Happy 20th Birthday at the Bridge

Today, Sweet Praline, would have been 20 years old.  I know she's happy healthy now that she's at the bridge, but she's truly missed.  Happy Birthday to my  sweet Diva!


7th Blogoversary

It was 7 years ago today that I first started blogging.  I can't believe how far I've come and all that I've done since 2008.  I'm sure Angel Sweet Praline is celebrating 7 years of blogging at the bridge with all of her friends she's known over the years.  I also believe she's still guiding me in blogging about Truffle and Brulee at Sweet Purrfections.   I miss you, my little diva!


Remembering Praline

It was four years ago today that I helped my little diva, Sweet Praline, cross the bridge.  There are days that I remember her with sadness because she is no longer with me.  However, thoughts of her always bring a smile to my face.  Truffle and Brulee have been with me about 3 1/2 years and they've helped heal the large hole that Sweet Praline left in my heart.  Remembering my little girl with much love.


19th Gotcha Day at the Bridge

Remembering that 1st day that Sweet Praline "gotcha'd" my heart and soul.  I love you sweet girl.


Happy 19th Birthday

I can't believe it's been 3 years since Sweet Praline left for the bridge and that she would have been 19 years old today.  I love Truffle and Brulee, but I still miss my little Diva.


6th Blogoversary

Thanks to Morgen at the CB, I was reminded that today is the 6th blogoversary for Sweet Praline.  I keep this blog "live" because Sweet Praline still lives in my heart and also in many others.  She's the reason I started blogging 6 years ago and this blog will stay open in her memory.
Remembering my baby girl (1995)


Remembering Sweet Praline - 3 years later

Three years ago, today, I helped Sweet Praline to the bridge.  She'll always be my soul kitty and I miss her.


18th Gotcha Day at the Bridge

Today would have been Sweet Praline's 18th Gotcha day!  I know she is celebrating with all of her furriends at the Bridge.


Happy Birthday at the Bridge

Happy 18th Birthday at the Bridge my dear Sweet Praline!


5th Year Blogoversary

It's hard to believe that 5 years ago I began blogging with Sweet Praline.  The first post was titled "My First Day" and had no pictures and was just an introduction to Sweet Praline.  Jasper McKitten-cat's dad, Dean, introduced me to the cat blogging world and I was hooked from day one!  I don't even remember what the first header looked like.  I had 16 visitors that first day and felt so welcomed by the CB.  A few days later, Ann from Zoolatry contacted me and sent this adorable graphic of Sweet Praline.  I think this graphic was an indication of how she got her name because of her coloring.

Ann introduced me to several other cat bloggers, especially the limited number of Himmies and Persians in the CB world.  She then sent me the first official header made by Zoolatry and the blog was complete.

Even though Sweet Praline is at the bridge now, she is still in my heart.  I plan on keeping this blog open and will post from time to time.  Thank you to everyone for following Sweet Praline those 3 short years and for continuing to follow Truffle and Brulee over at Sweet Purrfections.

I loved this banner that Ann did because it showed all of her many colorings from her seal pointed ears to her seal pointed tail.  Happy 5th Blogoversary to Angel Sweet Praline.  


Hello From the Bridge

Today is two years since I helped Sweet Praline cross over the bridge.  It would be so easy to just focus on that day as I remember her.  Those images of saying my final goodbyes to her as she peacefully passed away bring renewed tears to my eyes.  I don't know if I'll ever get those pictures out of my mind when I remember that specific day.  What I realize is that time heals those wounds and painful memories.  Many of my friends on the CB have recently lost a cherished fur child and the pain is fresh.  I'm here to tell you that it does get better and as I remember my sweet girl - I remember her with a smile.  Today, I'd like to share a few of my favorite baby pictures of Sweet Praline and hope they bring a smile to your face, too!

Sweet Praline was curious from day one.  This picture was the first picture I took of her when she came to live with me back in 1995.  I was going through a divorce and had chosen to move away from home and pursue a Ph.D.  God brought this beautiful little ladycat in my world to help me heal.

I always loved this picture of Baby Praline.  She was literally laying upside down on the back of the couch.  I don't remember if she fell off after this picture, but I'm so glad I was able to capture this photo.
I bought Sweet Praline numerous toys to play with, but her favorite toy was a shoe string from my sneakers.  She would grab the string with her little flat face and carry it around the apartment.

Here is our first official portrait together.  I had a nice Canon AE-1 camera that had a timer on it and was able to set it and jump in front of the camera with Sweet Praline in my arms.  All of my pictures of the two of us together were with a timer on a camera because it was just the two of us for almost 16 years.

Sweet Praline grew from an adorable baby cat to a beautiful ladycat.  She had attitude, was a diva, exhibited a unique personality and always made me smile.  I know she's looking down and watching over Truffle, Brulee, and me each and every day.  I miss you sweet girl!


Gotcha Day

Today would have been Sweet Praline's 17th Gotcha Day.  She's always going to be in my heart but the ache is a little less each day because of the love of Truffle and Brulee.  I know Praline is watching over all of us from the Bridge and she's whispering advice and mischief into Truffle and Brulee's ears.  Happy Gotcha Day at the Bridge my sweet girl.  I thought I'd share the first Christmas card Sweet Praline sent out when she started blogging in 2008 for today's Gotcha Day.  I always thought this picture showed her "diva" personality.

Mom Paula


Happy Birthday

Today would have been Sweet Praline's 17th birthday.  I hope you smile a little as you remember the Diva that was in all of our hearts.  I miss you and will always love you.


Remembering Sweet Praline with a Smile

Today is one year since I helped Sweet Praline to the Bridge.  I admit I've had some tears as I remember those last few days with her, but I wanted today to be a celebration of her life and how she helped everyone smile with her "diva" attitude.  Part of me wants to reminisce about those days, but the other part wants to live in the present and future with Truffle and Brulee.  Sweet Praline will always be a part of my life and I'll always smile when I remember her "happy face" pout.

Wendy, of Wendy's LOL-Spot, sent me the following graphic of Sweet Praline for today.  I both smiled and cried when I saw the graphic because the play on words would be exactly what Praline would say.  I'm sure she is ruling the Bridge everyday and demanding that all of her wishes be met.

Wendy had a wonderful way of showing Sweet Praline's diva attitude on the LOL-Spot blog.  I thought I'd share those with you again in hopes that they'll bring a smile to your face as we remember Sweet Praline.  Thank you, Wendy!

Re-posting these helped me to smile today!  You'll always have a special place in my heart, Sweet Praline.  Thank you for sending Truffle and Brulee to me to help heal such a huge hole.


Show Your Diva Announcement

I want to celebrate Sweet Praline's life as the anniversary of her trip to the Bridge approaches.  I'm a little sad as I remember this time last year, but I want to focus on the positive and have a reason to smile between the tears.  You can get more details about this "celebration" on Truffle and Brulee's blog (Sweet Purrfections).


Remembering . . .

As 2012 approaches tomorrow, I just wanted to take a moment to remember Sweet Praline.

You'll always be remembered and loved my little Diva!


Memory Post - Tocktober

Mom Paula:  I just had to post a memory post of Praline and her famous "tocks" for Tocktober in honor of Derby's birthday.

Praline's tocks - October 2010

Praline's Tocks - October 2009


LiveStrong 2011

Mom Paula:  LiveStrong at the Bridge my Sweet Praline.


Memory Post - Praline's Birthday Slumber Party

Praline would have celebrated her sweet 16 birthday today.  I wanted to honor her memory with this memory post of her birthday slumber party for her 14th birthday.  A lot of kitties and woofies participated in this special birthday and sadly, many of them are no longer with us today.  Praline lived a rich 15 1/2 years and was loved deeply and will always hold a special place in my heart.  It's only been 5 months since she left for the Bridge, but little Truffle is helping fill that hole in my heart. 

I hope you remember Praline with a smile today as you take a trip down memory lane.

Happy Birthday, my Sweet Angel Praline.

Mom Paula

Hello everyone! Welcome to my 14th birthday and to my special Slumber Party. The response to my invitation was overwhelming with over 60 kitties staying the night in our special Southern home in South Carolina. Mom has cleaned off the beds, pulled out the pillows, popped some kitty korn, spread out the nip toys, put in the kitty movies and even the valerian root ice pack for my special guests!
This is my baby picture from 1995. Mom says she never gets tired of seeing my cute little face with the big, "owl" eyes! I've come a long way in 14 years and hope I have many more. I may be an "old" ladycat, but I've still got lots of spirit and spunk.

For those of you who could stay overnight, I hope you enjoy the party and take home a treat from my birthday baskets.

I just can't find my Topini Treats in the U.S. anymore!
Everyone had a blast at the party and now it's time to sleep. Now everyone knows that not all kitties sleep at a slumber party. I hope you enjoyed your visit and can come to my party next year.
Have a look at all of my overnight guests.

A few woofies wanted to drop by! That's okay because they can patrol the grounds for introoders. I'm not sure how much patroling will get done since Khyra and Sydney appear to be pooped! I was thrilled that Khyra could join me since he is so well known in the CB. Mr. Jones, Spot and Sydney are my cousins and are always welcome. Mom was so glad to see them!

I think Bennett was keeping a watchful eye that no one would get in his special tent. Armani was trying to get belly scritches from my mom! Mom couldn't resist!

Now, this group of kitties I need to keep an eye on because while everyone was asleep, they were watchful. Hope no one gets their underwear put in the freezer. Hee! Hee! That's what mom says used to happen when she went to slumber parties as a teenager.

Now, I just love Miss Zoey from Zoolatry, but she had to out do everyone with her special sleeping bag. She also insisted that she had to put curlers in her hair to compete with Daisy. Wonder why Zoey left Maggy home?

Don't you just love Siena and Chilli snuggling up together. It was an honor for them to come from across the pond to attend my party. Better keep an eye out for Lester because he is wide-eyed and up to no good. I think Mr. Tigger got into the stinky goodness!
The Friends FurEver group came up a day early to help me prepare for the Slumber Party. I think they are a little exhausted, but I appreciated their help.

Now, this is a sleep group of kitties. I decided to join them to catch a little cat nap.

I think Samson got hold of my Valerian Root Ice Pack! He's out for the night!

The crew from Peggy's Place is keeping a watchful eye on everyone (except for Isis and Bob, who needed a nap after playing with the nip cigar!). Reese insisted on bringing her "Reese Box" to sleep in, but she let me try it out for a few minutes. Wasn't that nice of her?

Little Melvin's mom let him come over tonight as long as my mom chaperoned him since he isn't a mancat yet. Isn't he adorable? Minchie and Pandora just curled up and made themselves right at home!

Maggie Mae and Saylor got caught trying to sleep in mom's bed!

Several kitties are international travelers and made their way to the United States. Ginger Jasper came from England, Huffle came from Australia and Jasmine came from Brazil. Don't tell anyone, but Gemini tried to sneak in Chey for a few minutes, but she had to leave before anyone found her. I think she took my Siamese pillow with her for cover!

Fin was the first to grab the sink for the night and dared anyone to take it from her. She is a senior ladycat like me!

Of course, then we have the "fancy ladycats" (except for Ollie) for the evening that insisted on bringing special PJs and spa attire. Miss Daisy was the hit of the evening with her lounging robe! Don't know why Ollie wanted a curler in his hair. I think he was jealous of Daisy's curls, too!

I'm so glad Miss Billie was able to join me. She turned 14 this year, too and she was giving me lots of advice. Then, Bhu showed up! I think he is keeping an eye out for Romeo and Ginger Jasper!

Don't you love Eric's stuffed twin?
Dante and Domino insisted on wearing special PJs for the party. Dylan likes to sleep in the "raw". Mr. Tuck is just plain tuckered out!
Mom just found Stripes and Penjy hiding in the back closet. I must confess, I showed them my favorite hiding place. So glad the two of you could join us.

Mom went outside to get some more litter and she found Emma sleeping on the cabinet in the storage room. She invited Emma inside to join the others. Doesn't she look like she has been up to something?

Uh oh! Looks like someone is continuing the relationship that started on AS THE PAW TURNS. I am snuggled between my two main mancat squeezes: Ginger Jasper and Bhu. What a wonderful evening!
Thank you to everyone who helped make my 14th birthday so special!