College Football Kickoff!

Update: My Gamecocks won tonight. The score was 7 to 3.

Tonight kicks off the college football season and our South Carolina Gamecocks are playing their first game on ESPN at 7:00 pm EST. Mom and I will be watching the game on our HDTV together this time. Many of you may remember that mom left me every weekend last year to travel to the games, but she said the green papers are very tight this year because of both of our health issues, so she isn't going to the away games. I like this better, even though my mom tends to yell and scream at the tv during the game.

This is the graphic that I am submitting for the month of September for the Nude Cat Calendar for the CB 2010. If you haven't submitted your entry yet, drop on by and read the guidelines. While you're there visit all of my furriends that have submitted entries and leave comments for your favorites. I've submitted two entries: September for football and February for Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Both of these graphics are the product of the very talented Ann of Zoolatry! I just love her so much.

Go Gamecocks!!! Beat the Wolfpack!!!


Cheysuli and gemini said...

But Praline--you are wearing a hat for a nude calendar!!!

Angel and Kirby said...

We don't watch football. But that does not keep Mom from yelling at the TV

Tracey and Huffle said...

My mum yells at the TV too. The football doesn't even have to be on.

Huffle Mawson

Furkidsmom said...

Our Mom yells at the computer sometimes!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Zoolatry said...

It is our humble opinion that watching the game on TV is better anyway: (1) you can put your feet up and they won't be on top of someone else's head, (2) you can eat popcorn and pick your teeth cause no one will see you do it,
(3) you can yell bad words at the refs cause no one will hear you,
(4) you can get up and use the litter box and it will be cleaner and fresher than the one at the stadium. GO GAMECOCKS!

♥Da fambly cat-a-blog kitties♥ said...

We is already three games up on you cuz our momma's grand'bean plays footie-balls at his school! GO MAPLEWOOD BEARS!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Praline...you look smashing in your college football gear!!! What a true cheerleader you are!!! Our mom like Rutgers (her sister went there). We're waiting for NFL to start!!! YIPPEE~YAHOOEY BTW... we left an award on our page for you today! :o)

Fin said...

Go Team!!!

Lorianna said...

I love your calendar page Praline!
I can not imagine your feminine Southern Belle Mommy Paula yelling at a football game! :) How funny!
Do you meow at the tv Praline?
I hope you both can put your health problems behind you soon. It is no fun at all!
I hope your team wins every game this year.
Have a great day!
Hugs from Miss Billie and Lorianna
(Miss Billie watches Project Runway with me.) :)

Anonymous said...

Go team GO!

The Island Cats said...

We hope your team wins, Praline!

Jasmim said...

I loved your graphics! Ann is wonderful =)
Good game for you and your mom

Amy and The House of Cats said...

That is a great picture for the calendar - we hope you and your mom enjoy the game!