New Year's Eve

Mom is in Atlanta at the Chick-Fil-A Bowl, which is on ESPN tonight at 7:30 pm ESTMy Gamecocks are playing the Florida State Seminoles.  My pet sitter, Janet is checking on me while mom is away.

2010 has been a very interesting and challenging year.  My mom had two shoulder surgeries and I had a mast cell tumor removed from my face.  We lost some of our dear furriends on the CB (Sniffie, Lux, Inigo, and many others), but I know they are pain free at the Rainbow Bridge.  As we send out 2010 and welcome in 2011, I wish all of my furriends and their beans a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year.

Leaving 2010

South Carolina vs. Florida State
7:30 pm EST


Thankful Thursday

Mom is thankful that I was a little more social yesterday.  My grandma bean came over to help my mom "clean-up" the house because mom hasn't been able to do too much since her shoulder surgery.  I always know that my grandma bean (Nannay) will give me treats, so as soon as I heard her in the house, up on the couch I went (a little slowly) and began singing for my treats.  Of course, she complied!

A special thank you to all of you for your continued purrs.  This senior ladycat really appreciates it!


Coming Out for Treats

I still stayed under the bed a lot today, but came out to eat my stinky goodness and every time mom shook the treat bag.  Mom thinks I may be getting a little arthritis in my joints and the cold is bothering them because I am a little slower jumping on the couch lately.

So far, still eating and using the litter box correctly.  Keeping my paws crossed that it's just the cold weather.  Thanks for all of your purrs.

Pee ess - Mom says the cold weather is bothering her shoulder too and she still has that nasty cough (after two rounds of antibiotics!).


Staying Warm

Most of the snow melted today, but it sure was cold outside.  Mom built another fire and I settled in for a little bit, but spend most of the day under mom's bed.  Mom is hoping that I am just pouting because she put me in that cold, wet stuff on Sunday and that I'm not getting sick.  I've been a little anti-social lately.


Leaving Mom Out in the Cold

As many of you know, we had snow in SC yesterday.  I shared a photo of me outside and several of you asked if I usually go outside and the answer is a responding, NO!  I am an inside kitty.  Mom just wanted me to see how the snow felt and I'll tell you my furriends, I didn't like it.  It made my toesies cold!  As soon as Mom put me down in that cold, wet, white stuff, I scooted directly back into the house.

I left Mom outside in the cold . . .

And went inside in front of the fireplace where there was a warm fire . . .

All Mom saw left in the snow were these . . .



Snow in SC

Oh wow!  Look what I woke up to this morning in South Carolina.  We didn't have a White Christmas because it didn't start snowing until 2:00 am EST, but it was close enough.

Mom let me step outside in it, but I didn't like the cold feel on my paws!  Mom now regrets that she didn't put my snow collar on before putting me out there. 

Here are the paw prints I left in the snow!

Maybe I'll get some more pictures later!  Let it snow in South Carolina!


Merry Christmas

I truly wish the merriest of Christmases to all of my furriends and their beans!  I love you all!

Merry Christmas from Sweet Praline and Mom through the ages!!!







Waiting for Santa Claws

Ok - It's Christmas Eve and I'm getting ready for Sandy Claws to come.  First, I've put my snowflake collar back on so I can look my best and am checking under the tree (notice there are no ornaments this year.  Mom used the small fiber optic tree this year).

Now, I'm getting on my Christmas Boogie Mat to fly off and meet Santa Claws so he won't miss our house.

Waiting for Santa Claws! 

Pee ess - Please don't forget about sending your Secret Paws packages.  I've heard from a few kitties who are a little worried that they haven't received theirs yet.


Thankful Thursday - Secret Paws

Secret Paws is always so much fun and this year I had the opportunity to coordinate it and get to know more kitties out there in the CB.  There are a few kitties that visit all of us, but don't have a blog of their own.  I'm trying to encourage them to start one, so all of us can visit them.

My Secret Paws present arrived last week, but mom made me wait a few days before opening my present.  When I opened the box, there were wrapped presents in there for me!  Mom also had a present.  My Secret Paws were Zulu and Luna, who are two beautiful Bengal cats!

My first surprise was a combination cat scratcher, catnip and wand toy.  I couldn't wait for Mom to open up that catnip and let me scratch on the cardboard.  What a cool present!  Of course, I just have to sniff everything.

There was a special bag of catnip that I could sprinkle on the cat scratcher and on my next present. Mmmmmmmm!  That's some good nip!

I've read about Boogie Mats on other CB blogs, but had never seen one or had one of my own and Luna and Zulu sent me my very own Christmas Boogie mat!  I am so thrilled.  (P.S.  Don't you love Mom's new cat purse in the background?)

I also received some Temptations and mom had a surprise of some tea and some relaxing stuff to put in her bath.  Just look at all of my loot.

Thank you so much, Luna and Zulu and Mom Tina.  (Oops!  I forgot that the woofie Trixie also was part of the family.  Thanks, Trixie!)

I just love my Boogie Mat!


Toesie Tuesday

Mom thinks she is being funny again!  I told her that Toesie Tuesday was for showing kitty's toesies and not human toesies, but Mom insisted on showing off her Christmas socks.  You can tell that I am not amused.  Besides, I had just taken a bath and my floof is all wet!  I don't know what I am going to do with my Mom!

Pee ess - Mom let me open my Secret Paws present last night.  I'm going to share pictures on Thankful Thursday!


Happy Holidays

More holiday greetings for all of my furriends.  Mom is off to Physical Therapy and then many errands.  Have a great day.


Easy Like Sunday

Mom has been playing on the computer trying to be creative with Christmas Cards, so I thought I would share another one with you.

Mom will be very busy today because she is singing in two different church musicals today and playing the piano at one of them, too.  I decided that I am going to take it easy.  The good news is that Mom is going to be home with me until January 4!!!  Isn't that great?

Have an Easy Sunday, my furriends!



Let It Snow

Since we didn't get any snow here in SC this week for the holiday season, I decided to make some of my own snow.  On went my snowflake collar and mom played some with Blingee and now I can wish you a Happy Holiday season, which includes snowflakes.

Sweet Praline
Glitter Graphics


Femme Friday

Time to climb back up mom's leg for more treats!  Wait a minute!  Is that my nip pawbreaker down there?


Thankful Thursday

Many of you were correct yesterday - my Secret Paws package arrived.  Mom just let me sniff it and wouldn't let me open it yet.  She said something about waiting until closer to Christmas so I would have something to open.  I don't know what she means by that.

Mom found my nip pawbreaker yesterday and it's back in the hallway, for now!  I think I'm going to keep Mom moving on this one!

Don't forget to get your Secret Paws packages out!


Searching for My Lost Nip Pawbreaker

Oops!  I've already lost my Nip Pawbreaker!  Mom heard it flying down the hallway last night and now it's nowhere to be found.  I tried to get mom to get on her hands and knees last night to help me search, but she used some excuse about her shoulder hurting.  The search is on . . .


Catnip Jawbreaker

Auntie Deb and the Taylor CatSSSSS sent me a special little package this weekend and inside was a catnip jawbreaker.  I'd never seen one of these.

Can you believe this thing?

Mom heard the catnip jawbreaker hitting the wall all day and night and this is how she found me.  The thing is, I haven't even tried to eat it yet!  This is so cool!  Thank you Taylor CatSSSSS and Auntie Deb.


Easy Like Sunday

Must address my Christmas Cards today and then I'm going to take it easy the rest of the day.


Photo Hunt - Funny and Gotcha Day!

Update:  Would you believe Mom forgot my Gotcha Day today???  It's been 15 years on the same day!  How could she do it?  I've been very blessed to be with my mom for 15 years today.  I was 12 weeks old when I came to live with my mom.  She was going through a divorce after 21 years of marriage and was very lonely and needed a companion - which was me!  I must say that we've spoiled each other and made each other laugh.  I don't know how many more years we will have together (after all, I am a senior ladycat), but I will treasure every moment with my mom.  The picture below is the first picture of me when mom brought me home all those years ago.

Mom Paula:  I have leaky eyes while I am writing this.  It would take a book to tell everyone what Sweet Praline did for me those 15 years ago.  She was literally my life in those early days because she gave me a reason to get out of bed every morning and always did something to help me laugh.  I can tell that my precious ladycat is slowing down (sleeping more, not as limber jumping on the couch, and floof isn't groomed as well) and I will treasure every day I have with her.  Thank you to all of the CBers out there.

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "funny".  I don't usually let mom post pictures of me where I don't look my best, but she has this picture from me from my adolescent days over 14 years ago.  I guess you could call this funny.

How about this one?

You can tell these are older pictures from pre-digital days!  I hope I made your day a little brighter and brought some laughter into your life.


Femme Friday

This ladycat is tired!!!  I think I'll start the weekend early and rest today.  Have a great Friday!


Next on the List

Secret Paws matched up - check.  Secret Paws participants notified individually through email - check.  Buy, pack, and mail my Secret Paws package - check.  Addressed and mailed Christmas Cards to my furriends - ??????

Mooooommmmmmm!  I need some opposable thumbs here!  I've got to get my Christmas Cards out this weekend.  Please email me at sweetpraline@sc.rr.com if you would like to exchange cards with me.


Tortie Toesie Tuesday

Can you believe what a tortie ladycat has to do these days to get a treat?  These tortie toesies have to climb up mom's new pink, kitty PJs, with my claws out just for a treat!

But I got some!  Almost got some of her fingers, too!  MOL

Pee ess - my mom is sick again!  She has a URI and has been on antibiotics since last Tuesday.  She's not coughing as bad and is feeling a little better.  I am so proud of her for helping me get the Secret Paws stuff ready.  I helped mom pack my package for my Secret Paws and we'll mail it tomorrow.  Don't forget to send yours out soon!