Veterans Day

Cassidy and I are watching the Veterans Day parade in Columbia, South Carolina this morning. Wow, Cassidy, those are some of the veterans Mom saw at the Reagan National Airport in Washington.

Honor Flight Heroes to be Parade VIPs
When the annual Veterans Day parade rolls down Sumter Street in Columbia today, it will be viewed by some very special guests. Each of the 91 World War II veterans who will be on the inaugural Honor Flight to visit Washington memorials Saturday has been invited to sit a special VIP area to view the parade.
I am standing tall to welcome the veterans of all wars. They fight for our freedoms that we enjoy everyday. I wonder if any kitties are veterans like some of the woofies are. Hmmmmmmm.


When Mom was at the airport in Washington, DC in September, she had the honor and privilege to see the World War II vets on the Honor Flight. She had her camera with her, so she took a video of the reaction of everyone in the airport. When the airport announcer said that the vets had arrived, everyone stopped what they were doing and began clapping and cheering.

Honor Flight was initially conceived in 2004 by Earl Morse, a Physician Assistant and Retired Air Force Captain, to honor veterans he has taken care of for the past 27 years. Its sole purpose is to fly veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials dedicated to honor their sacrifices. Honor Flight has flown more than 800 WWII veterans to the memorial.

Honor Flight to Washington, DC, September 20, 2008


Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

We will always remember.


Everycat said...

It is a good day to remember.

There is a medal awarded by the PDSA to animals who have been brave during war. It's called The Dicken Medal and a cat called Simon won it in WW2. He was a ships cat on HMS Amethyst.

Niko and Cloud said...

What a nice Veteran's Day tribute.

You asked about our Dr Pepper Box. The first few pictures had just Cloudygirl in the box, but sometimes we both hang out in the box together, as shown in the one photograph.

Love and Purrs,
Niko and Cloud

Anonymous said...

Mom and I will always remember.

jenianddean said...

Maybe when Mom is watching the parade you can raid the treats and make up for yesterday's injustice!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

You look so cute watching the parade.

The Island Cats said...

Wow! That is so cool that everyone stopped and cheered! When mom and dad were on a plane recently, the pilot announced that there was some soldiers on the plane returning from Iraq and the whole plane cheered for them!

We love our veterans and soldiers!

Patty Skypants said...

Wow! That is so totally cool!!!

Sara, Bebe and Iago said...

That was a lovely tribute, Sweet Praline.

Sara and the Cafe Cats

Shadow / Molly said...

We always remember too!

Anonymous said...

How neat that your Mom was there to cheer for them! We have so many family and friends who either have served or are serving in every branch of our military that we could certainly never forget their bravery and sacrifices.

PB 'n J said...

What a cool video and that your Mom was there! Three cheers for all our men and women in green!

WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

How very cool! Thanks for sharing! ;o)

Jan's Funny Farm said...

What a terrific post, Praline!

That video of the WWII vets from the Honor Flight gave us goose bumps. (How can cats and dogs get bumps from geese?)

Anonymous said...

That gave Momma the chills, very lovely.
We will remember them all, always..


Sunny's Mommy said...

That is a great video!