Thursday 13 #1 - Reasons to hide in the Closet

1. Mom opens the door and I just love to explore an opened door.

2. Hey, while I was exploring the closet, I found that the towels and blankets provide a nice, soft bed to tale a little catnap.

3. Hide and Seek - Mom can't find me and it makes her late for work, movie, etc. This is the most fun game.

4. It's a great way to pick out the colors that best compliment my beautiful coat.

5. It's a great place to hide when she runs that loud machine that picks up all of my precious fur that I have taken time to carefully placed in various corners around the house.

6. When Mom finds me, I help her remember that she "must" clean out this closet. I just remind her to make sure she leaves one or two towels or blankets for me to snooze in the afternoon.

7. Just Because I can

8. It gives my mom something to laugh at first thing in the morning when she sees those owl eyes looking back at her.

9. I look so cute behind all of that soft material.
10. When Mom finds me, she says, "Oh, there you are, aren't you cute?" and then she quickly runs and gets that flash thing to record history.
11. Once she finds me, I look at her and say "oh well, I guess it is time to find another hiding place" and I calmly leave the closet. (P.S. She has another closet that is a doozy where I can find all types of hiding places and it takes her days to find me.)
12. There' s something challenging about getting behind that closed door when it open just to see what is there.
13. The only thing better is to try to grab one of the sock or underwear drawers when mom opens it. You have to be fast to get into those, but what a challenge?


Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Oh, closets are great places to hide! Just don't get closed up in one all day...no fun.

Parker said...

Closets are great, I have to agree!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, closets are simply irresistable!

The Meezers said...

closets are great! except when you get locked in one all day while your mom is at werk. - Sammy

Well, if you MEOW before she leaves, she'd let you out. - Miles

jenianddean said...

We love to hang out in the closet ... just be careful that your Mom sees you go in or you may get shut in there. Dad did that to Maggie once for almost the entire day!

Tybalt said...

Closets are lots of fun! I rarely get the opportunity to infiltrate them, though.

Anonymous said...

That's an excellent list of reasons. Makes me want to go and do the same.

Anonymous said...

*giggle*, sweet Praline! I loved your list! You are so right, it's so much fun to cuddle up in comfycozy places. I like lying in the laundry basket, too!

That is an adorable picture of you all snug in there. *smile*

Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!