Visiting Ole Miss


On-again, off-again starter Chris Smelley threw three touchdown passes, South Carolina's No. 1 defense held Mississippi to a field goal in the second half and the Gamecocks beat the Rebels 31-24 on Saturday.

Mom went with the grandma bean to Ole Miss to watch the South Carolina Gamecocks play the Ole Miss Rebels today. I decided I needed to teleport down to Oxford, Mississippi to watch over them.

I think Mom and Nannay (my grandma bean) are sitting in the section circled in yellow.

After the game, I will teleport back home and just watch some football on tv and then sleep!

Uh Oh! Are those bulldogs on the TV? I better change the channel.


pughy said...

Hello Sweet praline and thanks for visiting me on my blog. I do get to go outside but not very far and not for very long. I go out in the yard and nxt two yards but have to have my door left open as the least sound and I run back in,I am a wus realy. I only get out with mum or dad watching me too.
You are a lovely persian too. I have a poss name and a good line on my pedigree but I also chose to be a pampered pet rather than chase fame. I do get my hair cut though once a year and look pretty strange for a couple of weeks after that.
Hugs GJ xx

Anonymous said...

I think it is much safer and more comfortable where you is Miss Praline:)
I also think if your Momma is out hazing fun you should invite some man cats over for fun of your own!! hehe


goldenshade said...

Hope your mom and Grammie had fun!!!

I like the napping part!

Purrs Shade

Alasandra said...

One of Mommy's cousins went to Ole Miss.

Hope your Mommy has fun, you can teleport down to South Mississippi and visit us if you would like. We are going to spend the day in the butterfly garden it is so pretty outside. ~S, S & C

Cheysuli and gemini said...

Wow! You are very accurate at teleporting--not like me at all--getting lost!

Curly said...

Hi Sweet Praline,
Thank you for leaving your nice comment on my blog. You are soooo purrty!

Eric and Flynn said...

That is very good of you to watch over them to make sure they are safe.

GRRRETA said...

I hope your mom and grandma bean had fun. A nap is a good idea, so you will be well rested for when your mom returns and lavishes you with treats, scritches, and snuggles to make it up to you.

Black Cat said...

Hope your Mom and Granbean had fun! I'm sure they did:) Thanks for your comment; I hope Pinky takes notice! :) xxx

Shadow / Molly said...

Heh heh! The mom said sumfin bout The Bull Dawgs but we dun know what they was. We dun watch sports but da big male bean does wif the alien blurpy.