Feeding Praline

Mom says she wishes I was like most of the kitties on the cat blog and would eat anything. I refuse to touch "people food" and I am very particular about the stinky goodness that I eat. The company once changed the recipe for my stinky goodness and when mom opened the can, I smelled it, looked at her, and refused to eat any of it! Mom had to try about six different brands before she found one I liked.

There is a little routine I like to make my mom go through sometimes before I will eat. (Mom- sometimes??????)

1. I won't touch the food when mom serves it on the floor in the kitchen. I make her bring it to the living room at the foot of the sofa near her. She puts it on the floor and I just give her the look.
What's this?

2. I then ignore the plate of food.
That's not my Temptations!

3. Mom then resorts to moving the food closer to me and rubs my floofy head.
Oooooooo! That feels good, but I am still not eating.

4. Finally, Mom gets the idea and puts the stinky goodness on her fingers (She said it takes several hand washings to get rid of the smell) and I immediately eat the food off of her fingers that I have ignored for several minutes.
Nom, nom. That's good.

5. I then begin to realize that the food on the plate smells very familiar to the food on mom's finger.

What's this I smell?

6. I finally begin eating the stinky goodness that Mom put out for me approximately 10 minutes earlier.
Mom! This is good! Why didn't you give this to me the first time?

7. I will go back and forth eating from the plate several times (sometimes 2 hours later) and finish my stinky goodness. If she moves the plate back to the kitchen, I won't eat it, which drives Mom crazy.
Please take that flashy box away, Mom. Can't you see I'm eating!

8. Of course, I am always ready for my treats! I could eat treats 24/7. Thank you to all of my friends who suggested quotes for yesterday's picture. The quote Mom thought best represented what I was doing during this photo shoot came from Eric and Flynn.

"Of course I love you, now give me my treats."

Pee Ess - Don't worry! Mom leaves out dry food for me for free feeding and I eat that all of the time!

Note from Mom: I know, I know. Praline has trained me well and all I do is contribute to my little spoiled Southern Belle. But how can I turn down that cute face?


Tracey and Huffle said...

Nobody could resist that cute face! I am going to practise my cute face too.

Huffle Mawson

Eric and Flynn said...

Haha. Well done, you have your mum very well trained.
Yayy you liked our quote!
The word verification says 'chillyto'
Do you have cold feet?

The Island Cats said...

That's quite a ritual you go through, Praline....not us...we're eating before mom can get the food dishes on the floor!

Niko and Cloud said...

Wow, you are even worse than us.
We don't do that, but as you know, we change what stinky goodness brand we want weekly.
We will also always eat our dry though, but Mom doesn't think the dry is as helfy for us.
She gets a little sad, because she remembers how Texas would eat any of his wet food really quick until he got sick (Except the turkey from the variety pack- it was still cheaper to buy the variety pack and she would bring what seemed like 100 cans of turkey flavored cans to the shelter once or twice a year!!)

Steppa and her Babys +Lover Guy said...

hahahah u is just rotten but beautiful HI me MUS just tagd u for a ME ME can u ask your bean to let u runn over and look fank u MUS

Kim, Annabelle and Zuzu said...

Ooooh, Praline, you so spoiled! But I would spoil you too -- you are just so cute.

Maybe "picky" is a flatface thing? My first Himalayan would eat nothing but Fancy Feast dry food and pieces of (made for humans) turkey or chicken.

Zuzu, so far refuses treats and wet food -- Anna won't touch treats either and will eat some wet food once in a while, but never much.

My non-squishy face kitty Smoosh would eat ANYTHING.
Hmmmm ...

Dana said...

We don't know how anyone could resist that sweet face, so we don't blame the mommy for pampering you! Our house is split between those who will eat anything and those who are the pickiest kitties ever.
~The Creek Cats~

Parker said...

Wow Praline, I thought I had MY Mom trained - pfffft, I don't even come close!

Everycat said...

That's it Sweet Praline, you keep your Mum on her toes. I am impressed by your human training, being strict is the key. I don't like human food and only like feesh flavoured cat food.


Cat with a garden said...

Hihi, Praline, I am the same. My mom was determined not to get a spoiled cat and she wanted to feed me a very good stinky goodness food. I had eaten that mark the whole time with my mom and siblings but as soon as I was through her door I wouldn't touch it anymore. There is one food I sort of tolerate, but I'll do a big fuss about eating it anyway. I have never ever cleaned up my plate so far. Like you I have dried food all the time, so I don't starve. Hihi, I think it's kind of funny 'cos my mom informed herself a lot about which food to feed etc. and she thought she had settled for the best. And then I simply don't eat it! HAHAHA I really enjoyed your post and it made my mom feel less, ehem, silly...
Purrs, Siena

DEBRA said...

Miss Praline
I have also got my Mom trained with the food. I make her feed me off of a spoon while efurryone else eats off of their plates. She has to feed me first too because if she doesn't I will whap everyone and they won't get to eat at all. Now I have taught her to bring me my water dish with fresh water and I will drink from it right after I eat. Like you I am very very particular there is only 4 different stinky goodnesses I will eat.

Abby (the spoilt tuxie princess)

Furkidsmom said...

Hehe....keeping our Mom on her toes is a full time job! Getting your stinky goodness from Moms fingers...we like that plan!!

Anonymous said...

We SO do not have Mom trained anything like that, Praline. She buys Fancy Feast seafood, which we both like. She will not put the plate down until we have both come into the kitchen. We have to eat together, in the kitchen on the floor on a single plate when she puts it down, or it comes up in 15 minutes. We do not get more until the next food time. Can we trade Moms? Please (using best pathetic pussycat faces)?

MaoMao said...

Momma was gigglin readin yur post! You are a cutiepie! Us Ballicai eat purretty much efurrywhere, inna kitchen, and Momma lets us up onna kountur to eat our steenky goodness. She didn't used to let us on the kountur but we trained her, and now she does. Humans are purretty easy to train. Sounds like you've got yur Momma well-trained, too! hehe

Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

Lorianna said...

Oh Praline and Mommy Paula, that just made me smile. I just moved Billie's plate of stinky goodness back into the dining room from where it had been. (in the living room by my feet) I wait on them hand and paw!
Billie has now gone back into the bathroom to nap on the fresh towel I placed on the floor for her.
Praline, I just love your talking to Mom expression! You are just beyond cute!
Lots of Hugs,

Sara, Bebe and Iago said...

Hi Sweet Praline!

You do haf your Mama furry well trained. We tried to train Mama, but she said that there are too many of us to keep preferences straight. Sara does get to eat on the couch because of her arthur-itus.

Phoebe said...

An excellent exhibit of fine dining lessons from a Southern Belle! Loved it.

Shadow / Molly said...

Praline has yer mom heat yer food up a bit and it will make yoo like it more. Sometimes us kittys can't smell that cold food!

Sunny's Mommy said...

Obviously, sharing your eating of stinky goodness is an extra special bonding time for you, Sweet Praline ;-)

That is a sweet picture of you talking to your Mom. I hope both of you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

hahah Your Momma summed it up perfectly! But you know what.. your Momma is allowed to if she is happy and you are as well, this is all that counts!! :))
Hehaha we really enjoyed seeing your routine little Miss :)



ohhh i see!! you is very careful with your diets! cuz you dont want be fats!! Mee eats anything so mai mom say that is why me is fatz!! well mee dont car me still want everythingz!!

Chesney Cats said...

You really do have your mom trained!! We don't like Stinky Goodness, so we just eat crunchies. We do make Mama fill each dish though if we can see just a tiny bit of the bottom of the bowl.

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus & Emma