Daisy is a Winner in my Book

I don't care what the "official results" say, Daisy is the Best Pet Blog for me! Yay, Daisy!

Thanks, Skeezix for the graphic!


meemsnyc said...

She sure is! She is the best!

Fin said...

Who cares about the official results?

ML said...

Obviously the "official results" were cheets.
Us Cat Bloggers purr-furr Daisy and that is that.
Purrs, KC


Yes Daisy is Number ONE! best blogging kitteh in dat planet!! xoxoxoxo

Eric and Flynn said...

Yup. No doubts about that.

Cafe Cats said...

The bestest thing is that we know that Daisy is a winner everyday! Hopefully lots of new people got to see her beautiful bloggie because of the contest.

We posted her award too. Skeezix did a pawesome job on it!

the Cafe Cats

Daisy said...

Thank you so much for your support! I feel like a true winner because I have friends like you.

ps: Watching your video made me want to get a belleh rub!