiming this aromatherapy cooling pad as my own. I think Mom has another in the freezer.


Catnip Ice Pack

Everyone was wondering what the blue thing in my Wordless Wednesday post was. Laila and Minchie were the first to guess that it was something to help my mom's shoulder feel better. Mr. Grumpster Wilfred III then correctly guessed that it was a cold pack. Then, to my surprise, Keiko and Luna T. Katt stated that is was one of those good smelly herbal things beans like to put on their body to feel better.

This beautiful blue item is very functional for the beans, but I think it's great for us kitties. It's an aromatherapy heat/cold pack. It's loaded with natural herbs (mom says it smells funny). The beans can either put it in the freezer and use it as an ice pack or heat it in the microwave for a heating pad. My mom keeps the packs in the freezer and unfortunately, she has been using them a lot lately.

The funny thing about this pack is that I am extremely attracted to it. Mom takes it off of her shoulder/neck after 20 minutes and places it beside her before the next 20 minute session starts. My nose immediately goes directly to the herbs and I sniff very deeply.

Last night, I started attacking the herbal pack with both feet as if it were a nip pack. Mom is convinced it has catnip in it because I love it so much. She thought I was trying to dig down through the pack!

After all of the sniffing and digging I decided to lie down on it and take a snooze. This herbal pack is great for kitties because it smells good (like catnap) and it's cool to lie down on. Mom just thinks she is getting this back for her hurty shoulder. It's mine now!

Just in case you're curious, here are the ingredients in the pack:

  • Cinnamon - Antispasomodic, bronchitis, fever,warming stimulant, carminative,antiseptic.
  • Camomile - Relaxation, breathing, burns, anti inflammatory, nervine.
  • Lemongrass- Nerve pain, headaches, cold sores, antibacterial, antioxidant, reduce fever, anti-rheumatic.
  • White willow – arthritis, toothaches, muscle pain, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, reduces fever, anti-rheumatic, astringent.
  • Peppermint – relieves flu symptoms and its pain, carminative, relieves muscle spasms, increases sweating, stimulates secretion of bile, antiseptic.
  • Yarrow – Promotes healing, antispasmodic, astringent, bitter tonic, increases sweating, lowers blood pressure, reduces fever, mild diuretic and urinary antiseptic.
  • Rosemary – Relieves headaches, tonic, stimulant, astringent, nervine, anti-inflammatory, carminative.
  • Yellow dock roots – Improves circulation, strengthens, cleanses & tones the entire body, excellent for boils, ulcers, wounds, and cleansing the blood.
  • Spearmint – Relaxation, valuable herb for stopping vomiting during pregnancy. It is gentle enough to use for colic in babies, while aiding in curing colds, flu, and gas.
  • Valerian – Calming, sedative, relieves muscle spasm, lowers blood pressure.
  • Lavender- Atthritis, stress, circulation.

OK . . .All of my smart kitties out there, doesn't this sound like the purrfect catnip kitty cool pack???


Toesie Tuesday

Showing off my back toesies on Toesie Tuesday. I won't be visiting too much until Thursday because mom is day traveling again!