Eating Tasty Food

Even though I only gained 1 ounce when I went to the vet last week, I'm eating pretty well.  Mom is trying to feed me my stinky goodness twice a day to make sure I'm getting my medicine.  I have to have both the Cosequin and now some Metamucil each day.  I've graduated to eating some in the living room and the office. I still make a mess on my carpet, which makes me an excellent participant in the Shabby Chic Day sponsored by Milo and Alfie on April 11.

At night, our routine (after eating the stinky goodness) is for me to jump on the couch beside mom and eat my crunchies.  The vet said she didn't care what crunchy food I ate as long as I was eating, so I'm really enjoying the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul dry food.  Of course, I want mom to let me eat out of her hand . . .

Don't forget to entry the contest to win 3 sample bags of the crunchy food, a $30 gift card to thedoggystore.com, and a copy of Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul book.  Just leave a comment on Tuesday's post stating that you would like to be included in the contest.

Now to finish up my delicious crunchies . . .  (If you look really close, you can see my cute pink tongue)


Wordless Wednesday (almost)

Don't forget to leave a comment on the contest post here if you would like to be in the drawing.  Remember, you must live in the United States. 

Mom Paula:  I've been trying to avoid pictures that show Praline's weight loss, but it's almost impossible now.  She's eating pretty good lately, but there are definitely some changes.   She loves to sit on my footrest when I'm watching the recorded soap opera at night.  Just look at that beautiful face!


Chicken Soup Contest

Recently, I received an offer to try Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul food.  Since I was being so finicky, my mom told the nice lady that we would love to try it.  She sent me some sample bags of the food and mom immediately put it in front of me.

To encourage me to eat, mom put the food in her hand (like treats) and I took a big sniff, 

And began eating the food out of mom's hand.  I love it!  This has become a nightly ritual for us and mom let's me eat as much as I want.

Nom! Nom!  This is some good stuff and it's good for you.  You can read about the ingredients hereThere are five different dry food formulas for cats:  adult, kitten, overweight, pregnant or nursing, or senior.  They even have stinky goodness in cans!  I'm sure all of you would love it too.

Now for the good part, the company is letting us sponsor a contest for one lucky kitty (or more if you are in the same household).  Unfortunately, this is only for my furriends in the United States.  If you would like a chance to win 3 sample bags of food, a $30 gift card to TheDoggyStore.com, and a copy of the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul book - please leave a comment stating that you would like to be considered for the contest.  The contest will run until Friday, April 1, 2011 and we'll make the announcement on Monday, April 4.  We'll use a random number generator to determine the winner.

Good luck!!!  I think I'll go back to eating some more!


Chicken Soup?

What do you mean this isn't the kind of chicken soup that we are having a contest for?  This red chicken looks pretty delicious to me!!!

We are having a contest for Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul cat food.  The winner will receive three sample bags of the adult dry formula; a $30 giftcard to thedoggystore.com and a copy of the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul book.  Stay tuned for a review of the food tomorrow . . .


Easy Like Sunday

I think I'll take it easy today.  Thank you so much for all of your comforting words, purrs, and prayers.

I'm resting up for a contest that I am going to sponsor next week for Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul cat food.  The winner will receive three sample bags of the adult dry formula; a $30 giftcard to thedoggystore.com and a copy of the Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul book.  Stay tuned . . .


Photo Hunt - Cage(d)

Today's photo hunt theme is cage(d).  This is purrfect for me because I was forced into my cage (PTU) yesterday to go to the vet.  As many of you read yesterday, the news wasn't good.  Mom and I have decided that we are going to make whatever time I have left positive and enjoy ourselves on the CB.  Mom will give updates from time to time, but I want to enjoy myself.  Mom just loves this picture of my beautiful face.

Thank you for all of the purrs and prayers!


I'm Out of Here!

Update from Mom Paula:  The news at the vet wasn't good!  Praline's spleen is enlarged and there appears to be a mass in her stomach.  The vet suspects a mast cell tumor.  She also has some bone spurs along her spine.  The vet gave her an anti-inflammatory shot that should help with the inflammation in the stomach and help her feel better.  She does not recommend surgery to even do a biopsy because it is so dangerous and just the recuperation from abdominal surgery it bad for a cat her age.  It's possible we're only talking a few months.  As you can imagine, I am sitting here with tears streaming down my face, but I am going to make her last days as comfortable as possible and enjoy every minute with her.  Please continue those purrs.

I saw mom pull out the red PTU last night, so I'm hopping on my boogie mat and getting out of here.  Furriends, watch out, I may be on my way to visit you!

 Thanks to Mom Judi from Sammy, Andy, and Shelly for my graphic!

Mom Paula:  Praline has her annual checkup at the vet this morning at 9:30 am.  I'll give you an update on her visit when we get back.

Pee ess - I'm in the Thoughts for Paws Spring photo contest.  Please go over for a visit and give me as many votes as you can!


Not My Size

Unfortunately, the box in yesterday's picture didn't have any presents in it for me.  Mom had the box out getting ready to mail something and I decided to try it out for size.  I was half way in the box and already backing out when mom got the flashy box!  MOL - I showed her!

And to all of my furriends who were hoping I was mailing myself to them - Mom says I'm staying right where I am - with her!!!

 We'll see about that . . .


Tortie Tuesday

Mom is experimenting with natural light again.  I think this picture is an excellent example of my tortie floof, even if it isn't as full as it usually is.  Have a wonderful day!


Uneasy Monday

What do you mean the PTU is coming out this week?

Mom Paula:  Praline is scheduled for her annual checkup with the vet this Friday.  She appears to be eating better and is a little more social.  However, her fur is still very greasy and when I brush her now, she has a lot of dandruff.  All of her bloodwork last month showed there were no problems with the organs, including the thyroid.  I'm going to get the vet to look at her skin very carefully.


Easy Like Sunday

Taking it easy today in my sunpuddles!  Have a great day!


Photo Hunt - License Plate

Today's Photo Hunt theme is "license plate".  At first, I thought this was going to be impossible to incorporate into my blog, because the only license plate that I know of is attached to that metal machine that takes me to the vet and I didn't want to get anywhere near it, if you know what I mean.  Then, I remembered that my mom has a bunch of extra license plates that depict our South Carolina Gamecocks, so I agreed to pose beside one of them.

Luckily for me, mom just finished brushing my floof (what little bit I would let her) so I look presentable.  I think I look quite nice next to the rooster!


Femme Friday

I know there must be some green papers in here somewhere for my Temptations!


Wordy Wednesday Challenge 2011

I am participating in the Wordy Wednesday Challenge and my word is definitely "DIVA".  I expect everyone around me to bow down to my every wish!  Thank you Ann, of Zoolatry, for my wonderful graphic!


Tortie Tuesday

I'm trying to enhance my beautiful tortieness by hiding behind a peacock feather!  It reminds me of the old antebellum southern belles hiding their faces behind those big fans to tease the gentlemen!

In response to my "cowlick" yesterday!  My floof is staying very greasy lately, even though mom brushes me everyday.  The vet doesn't want her giving me a bath because of my age.  I am eating a little better, but mom is still very concerned about me. 

Mom Paula:  my beautiful little ladycat is definitely showing her age.  She is as feisty as ever (even more so) and isn't as patient when I try to brush and comb her lately.  Everyone that sees her now comments that she looks like she has lost weight.  The petsitter even commented that she thought that Praline had been shaved.  I tried to get her to play with the peacock feather and she just looked at it with that tortitude!


Cowlick Floof

Can you believe my mom dared post a photo of me with a cowlick in my floof?  You can tell I am not happy.  Just look at that glare!


Easy Like Sunday

We've had some beautiful weather the past couple of days and I am just going to take it easy today in the sun puddles watching bird TV.



Photo Hunt - Machine(s)

Today's photo hunt theme is "machine(s)".  I don't know about this machine thing, but I do know that my mom has a big Kirby Monster in my house.  Just look at that big, red mouth and how much larger it is than me.  Mom says we have to have this machine around because of all of my floof.  I told her that she needs to save my floof and give it back because I've lost so much of it lately.

It's me or the machine!!!

The picture from above was two years ago.  See how much floofier I was.  The picture below with the Kirby Monster was taken last night.  I'm still floofy, but you can definitely tell I've lost some weight and floof!

 Have a great Saturday my furriends!


Femme Friday

It's finally Friday!  Mom has been working too much again, so I haven't had much time with her, but at least she's been home.  She tried weighing me again last night (she stepped on the scale first and then picked up me) and it looks like I've gained back at least 1/2 pound.  Mom doesn't know how accurate it is because her scale doesn't weigh to the nearest ounce, but at least it was higher than a few weeks ago.

I've been on the Cosequin for about 3 weeks and appear to be moving a little better.  Mom is still working on getting all of my mats out.  My floof is still a little greasy and we are trying to figure out how to help me keep my floof clean.  Any suggestions?

It looks like all of your purrs are helping out!  Please purr for my mom.  She has a couple of doctor appointments next week that she is worried about.  I'll share more with you after she sees the doctor.  We hope it's nothing.


Thankful Thursday

Even though I'm sticking out my cute little pink tongue at mom, I'm thankful that she is home.  I've surprised her the past few days by sitting beside her on the couch for a few minutes.  Mom is very pleased at this because the last couple of months I've stayed back in the home office being a little anti-social.

Mom Paula:  Praline continues to surprise me.  She's as finicky as ever with her food, but she does appear to be eating a little more.  I actually heard her playing in the hall last night and she hasn't done that in months!  Please keep those purrs coming!


Tummy Tuesday

My face is all clean, so now it's time to work on my floofy tummy.

This is going to take a little longer than I thought.  I have to work around some of my mats, but mom is still patiently getting them out.

You'll have to excuse me, this is going to take a little while!


Beauty Bath

I decided to take some time while I was soaking in some of the beautiful sunshine this weekend to take a beauty bath.  Mom has been working on my floof all weekend and is slowly getting it back in shape.  First, I must get my paws wet . . .

And now to wash my beautiful, floofy face!  A ladycat diva's work is never done!

Mom Paula:  Praline was eating okay this weekend.  I tried to get her current weight, but my scale only weighs to the nearest 0.5 pounds.  I bought a scale that weighed to the nearest 0.10 pound, but it's too small for Praline to sit on.  According to my scale (weighing me, too), Praline hasn't gained any weight.  Unfortunately, I think I've found it!!!


Easy Like Sunday

I just love the windows in my house that go all the way to the floor.  This way, when those lovely sunpuddles come through, I can soak them all up.  There are also some interesting creatures outside.

Mom has spent that past two days trying to de-mat me!  I went for about 5 days without getting brushed and I have some tight little knots on my tummy and back legs.  Mom is working very slowly trying to work them out so she doesn't hurt me.  She did get my front toenails clipped yesterday.  She's going for the back today.  I'm not as patient as I used to be.

Mom Paula:  Praline is eating a little better.  I'm still watching her very carefully because she has slowed down over the last few months.  We haven't visited as much lately because I've been so concerned about her and spend most of my evenings watching over her.  Thank you for all of your care, purrs, and love!


Photo Hunt - Self Portrait

Today's photo hunt theme is "self portrait."  I'm not too good at drawing and neither is my mom, so we adjusted the theme to "self reflection."  My mom was trying to be cute with her kitty PJs on and tried to take a picture of our reflection through the bathroom mirror.  We had some pretty good pictures at first, but you should have seen how dirty the mirror was!  Mom immediately got out the windex and decided to try again and this was the best we could do.

Our self portrait through our reflection:

Mom says to forgive her bland face - it was after 11:00 pm when she took this!  I'm just happy to have her home with me again.  Can't you see my smiley face?



Home Again

My mom is home!  As soon as she got home (around midnight), I immediately began fussing talking to her demanding wanting my treats and some petting!  We cuddled together for an hour while mom watched her American Idol recording.  I am so glad my mom is home!

Mom Paula:  Praline seems to be great!  She's been eating (as long as she gets her food in the living room) and appears to be fine.  I have several mats to comb out of her because my mom doesn't brush her, so she hasn't been combed out since last Friday.  My mom really likes Praline, but she never even had her own pet until she got her dog, Bandit 3 years ago.  She just started petting Praline two years ago!  This grooming session may take a few days!  I truly enjoyed my trip to California, but I'm glad to be home!


Waiting for Mom

Yippee!  My mom is coming home tonight (late).  It's been a very long 8 days!

Mom Paula:  my mom said ever since she moved Praline's food dish into the living room that she has eaten.  I've said it before and I'll say it again - My Little Diva!



My mom is a traitor!  Here I am at home all by myself and just look at what my mom is doing while she is in LA.  She is hanging out with some woofies!

This is Bailey (left), who is 10 and Abby (right), who is 4.  They are two golden retrievers that belong to Jay and Kevin.    One of the rituals they have each morning is to play their own game of tug of war.

Even though they are cute woofies, I can't believe my mom is betraying me like this.  Just wait until she gets home.

Mom Paula:  My mom said Praline ate yesterday.  She said Praline greets her at the door, goes immediately to the couch to get her treats, talks up a storm to her, and did eat yesterday.  Thanks for the continued purrs!


Tortie Toesie Tuesday

My mom just loves my floofy tortie toesies!

Mom Paula:  My mom says that Praline has been finicky again!  She didn't eat too much of her canned food on Sunday, but she was eating a little bit on Monday.